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video; forward dated to thursday morning

[ The video clicks on to Starscream, standing tall and proud in his Cybertronian form, nasty little smirk on his face. There are two other giant robots a few feet behind him, obviously shorter than Starscream himself (though they bear a striking resemblance.) ]

Well humans. Now you're about to see the true might of the Decepticons, not the pathetic attempts at assimilation the other so-called Decepticons have been trying. [ He nods back to the other robots. ] Aren't they impressive? Your technology is primitive at best, but as you can see, I made it work--and I've managed to get my proper body back...with all its perks included.

[ Nasty grin on his face, Starscream points his fist towards what he believes is an empty warehouse (in actuality, it's Thundercracker's pad. Whoops.) Purple laser things that haven't entirely been explained by canon shoot out of his wrist and hit the warehouse, creating a pretty impressive explosion. Turning back to the camera, Starscream is all evil smirks. ]

It's no use to try and stop me, heroes! Your precious Porter will soon be mine and the Decepticon take-over of Earth will start again!

[ And then he finishes the video with a full tilt maniacal laugh, before clicking off the camera. ]

[Private to Thundercracker & Knock Out]
[ not really knowing that whoops, he totally shot a missile at Thundercracker's house, Starscream clicks on this private channel to talk to his fellow Decepticons. ]

I expect you two to either join up with me and the new Decepticon army or stay out of the way. Needless to say, if either of you try to stop me, I suppose I'll just have to blow you to pieces myself.

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