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[The face that appears on camera is young and stern looking, with her white hair pulled back in a bun and a...mouse sitting comfortably on her shoulder.

It's obvious that she's stressed, but is trying to remain composed as she addresses the network.

This is Princess Allura of the planet Altea. And...I hate to admit that I am at a loss as to how to proceed with formalities, considering I have been unceremoniously brought into this dimension in the midst of an intergalactic battle with Emperor Zarkon himself.

It is imperative that I return; I cannot remain here a moment longer. The Galra Empire remains a threat, and we are so close to finally ending their reign.

[She shuts her eyes, letting out a sigh. Not of resignation, but...well, she's tired and worried, that much is certain.]

If there is anyone on this network channel who can help, anyone at all, I would appreciate hearing from you immediately. The people I have spoken to directly tell me there is no way to return, and they refuse to disclose any other information.
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Oh quiznak--That means almost everyone is here and I can shove it in that jerks face...and...

[And this is so not the time Lance, so not the time. Reign it in, buddy.]
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This isn't going to be what you want to hear, but there really isn't a way back. Not that we've been able to find anyway.

But you aren't alone, Princess. Hunk, Pidge and I are here...some of the others have been as well. We'll figure it out and...get back home.

[Wow doesn't that sound familar? Ouch.]

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I'm sorry to hear about your situation, your Highness.

[His voice is calm, almost a whisper, as he speaks. After all, she seemed more than stressed. There's no need to really exacerbate that further.]

It's not much consolation, but you will return to the exact moment that you left. In other words, time has 'frozen' while you are here.

The people you met with aren't exactly lying, but they're not being entirely helpful either. I'm afraid there's no way home just yet. Otherwise...

Well, we wouldn't be here.
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[His eyes close, contemplative. A little because he's had experience with people of his world returning when he's had to stay, and because of people he's lived with all but disappearing.]

It's a two-way door, you're not wrong in your speculation.

It's just selective on when it opens, who it opens for, and if they even realize they're pulled through it.

In other words...the world itself decides who comes and who leaves.
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Along with everything else that's been said, try to enjoy it while you're here. Maybe... think of it like a vacation.

[Aerith's smile is a bit put on, but hey, she's trying.]

And, for what it's worth, I can confirm that time freezes while you're here. I was sent back home a few months ago and everything was right where I left it.
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I understand. It takes some time.

[That's... actually a good question. No one ever seemed to give her a good enough answer to satisfy her.]

When things like that happen, people say the porter "glitched". [Fingerquotes.] No one's found a way to trigger it yet, and people have been working on this for years.

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Allura! You're here! Oh quiznak it's good to see you.

Apparently no one's found a way home permanently, and people have been trying for years, or so I'm told. But, if we do find a way, time is apparently standing still at home. So we won't have missed anything. Not that that really makes any sense, but I'm just going with it until I either experience it or we find whatever machine controls this whole imPort thing and I can tinker with it. [ And she's rambling.

And then a thought occurs to her. ]

Have any of the others contacted you? Hunk and Lance are here too.
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[ Pidge gives a little wave to the mice: Hi guys! ]

I haven't been here long, and we had... incidents that started up not long after I arrived. I haven't even been able to start looking into whatever brought us here. Let alone figure it out.

[ And excuse her while she has a slight geek moment. ] I bet the technology behind this is amazing. It would have to just beautiful to pull something like this off.

[ And she's done. For now. ]

Lance, Hunk, and I have our lions! Although, they are a little different. If Keith or Shiro are here, they haven't made themselves known. [ As Pidge speaks she turns the phone around so the camera shows the miniature Green, and Pidge's voice is heard: ]

Say 'hi' to Allura!

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Is that what they're telling people now?

There's no way to return home of your own volition, but leaving is certainly possible. Happens all the time.
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Use the porters often.

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Hey, Allura!

What everybody's saying is right, as far as I can tell. I've been here since, like... September? And nobody's seemed to notice it. Also, all three of you have also been here before, but nobody can remember it, so... Yeah. Wiped clear. Clean slate.


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They can't disclose any more information because I'm pretty sure they don't actually know how the Porter works.

[a beat as she considers the possibility that she may be socially required to be reassuring (maybe??), and then:]

You're not missing anything by being here in the meantime.

[thanks, Lapis. very detailed and soothing.]

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[ Man, that is one stodgy looking fellow on the camera. ]

You must certainly have a story to tell! [ No, really. He has a quill in hand. He might have been writing already. ]

I'm afraid we can't send you back, or else there would be nobody here to greet you, I'm afraid. You're rather...stuck.


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We sadly don't control the Porter. Neither does the government. The Porter is controlled by a rouge AI and it's what decides if we leave or not.

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