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Day 5 | Video | Vaguely backdated to earlier today

[ The video opens on a close up of Julian's face. He's wearing a hungry sort of smile, more sinister than sweet. ]

Tonight is the night
When pumpkins stare
Through sheaves and leaves
When ghoul and ghost
And goblin host
Dance round their king.
It's Halloween.

[ There's an odd lack of rhyme in the last two lines -- he changed a single word of the poem. A little clue as to what he's about to do.

He pulls the camera away from his face, revealing that he's at - of all places, Disney World, Alabama. Behind him in the distance is Cinderella's Castle. Everything still looks normal.

Today is the last day of October. All Hallow's Eve. Hallowe'en. I've been looking forward to tonight.

I do hope you plan on celebrating, network.

[ He smiles again, wider, lips pressed together. ]

I know I am.
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[Well now that he's suitably disturbed.]

Bravo, you couldn't have made that sound creepier if you tried.
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Not knocking ya, man, just saying you've got the chill factor down. But there's creepy and there's sounding like a creep, which yeah, it's hard to tell this time of year. [He gives a shrug.] Halloween your favorite holiday or something?
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Every one of them? So what do you do for like...Hamster Appreciation Day?
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[ With a cheerful, blithe smile: ]

How are you going to celebrate?
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Oh, just staying in. It's not really my holiday. D'you have a favorite ride? One you're planning on going on?
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Oh, no real good memories of it back home. It's not festive for us. What's the haunted mansion like?
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Not celebrated as a holiday. It's a dangerous day.
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Oh - really? Have you got spirits where you're from, then?
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Yeah. They're particularly powerful on certain nights. Though they're not serial killers or mad.

[ A beat, then she has to acknowledge: ]

Most of them, at least.

Why's Halloween special to those sorts?
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Dang it, Julie! We were supposed to stay together! I'm gonna have to get you one of those kiddie harnesses for Thanksgiving, aren't I?
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Nope. Not gonna make me an accomplice! I'm gonna get a churro and see if I can meet a duck or somethin'.
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Ooh, I've got one, too. Stop me if you've heard it.

[ He clears his throat. ]

There once was a man from Nantucket—
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I guess you'll have to find out the rest of it in April, then! Are you having a happy Halloween, Julian?

[ Meaning: Are you behaving? ]
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I see that. Alabama's nice this time of year, huh?