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[ When Claire appears on the network, she looks much the same as she did a month or so ago, if not a bit more relaxed as she smiles. And she definitely has the hang of the device by now. With respect to her roommates in residence 9 of the Falls housing, she's commandeered a table in their living room, currently surrounded by (in organized piles) books, bottles, vials, dried herbs, different flowers, and mortar and pestles.]

Good afternoon, everyone. I have a general question for all of you. We're from different times and places, and I wondered what your favorite 'home remedies' are. For example, boiling ginger and drinking the tea for nausea, or gargling with garlic water for a sore throat. Anything you would do before taking some sort of medication because you feel you've seen the proven results of it working.

You could even have practical uses for things in medical emergencies. Like using cobwebs as a bandage in a pinch.

Let me hear it, everyone. The things you know work that have been passed down over time. With such a variety of us from different places, we must all know different things that could be useful.

Or, if you'd like, please feel free to ask any questions you might have.
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I don't have any suggestions but I'll definitely remember the ginger and garlic one.

[Laurel offers her a smile.]

What about antiseptic? In case you don't have any at home.

[She may have gotten a few cuts since she came here. Mostly because she was trying to rid the streets of crime as Black Canary. But Laurel doesn't reveal that.]
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There I thought honey was good for soothing a sore throat and cayenne was for cooking with. [ She laughs a little. ] Thanks for the tip.

And no, we haven't. My name is Laurel, it's nice to meet you too.

Did you work in the medical field back home?
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1743? Wow. I knew there were people from different times here but that's quite a while back. I'm from 2016 myself.

[She imagined that it must have been a heck of an adjustment for Claire when she arrived.]

Do you have anyone else from home here?
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Mabel Juice! It cures pretty much everything-- sore throat, tiredness, headaches. [Factually wrong. Mabel Pines is not a doctor.] Also if you wanna de-zombie somebody make sure you use boba balls and whipped cream.
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I can't give you all the ingredients, but the secret to a good batch is definitely picking the right powdered drink flavor and using small plastic toys for that extra kick.
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[Give her a moment to decide what the most important parts of treatment are.]

Have something to hug! Usually a stuffed animal or ten. A cat's good if you can get one for a while, but they really hate it when you get snot on them. Also wear comfortable socks! But you probably know this already if you're a doctor or something.
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That's so true. Adults! [Mabel sighs. What can you do!]

Where're you from? We have doctors and nurses where I'm from but healers are just a thing in books or movies.

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Well, Donnie - my husband - swears that Vodka helps make his feet smell better. Not that I actually ever let him do it at home.

[The Hendrix home being alcohol-free since her rehab stint helps.]
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[If it's a new face to Claire, that must mean she hasn't met any of Alison's "sisters yet.]

I wouldn't want to explain it to the kids, and I'm not sure I'd trust him to do it.

[Alison grimaces at the mental image of Donnie actually soaking his feet in vodka, thinking of the mess he'd probably make that she would have to clean-up.]
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Oh, no, he's back home. It's just me and my sisters here.

You're from Scotland?

[Maybe she isn't able to recognize accents as well as she thought...]

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It definitely helped to have them here when I was just getting used to this whole situation.

[Although she is starting to get alarmed by how many of them have actually showed up. Her quintuplet cover story is starting to strain at the seams and she knows it.]

Do you and your husband travel for work?

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When I was a girl, my parents would put a bit of whiskey on my gums when I was feeling a bit of tooth pain. Now that I'm grown, I've graduated to shots as a way of treating many ailments, though I'm in quite good health generally.
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I mean I drink them. They do wonders for one's constitution!
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Oh no, I've expanded my horizons. It's like the Girl Scouts say—make new friends but keep the old!


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