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Video x 002

[ She has the look of someone who hasn't slept much, or well, in days. And yet, underneath the surface fatigue, there is determination, that sort of dogged resolve that comes into play, not in the last mile of the marathon, with the end in sight, but somewhere in the middle, when you've gone too far to give up, but not far enough to be finished. Buying herself a moment, she takes a sip from the mug at her side. Coffee, something new from here, and most welcome in this time of all times. When she speaks, her tone is smooth and steady and clear. Whatever this is, she will weather it, as will her children. Also Jon. Shush. ]

Is anyone else awake? Some of my children are sleeping in what seems to be an unnatural , days-long rest.

[ She'll keep to herself for the moment just which ones sleep and which ones are awake. ]
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You have children here?

[Guess who also has coffee. In a mug that has an alligator on it. Of course.]
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How fortunate you are. So many old burdens follow you into a new land.

[They probably wouldn't CROWN HER WITH GOLD THO focus up Dany]
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[Enjoy a flicker of Crazy in those purple eyes, Cat.]

You think the same of all these children?
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[She has been helping to tend the sleepers when they are brought into the clinic, many of them injured in some way. While she had yet to discover how to wake them, it had become clear that this wasn't something that would easily passed. She was tired, wishing she could sleep as well, sharing the same exhausted expression that Cat does. She has little in the way of sympathy, the strain and stress too much for her.]

It's not known what is happening yet. You should consider bringing them to a clinic. There are some with the ability to wake them.
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Are they injured? Some were outside when they fell asleep and collapsed to the ground. They didn't?

[It would be something she could do at least, something she could offer Catelyn.]

I'm Alice. I work as one of the healers in Maurtia Falls.
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Re: Video;

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Stark? You are Robb's mother?

[It was hard to forget the young man that had spoken in frustration about the currency of this world.]

I have not been afflicted, I merely try to help and heal those that have been and were injured in the course of these events. I only wish I could offer a better solution.
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It's not out of kindness that I make this offer.

[It was hard to say what she felt anymore.]

I hope he wakes soon.
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[It's one of the first moments in his life that Cassian hasn't looked as tired. He hasn't… left the house in… a couple of days.

Which is part of why he has no idea what's going on. Plus, he had been almost literally dead to the world before that. And it's taken the restoration of Jyn and Kay-Tu to get him to revive and reinvest enough to finally access the network.

He hadn't intended to participate yet, just look.

But he sees her transmission and something about her…

The tired, determined set of her face reminds him of… some he's known… but not many. Those who've fought… and those who've… cared. Not all can do both. …Mon Mothma is one of them.

In short: if anyone were to inspire him to respond to them…

Except he doesn't have anything to respond with, yet, so first he does a quick survey of all the channels, whatever other transmissions he can access. Until he has something to… well, to report.]

I'm awake. It's not just your family. It's widespread. No reports of decline—the condition seems unclear but stable.

…I see the mention of a clinic. Do you want help moving anyone?

[Because he might know a droid.]
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[if you likewise excuse my prostrating myself at Cat's badass rockin' feet!

A lot of ambient information in there, some he doesn't understand but would be interested to learn (e.g. direwolf?) but isn't necessary for this moment]

Let me know if you change your mind. I truly don't think it would be a problem.

[height or "direwolf"—neither would likely bother Kay.

At first he doesn't quite parse her meaning re: the marks of time. Looking in her eyes for a moment, however translated (presumably) from binary and back, he thinks he does. And his slightly tilting his head might communicate that kinship back.]

No… I haven't.

[Though for once he actually has friends here. Luckily they've been spared. —If Kay were affected, they'd need some serious analysis on the phenomenon immediately for reasons beyond treatment.

With an injection of deference into his tone, for her indulgence in a subject change—but this is… he has to ask:]

Your family… did you all come here together?
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[low and quiet, with supreme, utmost understanding]

I'm so sorry.

[Who knows who, if anyone, she reminded him of. …Nobody in particular. But everybody he's been most closely allied with, at the same time.

Someone who's fought and cared. Not just one. Both.]

I died, too.

And so did… both of my friends here.

Two of us died at the same moment, last life.

But we came here at different times.

I don't know if it's… a way to live… waiting, or… hoping. But… I asked because time misalignment doesn't seem to mean anything. Doesn't rule out…

[a faint laugh at how even more ludicrous than he'd thought reality was. And it had been a high bar to pass]

…the impossible. More of it.
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Whether it was abductive reasoning from details in her attire and words, or microexpressions or articulation giving clues, or just his own projection onto her of others he'd known… he goes ahead and makes the kind of statement he would usually avoid for likely being wrong.

But this time, he doesn't think it will be.]

The failure is usually of reality's making. There's only so much even a mother could do. But I think if this reality knows what's good for it, it had better yield to your will.

[It's a longer, more formal, yet also more familiar speech than he'd usually give. But he reflects back what's provided. …And with her, it doesn't feel artificial.

The genuineness is there now when he offers an introductory smile.]

My name is Cassian by the way.

[Because he finds he wants to know hers. Know more about her. Possibly also to relate back to Jyn.

The motherhood pillar is one that had been lacking for both of them—from Jyn, violently stolen; from Cassian, utterly nonexistant. And this woman seems to champion it as brightly and fiercely as Jyn had the insistence on hope.]
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[That's an interesting question. Not because he hasn't asked it of himself, but because he has always done so so constantly and subconsciously, about each moment; never pausing to really reflect on it more broadly.]

…In terms of the aspects of reality we can understand, my friends and I may be less at risk from almost any physical threat than we've ever been.

[Superstitious thinking again: that's not a challenge to the universe to prove him wrong. Please.]

In terms of those we can't…

[How to trust the Porters, how to trust that anything so easily given can't be as easily taken away…?

At last, a faint shrug and a smile… not haunted, exactly, but holding resonance to something long ago and far, far away…]

…we choose to hope.

[Maybe that's their superpower.]
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[ A mother with children here? That, somehow, makes this sleep plague even worse in his estimation. ]

It doesn't seem to have affected some of those for whom sleep isn't a requirement.

Do you need anything brought to you?

[ He imagines she won't want to leave wherever she is if she's keeping watch on them, after all. ]
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sorry for the delay!

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[ Kid nods soberly, because he's already considered that problem on a much wider scale... but obviously those right in front of Cat are her main concern. ]

Did you happen to notice anything amiss with them, before this happened? We're still trying to identify common denominators that could be causing this, so the effect can be reversed.
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[ If it's any consolation, the bigger picture here is mass confusion for most imPorts, not just the Westerosi ones. ]

You needn't apologize, ma'am, I was only curious. You have understandably more personal concerns on your mind at the moment.

My previous offer stands, however, if something does arise that you need.