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006 {video}

[Streaming live from the office at Merlotte's, it's Sookie on her dinner break! And she only looks half-exhausted, bless.]

Hey y'all, so I'm looking for some roommates. I've got a good sized house, and I'm staring to realize it's just a little too much for one person.

[And it has nothing to do with the fact that she got straight up dream kildt and can't sleep in an empty house anymore. Nah.]

Big things first: I'm just on the edge of De Chima, kind of far out there. The house is pretty old, so there's gonna be a lot of creaking and weird leaks. I've got two empty rooms, one's kinda small on the first floor off the living room. The second one's on the second floor and it's a little bigger. And [She winces, because this next part is bad.] there's only one full bathroom, just to be honest.

I'm just looking for other women, and I'm totally pet friendly. [Wait, no, hold on.] Unless they're scaly. Annnnnnd.....I think that's all I have for now? If you're interested, just let me know.

[And she's gonna leave it at that, because she's been on a nine hour shift and a woman needs a damn moment to herself.]
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Only one full bath and no scaly friends? What kind of living arrangement is that.
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[NEWT. Don't let him hear you calling him Newton.]

Oh, well, that's cool, but you're going to have trouble finding roomies, I think. I mean...only one bathroom and no reptiles? Pretty lame. And I'm not being sexist here with the one bathroom thing. Hermann and I could barely survive sharing the one sometimes, and then we had Sophie and--three people. One bath. That's not easy. I'd consider moving if you're not too committed to the place. Bathrooms are legit deal breakers.
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Share a shower or share a shower?
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There's nothing nasty about it. But, look, sharing is great, but sometimes more than one shower is kind of a necessity.
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[Hey, HERMANN asked him! But Newt doesn't know how either]

Uh no? Not after my wedding, honeymoon and new house. Kind of puts a legit dent in a guy's wallet.

Where do you work?
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Alright, fine, we'll drop it. See if I ever visit the bar and leave a big tip!
Though, money things aside, working in a bar does sound kind of ...interesting. I mean, aside from drunk people. Any good stories?
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I'm not really looking right now myself, but if I find out anybody else is, I can let them know to reach out to you?
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Which you're looking to avoid if possible, I'm guessing?
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If it makes you feel better, I literally just moved out of the city to open a business just like my grandmother's back home. Even gave it the same name, so... [She shrugs.] You're not completely alone.
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text; anonymous

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[anon just for her good friend Sookie]

ok hon
why tf are you living in the sticks and trying to lure roommates out there

even your cute face cannot make up for the serious creep vibes
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[ ~ someday ~ ]

omg you hick
driving is for s u c k e r s

how far away is the supermarket
also 30 min ???
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take a pic out the window
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so i can decide for myself how country or not country we're talking

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that might be worse
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You wouldn't rather move somewhere smaller and more central?

[No judgement here, just curious Godric being curious.]
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Let me know if you need anyone vetted.

[also heads up that's probably going to happen anyway. Don't be surprised to find a dog on the lawn sniffing around whoever moves in, Sookie.]
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Hi, I'm Zee. How do you feel about rabbits?
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Nope, I'm a magician. They're stage-rabbits. And pets. And, like me, vegetarian.

I also cook. If you don't mind falafel in place of beef every so often, that could be a plus.