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[ Francis is at his chair in his 'traditional' office in his dark suit. Shit has gone down, people. It's time to remind people of steadiness and stability. Unlike Kitty, he is utterly calm, even possibly annoyed. ]

Ladies and Gentlemen and assorted others, why don't we all take a collective deep breath and remember that, like Ms. Jones said, that most of Russian is filled with yak herders and the poor unfortunates who managed to upset both the Russian mafia and the secret police and are currently trying not to freeze to death. And besides that Russia and Siberia are really rather large.

This is fear and as our resident expert [ Hey, Crane. ] will be sure to point out to us all, fear is our most natural instinct and our greatest weakness at a time like this.

As much as I enjoy rousing speeches about joining the army or treatises on the sweet sound of a bullet flying by you, all of this is premature.

We don't know where our people are yet and while you may not trust the government and have good reason to not do so, do remember that even if they intend to use us as cannon fodder, they certainly don't want the Russians to be able to.

We will find our people. And we will get them out. And if you want to try less than orthodox means to do so, I won't get in your way.

In the meantime, I'm posting a list that I will update as I get more information. With thanks to Kitty once again.

[ Added is this text file: ]

Billy Kaplan
Agent Texas
Ray Kowalski
Richard Campbell Gansey III
Ronan Lynch
Cosima Niehaus
Miles Naismith
Dick Grayson
Iron Bull
Carl Grimes
Elsa Brandt
Tadashi Hamada
Dipper Pines
Haen Hithiel
Norman Osborn
Barnaby Brooks Jr
Stanley Pines
Bart Allen
Harley Quinn
Jaime Reyes
Karen Starr
Kuroba Kaito
Newton Geiszler
Max Caulfield
Cisco Ramon
April Ludgate
Anavha Hasaria
Karkat Vantas
Dave Strider
Julian Day
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Newton Geiszler needs to be added to that list.

Yak herders? Really? [He knows nothing about Russia.]
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No, that's... that's fair. I just wasn't sure if I heard that right.

[Now he was going to spend a few minutes later today googling what a yak is.]

I don't know if we can disregard their abilities so easily if they've still managed to steal so many of our fellows away. It's true we shouldn't be afraid, but we can't be overconfident either.

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[Ugh. If there had been no telepathic comms, he'd have played on that list and claimed they were all dead.. Or something.]

You forgot one thing I would mention, ambassador.

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Oh - Erm.

[ yak herders...... ]

Admiral Naismith - he's gotten us a more detailed list.


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No way am I leaving it up to the government to get our people back.

I'd uh, I'd like to add a name to the list. Max Caulfield is missing, she not picking up and I can't find her anywhere.

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But Ambassador Urquhart, surely your plea will fall on deaf ears, for America is full of nothing but gunslinging cowboys.

[ Sheer deadpan, of course. Francis isn't the only one who can make sweeping generalizations. ]

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Add Cisco Ramon.

[Shockingly, he agrees with the rest of what Francis said, so he has nothing witty to add.]

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You're right. Charging in isn't an option, unless we want to make the situation worse and freeze to death in the wilderness.

But action will need to be taken, and many here feel our... hosts... see us as weapons just as much as the Russians do.
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Is Perry on there? Because I haven't been able to get in contact with him.
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You mistake a call to rally with a call to imminent action. Disappointing.

As you say, the Soviet Union is large, and any army of imPorts would be poorly organized and trained. A recipe for slaughter, in that weather.

But there is not much time until each and every one of us will be called upon to make a choice. That is undeniable.
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april ludgate and anavha hasaria

they are both missing please add them

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[ Okay, he knows you all mean well, but when you can't even get these imPort's names right for your kidnapping list, what is he supposed to think about these same people running off to Russia? ]

Uhm, It's Barnaby Brooks, Jr. Brooks, not Jones.

[ Really, what is the world coming to when the man who obnoxiously trolls you has to be your saving grace? Honestly! ]

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Karkat Vantas and Dave Strider are also among the taken.

Julian Day, as well. [ It's not technically stalking if you're keeping tags on your stalker, right? ]