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6th Mission / Video (Forward-dated to SEPTEMBER 7th)

[Jacob is standing in front of his communicator's camera, wearing fairly standard white-collar clothing. Judging by the office background behind him, he's just finishing his work day at the Future Foundation. One of his sleeves is rolled up, and he shows the camera the faint blue letters glowing beneath the skin of his wrist: REGISTERED HERO.]

Hey, everyone. Just wanted to say that I'm officially off the bench. I'm not happy to be Registered, but it's a lot better than living as a "Criminal."

[He rolls his eyes on the last word.]

My powers aren't being nullifed anymore, so I should be able to help out a lot more the next time things go to Hell.

Anyway, that's not all I wanted to say. I've got another question for everyone who is used to having 'superheroes' around back home. Do they always spend a lot of time arguing with each other? Or worse?

[Like RISE vs. the Justice League, for instance.]

Seems like there has been a lot of finger-pointing since the gas attack. A lot of debate. And maybe some things that needed to be said after a disaster like that. But it's been weeks, and last I heard, Crane hasn't been caught yet. It's hard not to wonder if things would be different if there was more cooperation between the different heroes.

[Jacob pauses to let that suggestion sink in, then segues oh-so-smoothly to the activities of an underground group he definitely knows nothing about.]

That reminds me- I heard on the news that some Maurtia Falls cops got busted for corruption last month. I'd love to shake the hand of whoever pulled that off. Feels like we could all use more wins like that right about now.

[And with that, he ends the transmission.]
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Re: arguing - Depends on the group and the circumstances.

[But before he goes any further with that-] What were you in for, dare I ask?
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Hm. Can't imagine why. [By which he means he can definitely imagine why. Once a police state...] They nulled your powers for that? (And how, exactly?)
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Interesting. I'd thought they could do that with the nanites alone... Good to know, at any rate. I don't suppose they let you keep it afterwards. [It'd be nice to have a look at it. Because, you know. Reasons.]

Anyway. "Superheroes" are as prone to infighting and factionalism as anyone else - possibly even more so, if they're not used to having to compromise.
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[Wait, really? He was just being sarcastic, he hadn't thought anyone would actually get to keep a nullifier. It'd be incredibly easy to misuse, for someone with the right know-how. Y'know, like him.]

If you could, that'd be fantastic.

I'm afraid I'm not really up to date on the politics. Just got in last month, and all that. Do you mind giving me the Cliffs Notes?
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Kanaya? I know her, actually. Thank you, I'll talk to her about it.

[That's okay, he is exactly the same way! Except it's actually not okay because Qubit can dish it out much better than he can take it. WELP here's hoping this doesn't end badly.]

And the information is a big help, thank you again. I wouldn't call myself a political man either, but it's good to know where one stands.

Where does the Justice League fit into this equation, do you know?
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All right. I'll have to look into that.

Well, we're acquainted, more accurately. I've been working down the hall from her.
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Good to hear. Starrware, at the moment.

[No point being cagey about that; Kanaya could tell him the same thing.]
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So have I. [He's not ... actually an employee there. Or getting paid. But if he was, he'd have plenty to contribute!!]

Future Foundation? Interesting. What sort of work do you do?
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I see. Medical applications aren't my specialty, but I'll certainly keep that in mind.