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[The sleeping thing is an epidemic, if the network is to be glanced over, and other people are handling it, so Dio has his own pressing matters to attend to. He is seated at a small desk, only suitable for keeping in an apartment. It's dark, but there is a lamp on, mostly so that his Visage is not concealed in darkness for once.

A notebook is before him, open and he has a pen to it, organizing his thoughts before and during this 'broadcast'.]

To those who have yet to meet me; Good evening. I am Dio.

I have a conundrum or two on my hands and was hoping I could find some assistance. First and foremost, my... employment. Currently unsatisfactory, and a waste of my skills, I would like instead to offer assistance in law to imPorts. I am currently brushing up on my knowledge since it's somewhat out of date, but I was valedictorian at Hugh Hudson Academy back in the day.

Credentials aside, I am unregistered and rather lacking in knowledge of how to set up a law firm. If anyone can offer advice, I would rather appreciate it. I have tried The Google but the results were vague at best.

[Taking a small pause, he turns to a different page before starting again, the conversation he'd had with Jonathan previously eating at him.]

On a different topic, I have been informed that I've 'been here before'. I don't really know what that means, but if anyone from my previous stay recognizes me, would you be so kind as to remind me of yourself? That would be all for now, thank you.
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[Well, now. This man just continues to be interesting.]

Hello once again, Dio. It's quite pleasing to hear you are pursuing a legal career. I am sorry to say that I have no recollection of you being present here before now, however.
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A fine idea. I may not be of a legal background myself, but please do let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Even if it is only to offer myself as one of your first clients, once you achieve your aim.

[The Count is already signed up with Jeff Winger, but one can never have too many lawyers on hand in his line of work.]
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Of course. I would hardly be surprised if someone in authority were to take issue with my criticisms one day, and target me through some trumped-up charges on a technicality.

[Involvement in criminal conspiracies is not a technicality, Dooku.]

Your offer is most appreciated, but unnecessary. I insist that you be paid properly for your services, regardless of the outcome. So long as those services are satisfactory, of course- which I have no doubt they will be.

[Dio isn't the only one who can sweeten deals.]


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There was a guy here a while back who actually took the fucking bar a second time, but I'm pretty sure that was just 'cause he was a dipshit.

[miss you, Phoenix. <3]

The people here let imPorts get away with shit you wouldn't believe. Wouldn't surprise me if they just handed you everything so long as you said you were actually a lawyer at home.
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There's honestly not that much of a difference between being registered and not.

[still had nanites in your blood, still got power dampened if you were arrested, still stuck with that tattoo. hell, she'd lived in government housing without a fuss for over two years despite her unregistered status precluding such a thing.]

But I'd still think about fudging shit a little and taking the freebie anyway unless you really like filling out paperwork. Because there is a shitload of that, not to mention fees.

[hilariously she actually does know about starting up law practices and the like through her repeated contact with lawyers in her own line of work. who knew it would ever come in handy?]
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Hey man, you do you. God knows I've got a pretty good idea about what happens when you've got too much free time.

[although opening a law practice is a lot more productive than becoming the number one free to play god on several freemium phone apps...]

But like I said, they make a stupid amount of excuses for imPorts. They'll probably roll whatever experience you had from your own world over to here and just let you take some tests; that's what they did when I went for my license, anyway.

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Which city are you in?
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Maurtia Falls is a very vibrant place. You would do well to speak to his Lordship the Ambassador, if your job does not suit.
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Petyr Baelish.
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There was someone else recently looking to get into practicing law here... perhaps you two could explore the possibility together?
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Re: video;

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A Miss Laurel Lance. She expressed a desire to get into general practice; I don't know if you were looking to specialize in a particular area.

[ a momentary pause, and then a helpful link is forwarded ]
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Actually, I'd think it better suited if you didn't specialize in the same things; more ground to cover, as it were. I can't imagine that the imPorts need less people arguing in their defense as they do for their intents.

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Anon, Video

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Excuse me Mister Dio do you think you might help me with a legal problem? If you're going into law I thought...

[The voice is quiet and nervous, the woman in the picture appearing shy when actually she's just trying to hold back a smile.]

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Re: Anon, Video

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You can't? [She sniffs and blinks watery eyes. Playing with Dio is so much fun.]

But then who'll defend me in court the next time I kill someone?

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