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text; partly open, partly private

NOTICE: To all ImPorts out there thinking of making a move, either residential or commercial! UGNAUGHT MOVING COMPANY is your go-to service for handling the transport of cargo, whether it's your furniture or your personal belongings. Our staff treats each customer's items with care. Drop us a line to arrange a consultation today!

UMC is always hiring more hands who can lift heavy objects and transport large containers from point A to point B. If you think you would be a good fit for Ugnaught, give me a ring and let's discuss the details.

[ And then, a second text, sent privately to Luke Skywalker: ]

Hey Luke, buddy, how've you been? Things got kind of crazy with the clones and I feel like I haven't kept in touch. You maybe want to join me for a drink one of these nights?
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Yeah, the clones were... something.

[ Does he really want to mention he had to save Han from his own clone? Not really. ]

A drink would be great.
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Ahhh... not a good idea. Most of the bars in Heropa got flooded. It was really bad.

What about De Chima?
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Sounds good.

When do you want to meet? I'm essentially free every night.
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That sounds good. Just let me know where, and I'll be there.
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What's your insurance policy in terms of items getting damage during transit -- should they get damaged that is.
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I'll keep that in mind. I don't have a lot of junk laying around, but I can't speak for my friends. What do you usually charge?

And I'm curious, what do you pay?
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are you still hiring?
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basic motor function? also i can pull a street lamp out of the ground, i guess.
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i'm okay to have around if someone gets hurt, too, i guess.

an interview's no problem.
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is arson usually a problem you guys deal with?
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fresh like a daisy, yup, that's me. and i wish that were the first time i've heard of some freak of nature single-handedly trying to toast a city block like a marshmallow.

what time should i come by the coffee shop?
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sounds good.

i'm magnus chase, by the way.
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you too. any general advice for a new guy around here?
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sure is where i got dumped yesterday.
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i'd have to get a house and some stuff to move out of it first. otherwise your company can just crowd surf me to my destination, i guess.
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hard pass. not interested in being connected with the government until i know what's up around here.
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yeah so my car's a bit kriffed up at the moment but once it's back from the shop I think we can discuss something
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I'm sure I can fit it into a very busy schedule

also wanna go for a drink, things have been crazy around here lately

JUST a drink
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nah I'm worried we'll both get drunk and bet something we can't afford to lose