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[Video] Design-A-Droid

It would seem business is booming in the import community again. Perhaps we have our ambassadors to thank? Or the Government? Or maybe this is a sign imports are beginning to take command of their destinies?

[Some might find the figure a bit familiar, if they'd had any eye for politics or the history of this world. But instead of the sharp black suit, Revan's lithe frame is adorned with humble robes of earthen browns. He stands in an open facility that looks a bit like a brightly lit garage. Only instead of vehicles there were rows of tools and various machines.]

Regardless, I'm proud of what you've all accomplished thus far.

I'd had the pleasure of meeting an... old friend from my universe. And he rekindled a passion of mine. One I'd like to share with you.

[At that, Revan nods both to the left and right of the screen, as if to signal to someone. But instead of a person, several metallic, creature-like constructs saunter, rolls, and glide into the shot with him. Some are short and squat, rolling around on a tri-pod stand, while a couple seem vaguely humanoid. And even one that could pass for a large, gun-metal cat pacing between a couple of it's companions.]

It's little more than a hobby of mine, but I've decided to open a small shop dedicated to building custom-made droids like the ones you see before you. If you'd like a companion tailored to your needs and tastes, we can work together to create the perfect one for you.

They can be modified with a chassis of your choice, and programmed to fulfill a number of support roles should you have a need: Construction, chores, cleaning and the like. Or they can just a faithful friend. They are quite intelligent, capable of learning and developing with you. So as to grow to be the best companion it can be. But I assure you they are incapable of harming anyone.

[Because he knows everyone's first fear is 'will they become self aware and attempt to kill us all?' The first part is a strong maybe, but the second is a definite no.]

Though I should mention that if you set their development threshold high enough, they may develop interesting quirks that will begin to resemble an actual personality. Should that be something you'd desire from your droid.

[And the twinkle in his eyes clearly expresses his approval of such a course. In a 'sound like fun, no?' sort of way.]
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[Doc watches with a passive interest at first, but as the droids made themselves known, he can't help but smile.]

They're delightful---I've never seen anything quite like them. Remarkable. But have you noticed any issues when integrating them with household pets?
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[He gives this a few moments of thought.]

I'm sharing an apartment with two dogs. They're gentle, but very curious. Would that merit a particular type...well, not the cat, clearly?

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video; because he's an ass

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[Speak of droids, and they will appear, it seems. He's silent for a second, but upon speaking up, it's quite obvious he's one of those droids who has already gone ahead and developed a personality. ]

They are incapable of harming anyone if they are hard-coded not to.
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[LURK because he's a… something]

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Hasn't figured out what if anything to actually say to Revan yet—it's not as if droid rights are hammered out in his universe either—maybe Revan's too since the tech and design is so strikingly familiar—but this could be an opportunity to start that conversation from the ground level… but is Cassian the one to do so…? An ethics conversation, essentially…?

So yes. For now: LURKS. And stands ready to help Kay if remotely needed.]
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I'm K-2SO. I'm a r-

[ No, wait, don't say "reprogrammed" right now, he's been doing a good job at not quite giving away everything on the network so far- ]

-security droid.

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[Oh, good, Duo stumbled upon the requisite 'other universes with probably dangerous robots' early. Saves him some trouble.]

Tinkerer, huh? You engineer these from scratch or based upon existing designs?

Self-awareness can actually be less dangerous than programmed intent, I've found.
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[Still text!]

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In a way. Enough to see what difference the ability to discern right and wrong can make. How do droids do on that front? The ones that can "develop", as you put it.

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Can your droids protect us from the strange things that happen here?
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What kind of tools? Weapons?

[She glances away.]

And sometimes, having a friend means there's more to lose.

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Looks impressive, Revan. You think you'll ever get back into making security mechs? The ones that used to guard Helix packed quite a punch.

[Jacob might not have entirely trusted them, but he had a lot more use for them than he does for a cleaning assistant.]
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I get it. It's good to know they're available in an emergency. You never know when you might need some reinforcements.

So is this business the new Malachor? Or are you going to call it something else?

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[Normie leans in as if that would get him a closer view of the droids on his screen.]

Are you taking orders now?

[Because he totally wants one. He doesn't know what for just yet, but he wants one.]
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Even if I don't necessarily know what I want one for just yet?

Follow up question, if I buy one and I go to take a part of the case off to see how it ticks, will it get mad at me?

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[How to word "which friend" and "which universe"?

Without being entirely disengenuous… maybe just in affect…

Try teching out.

Channelling one of the slicers who'd helped him with Kay, utterly without preamble, Cassian launches into (convincing except to anyone who'd already know it to be uncharacteristic) rapidfire, presumptuous-of-same-technicality questions.]

Have you managed to synthesize the alloys you want or are you making do with local 'rals? Carboplast composite's my favorite but I guess you wouldn't need that if they're all class threes or fives… Are they all threes and fives? …But then how do you avoid a personality with companion traitware? Or do you stick to skillware? But without the behavioral circuitry matrix can you still really call it a droid? Also, do you also do maintenance or support apparatus? A mechanical friend of mine has been feeling the lack of amenities. And is your "old friend" Mechanical or Organic? It's so great to see your tech.

[For a real techer, this could still fall under the category of restrained. For Cassian's norm it's… disconcerting. (If Kay or Jyn are anywhere in the physical vicinity from where he's transmitting…)

Not that Cassian's tech expertise is actually that advanced. He skipped a lot of the real discipline to get to the experimental, for Kay, with his slicer contacts cribbing the notes for him. But he knows enough to gauge the sophistication of the droids on display, and takes a gamble that the creator may not be holding back, such that Cassian's knowledge could pass well enough.

Though if he were wrong about everything, he could learn origin information in being corrected. If he were right, also confirmation. Vaguely possible rapport. Mainly burying the lede.]

[ooc: thank you ebook Droid Guide]
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That's great.

[On several levels.

Soon Cassian will have to get himself out of his own trap: switching out of the false affect in a way that seems plausible, or is willing to admit to the game. Assuming he doesn't want to keep it up, which he doesn't; or cares about potentially establishing an honest report, which is always ideal. But old habits. There's one more move chattiness can serve.]

Seems like we might! Do you know… Varadan? Carida? Coruscant? Dantooine? Yavin? Alderaan? Sullust? Scarif?

[Not just identifying markers where the universe/dimension itself hadn't been given an adequate name—not realizing it had to be distinguished from alternatives. But also: a mix of Outer and Inner Rim and Core planets; some neutral, some Alliance, some Imperial.

… some surviving, some not.

Not just to confirm origin, but perhaps get an idea of sympathies/allegiance.

(…Forgetting, or not considering the full possibilities, of timeline.)]
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