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Video - Cleaning house & Neo Tokyo

[The video feed comes on with Daryl real close to the camera as he sets it down on a shelf at about eye chin level. High enough that when he walks away it allows for a very wide shot of the inside of a garage.

A large, mechanical tiger that was easily recognized as one of the imPocreates (a blickablake), but who had been obviously and heavily customized, prowled around behind Daryl for a second before leaning into the back of his legs like a real cat would and letting out a mechanized purr.]

Sorry if Fubuki here's been running people off. Thought she was getting a home with someone, but anytime I tell her to go to her new place, she just settles down in the corner. Did ya just decide against it or what?

Anyway, anyone who was having work done at Neo Tokyo before the porter got Tetsuo a couple months back, you can come back to the shop if you want. I'm getting some locals who do good work hired in to take over. Shop'll return to Kaneda or Tetsuo's control if they get ported back in, but unless that happens, it'll be in my hands. And if I get ported out, it'll go to the people I hire so it won't be shutting down unexpectedly again.

[The tiger headbutted Daryl affectionately and nearly knocked him on his ass.]

Okay, I get it, ya like me. Shit.

[He pushed at her head and she sat down, eyes blinking slowly and tail sliding against the floor in a lazy motion. Instead of standing back up, Daryl stayed where he was in case she decided to nuzzle him again.]

The shop's a motorcycle shop. Specializes in custom models and mostly Japanese imports. Racing bikes especially. Top of the line stuff. It's in Nonah.
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Cute pet. But it might ruin your image and expose you as a secret softie.
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Does she know that?

[Doesn't seem like it.]

You could think of it as an opportunity. Make her your mascot.
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[This is adorable. Is there a record and export function on this thing? She really wants to keep it.]

Yeaaah, she definitely owns you. See, this is why I don't have a cat. I'd never get anywhere on my own schedule.
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I'm just impressed that the cats don't try to make dinner of the birds and the fish.
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I might be in the market for some kind of speeder bike. Something fast and efficient, for the right price.
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Like I said, if it's fast and it works without breaking down at a crucial time, then that will do for now. I just want some more convenient transportation. You got anything like that readily available?
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Oh, she's magnificent. And seems to really like you.
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I feel that you have the kind of energy that would make animals, especially the type of her wild cousins, to like you.
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[ Maeve sighs. ]

We tried. I introduced her to Blue and Red. But unfortunately, she would not leave with him.
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Blue is the one who took the interest. And seemed a bit disappointed by the result.
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Oh, he's a bit obnoxious. But despite all of that, he has a good heart. He really seemed concerned for Fubuki when she did not want to come moreso than upset that she rejected him.