Jul. 13th, 2017

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[When the video begins, what might be the immediate focus of attention for some is Gar's vivid grin skin and hair. It certainly makes him stand out. It's not anywhere near the forefront of his mind though, and he grins widely and waves enthusiastically at the screen.]

Hey there! I'm Beast Boy!! Maybe you recognise my face from TV. [He rubs a hand under his chin and winks in a way that can only be described as cheesy. He's referring to the job he was assigned when he arrived, as a co host.] Anyway, up until a little while ago, I had some pretty killer roommates. They cleaned up everything, and didn't care how late I slept in, and uh, a bunch of other great stuff! But I also never met them.


Anyway, now that they're all gone, the place feels kinda huge. Not that I'm lonely or anything-!! [He shakes his hands rapidly, as if trying to dispel the idea from the air around him, and laughs a little too loudly.] It's just that I'm pretty used to living with a bunch of people, and keeping the TV on all night just isn't the same!

So! Here it is!!

[He holds up an absolute mess of a poster proudly, positioning it so that it takes up all of the camera space.]

Now accepting applications to join the coolest hangout in Heropa! Hit me up, dudes! Or ladies! Or whatever!! [He peeks back around the piece of paper, eyebrows furrowed.] I guess if you have room wherever you're living, that'd be cool too.
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[The surrounding looks odd with the yard and house behind him looking smaller than it should. He's been spending more time in his actual body, even if it is making him tired more often.]

I have two questions, one is for everyone to answer if they can, the other is for a more specific crowd.

Okay first, how would a young human deal with a hangover? The internet is giving me so many options and really all I want to do is get the pain to stop and I can't. Also room spinning and being sick aren't fun. I've tried some stuff but it hasn't worked.

Secondly, who has super strength that they have control over and can give tips on how to control it under certain circumstances? I don't think my boss or our customers appreciate dents or smashed windows. It doesn't happen a lot! Just once or twice.


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