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Doctor's Log 2 | Video

[Angela looks exhausted, dark circles are starting to show under her eyes, her hair is up in a messy ponytail with lots of fly away bits and she’s sighing as she pinches the bridge of her nose.]

My Valkyrie suit is damaged, I think it happened during the attack last month. I can summon it fine but the wings don’t extend fully and I’m pretty sure the right knee is close to just locking up. Normally this isn’t a problem, but then again, normally I’m at home with access to the correct technology and a team of engineers that can help me. Apparently my power just summons it in whatever state it was in when I let it go.

[She sits back at her desk and takes a drink from a very large mug. The suit is partially in view behind her.]

Does anyone have a lab or workshop I can use that has…better technology that what seems to be standard for this world? I don’t mind paying for the time spent and…the help I’d need.
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video (what is punctuality)

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Damaged? For heaven's sake, Angela, you should've said something. I could have repaired it straight away.
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[well yeah you said something just now]

Well, that's good to hear. [although it does make something occur to him...] You know, I wonder... If damage to your armor persists between summonings, then any upgrades would probably persist as well.
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[Out of her...? He's going to have to watch that closer next time. It kind of reminds him of something. At any rate, he shrugs.]

Something to keep in mind, anyway.
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[Qubit's eyebrows rise. He wasn't expecting that.]

Do you think-? I mean, if you'd like to, certainly. You said you designed it yourself, didn't you?
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[It is. And isn't she from the future, as well? Playing with future tech is always a good time. He can't help but grin.]

Well, then, by all means! Let's find some time and give it a go.