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There are things we need before we can even consider rescuing any of them.

Information, primarily speaking.

Now I don't care where it comes from or how it was obtained, I just need every scrap of information anyone has on this situation. Perhaps it's not much on an individual scale, but compiling everything into one source may grant us more insight.

I've gone ahead and created such a document, though it is locked down for security reasons- as all informative responses to this should be. I've granted some individuals access, and will continue to do so as I sort through responses. Everyone with access will have the ability to add their knowledge to it, as well as share the document with others. Moderately complex perhaps, but it's an attempt to keep the information leaks to a minimum.

There's not much there at the moment, as it only reflects my observations so far, but collaborative discussion of course is highly encouraged. I will store frequent back-up copies in case of error.

Hyperlink: Information.doc

((ooc: As the Gdoc is open to everyone, feel free to assume access- or don't, if you want your character to badger him about it instead.
Update: This post and the attached document are now under Qubit's qgeocrypt so that only devices inside the US will be able to access them. This means all captives have been locked out!))
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text, private/encrypted;

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Keep in mind, if the security on your document's going to do any good, you'll want some extra on the discussion as well. I've attached a little something I've been working on - geocryption algorithm, only devices within the US will be able to open what you encrypt with it.

[Attached is an executable called "qgeocrypt". Running it will allow communications to be geo-encrypted in the manner described! :D

He is not going to ask for access to the doc because lbr I'm pretty sure he already has it.]
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['Cause you're not Qubit, duh- I mean *cough cough*]

No trouble at all. I'll add on what I've found out, as well.