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Backdated to June 20

[The video opens with Newt, grinning, hovering over a tabletop of various liqueurs and alcoholic beverages, including mezcal and tequila. There's a cupcake on which he's tried to squish two number candles: 21. He has to keep saving the 1 from tipping off.]

Hey!! Guess who FINALLY can stop bitching about being too young to buy alcohol? HINT: [A picture of Joaquin taken on the beach pops up onto the screen.] THIS dapper dude.

Okay, so, buy him a drink, because he needs one--but don't all do it at once, okay, seriously--and wish Joaquin a Happy 21st.

[Pauses before turning the feed off.]

And if he gets his ass too drunk, call me.
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[video] Feel free to hit Joaquin up here!

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[Oh my god, that is so much alcohol and such a tiny cake.]

Newt, what have you done? That is too much!

[At the same time... it's true. God, finally, no one else has to hear him cry about wanting to be able to buy booze anymore. You've all been saved by the inevitable creep of time.]
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That's still a lot of alcohol! Even for a birthday present.

But I do appreciate it...
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Ha! Hearing you talk about me being responsible... I'm sure Hermann's laughing right now.
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[Hermann's all bemused smile for the camera]

Happy birthday, Joaquin. Try not to overindulge or you'll hardly remember you're of age by the end of it.
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[Yay! The smiling face of one of his friends, how nice!]

Thanks, Hermann. Ha! I'll try not to, but I'm tempted to let myself go. It is my birthday after all...

[And one of his best friends is gone, too, so yeah. Drinking himself into oblivion is all kinds of inviting right now.]
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Understandable. We'll make certain you get home if the need arises. The subsequent hangover however, will be yours to deal with.
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Well, I can't buy you a drink, but... happy birthday either way.
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Only 21? I could have sworn you were older than that. Still, many happy returns.