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Seems that there's justifiable discontent brewing but how long has this been simmering underneath? How many of you have just gone along with what you've been told without question or protest - and, again, for how long?

Just being brought here has been the cause of great inconvenience. I'm not even going to mention all the random acts of chaos or criminal activity that goes on. You've seen it or heard about it.

I'm sure many of us here don't like being told what to do and when to do it.

The galaxy is at war where I come from but there were more opportunities and more choice. Things made a kind of sense if you knew where you fit.

Change is in the air here. For the better or not? Do you want to wait and see, let it happen or make it happen? I guess we'll find out what stirs up and where all the pieces finally fall.
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[ It's been a while since Lando has seen anyone from Duro. Not since all that business with the puffer pig. In any case, it's enough to clue him in that they're from the same galaxy. ]

I think the problem here is that none of us quite know where we "fit," like you said. When the galaxy's at war, it's easy to tell who's on which side. Here, there's no outright war going on. Most of us are just trying to live our lives.
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[ That's why Lando had to start his own business. He's a man who likes to make his own way. ]

That's where they say this country is headed, but so far all I've heard is talk, no action.
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Since before I got here. Well before, from the sound of things.

[ He mostly tries to stay out of the greater geopolitical struggles. ]
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Yeah. You tryin' to stir stuff up! You think this is going to get anywhere?
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You speak like you have some stakes in this.
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I get the feeling you do more than most.

[filthy bounty hunting scum!!]
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'Cause if slag hits the fan then you'd get paid to fight for whoever gets to you first. Right?
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Have you tried to reach the government? If you're discontent with your situation, perhaps there would be something they could do about it. They can't send us home but if you're unhappy about the situation otherwise, perhaps reaching the authorities would change something.
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Perhaps they'll listen when enough of us are raising our voices.
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That is the hope in a peaceful protest.
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Gotta tell you, all the vague talk and assumptions aren't a good look when you clearly have an opinion about how things should go.
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Still pretty vague. What do you want to see happen?
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I don't think anyone's happy with that. But I'd still be interested in hearing the specifics of what you have in mind.