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Hey, is anyone awake for this?

[ A squint at the screen, and a deep frown, while Kaidan looks like he's contemplating something. ]

Actulaly, is anyone...not falling asleep a lot? I'm... I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few around here that hasn't fallen asleep much. At least -- no more than normal? [ This time, he looked to the side, off the screen, before looking back. ]

If you are, or if you're... waking up a lot, what's...going on? Anyone have any ideas? A culprit? Hell, I'd even take a place to start. [ Hell, he'll take some information about what's inside at this point. His fingers drum against the side of the comm, jostling it, before he stopped, realizing what he's doing. ]

Anyway, let me know. Uh -- especially if you're not asleep. We should probably start figuring out who's affected, and go from there. You can reply here, or comm me and let me know. We could divide things up, and start to resolve it. Normally these things work themselves out eventually, but... I'd prefer sooner, rather than later you know? I'm getting worried.

[ And then he moves to cut off the comm, a soft murmur as he does so, before it shuts off: ] Today, of all days?
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I never sleep.

[ Vampire and all. ]

Though it is rather strange to see so many sleep much longer than they typically do.
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[The only reason Daisy hasn't fallen asleep is because of Jesse, which really was a big relief. Considering so many people were suddenly unconscious, kind of hard not to think you might be next.

Every time she saw that someone else was awake, though, she was beyond relieved.]

There aren't a lot of us, but some of us haven't fallen asleep.

I've been trying to figure out what's going on but still haven't gotten any leads really. Not that this would be the first time something majorly weird has happened around here.
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Yeah. I know.

[Daisy let out a deep sigh as she leaned back and ran a hand over her face.]

How long have you been here? Have you seen something like this before?
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A little over a year, or more than two depending on who you ask, for me.

[It was so complicated, but it wasn't uncommon around here it seems like.]

Something else, like what?

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I have no need of sleep.

[something she's proud of!! organic functions are a drawback and they're all awful.]

Is there anything humans can do without managing to hurt themselves one way or another? I can't say I'm surprised.
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[yes??? clearly?????]

It has very low standards, if that is truly what it believes. It speaks of the other non-humans, yes? I have not met many of them and the ones I have still require to sleep.
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[shale makes a noise that sounds a little bit like a tut.]

I say we just let the humans sleep it off. Does anyone really miss them?

[obviously, kaidan does because he's posted about it. shale is fully aware of this, but simply enjoys being... her.]

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private, anon | unhackable, untraceable, you get the idea.

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We have not spoken before. What authority or expertise do you have in these cities?
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permatext, etc etc. also sorry for being slow, I am still combatting the slowness demon of RL.

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( Snippiness she can understand, at least. Since he does not not return in text, she at least provides a screen that is not totally blank - it is almost like video, save the video is green, with a yellow stripe looping in patterns across it,
until it starts to form words.

Now or never isn't really true, she could always delay, but the Wizard must prove its worth if it is to be trusted.

(Military, politics, a man used to being in charge. Could be trustworthy, or could be corrupt. Could be okay with slaughtering innocents on orders or to protect his superiors. Not an ally until proven so with more than words suggesting helpful intentions.) )

I am the Wizard. I agree with your proposed strategy.

Have you heard any news of a culprit? I can access a number of visual channels, security feeds, and so on. I can help you trail any suspects, monitor looting and crime that might take place given the opportunity, and so on.
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I think...we may need to gather information over the reason behind some are unaffected. It's kinda hard to find any other pattern otherwise. Maybe this could be a better way to narrow the information down a bit...

[At least, those are her first thoughts concerning the situation, but as for his question...]

It's strange. I'm sleeping more hours, but I can only dream when I'm close to a friend. I don't usually dream on my own. It's difficult to. [She'll take a short pause in a attempt to process her thoughts better.] I remember snippets of it though...
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For one, it was...kinda dark. You can sense a lot of tension in the air. I don't really known the reason behind it, but....I don't remember there being a lot of noise. It was kinda quiet all around.

[That's as much as her subconscious could remember over what she saw. She has never dreamed in her life except in viewing the memories of her rain partners. Yuu was there. She remember she was desperately searching for something, but having forgotten it was him.]

That's good! It's a relief to hear those affected by the "sleeping beauty syndrome" aren't getting hurt. But Shepard? Are you talking about Sorey or...? [Because she doesn't remember seeing another guy looking after him.]
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Oh, then yeah sorry. You see, my friend Sorey goes by a similar title that he was given back home. I guess "Shepherd" isn't entirely exclusive to spirituality, huh?

[But even so.]

I'm glad your partner is okay all the same. But, you aren't wrong to be concern, it's really worrying especially when you're in the outside of this situation. [She grows quiet.] How long ago was the last time he woke up? Isn't there anything you can do to get in contact with him? I know it's possible for me to get in because of my own partner being trapped in there....

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I'm not, although it seems we may be outliers in whatever's going on.
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Re: video;

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[ with more than a little grumpiness: ]

I don't understand why it seems so hard for the imPorts to be able to enjoy a bit of orderly time in this world. This constant upset isn't balanced at all.

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