Feb. 2nd, 2016 10:33 pm
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[The feed comes on, the network device is leaning up against something to view this cat laying on the floor with a not all too happy look on his face.]

We're gonna retaliate, right?

You know we could, easily. Just go to Russia, steal all their nukes and chuck em' into space, then attack them.

They got no right to be doin' what they're doin' and they did throw the first punch.

So what's gonna happen? We gotta sit back on our laurels and do nothing?

Not that saving our asses was nothing or whatever else happened while we were rotting away in that sub.

[Can't blame him for feeling angry, or vengeful.]

So what's the plan? Whatever they get, they got it coming.

[And the feed shuts off.]
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[It's his second post, and Eddie's a lot more composed than last time, set up in front of the camera wearing a suit, tie, and a small smile.]

Hey everyone.

[A pause, and a slight hesitation. A fidget. Then he takes a deep breath, and throws himself into it.]

I've been kidnapped before. Snatched out of my regular life by someone stronger than I was, and held against my will for a while. So I know that, even after you get free, it can really mess with your sense of security. For a while, I was looking over my shoulder, just waiting to get snatched again.

[A pause, and he takes a deep breath, holds it for a second, glancing away, looking anywhere but the camera, and then he faces it head on, and keeps going.]

Before I came here, I was a Detective in the Central City Police Department, and here, I'm working in security. My name is Eddie Thawne. And this is a standing offer to anyone who was kidnapped, who feels unsafe and doesn't have someone else to call. If you need a walk home, someone to talk to, or an escort somewhere, just give me a call.
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[Around the time the first imPorts started trickling back into the imPort towns after their flight from the Antarctic, the network lights up with a video. There's a murmur of voices in the background, but the obvious focus of the feed is one smiling woman -- Cass. A much more subdued looking man sits drinking coffee what looks like a cafeteria table behind her, and behind both of them is an expansive room that people who actually frequent the place may recognize as the dining hall of the Xavier School for ImPorts.]

Hi guys! [Cass greets, cheerful as ever.] Usually, I'd ramble here and try to preface things, but today I'm just going to get to the point. [thank goodness]

[Stepping back, Cass turns around her camera and starts to take a video of the cafeteria around her, and what she focuses especially on is a group of tables set up like a buffet line. There's food everywhere -- trays filled with several kinds of salads, trays lined up with a bunch of sandwiches, and beyond them, plate after plate of all kinds of food.]

There's also soup cooking in the back, [she declares while turning the camera back to her, and her brightly cheerful grin softens a bit.] Professor Callaghan and I spoke while you were gone to open up Xavier for all of you -- after an ordeal like what we just had, I can only imagine how tiring it'll be to have to cook or buy and wait for food, but food is essential to healing. The doors are open to anybody who wants to come in, so come help yourself, all right? If anybody who's well enough to and want to help can help, I'm welcoming that, too. We've got a stock of blankets here, too.

The food's already ready! We'll be here all day and into tomorrow, so drop by whenever you want to. No need to sign up or pay. Just remember to share.

And... welcome back, everyone. Get some rest.

[[ooc; for those who want to thread this mingle out, there is a log over here!
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Funny thing is, I spent most of last year counting down to my 5th imPort anniversary, and in the end I missed it by a good month and a half. Guess that's what comes of having a significant life event close to the holidays.

[ Spider-Man red versus Goblin green… totally counts as festive, right? Of course it does. ]

You gotta love the human -- sorry, the sapient -- capacity for adaptation. Forgetting the day of my own kidnapping.

But for the sake of you patient souls who suffered through my existential moping last year -- how many of you are still here, anyway? roll call! -- let's skip it this time and go with an icebreaker for the newbies.

Two truths and a lie. For those of you who come from universes without awkward getting-to-know-you party games, (a) congratulations, (b) it's just what it sounds like. I'll start:

1. I once picked a fight with a swarm of communist bees.
2. I used to have six arms but a giant lizard helped me remove them.
3. My car once tried to murder me.

Take your guesses.
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[ Barry knows fully well that this question should be asked over video or over voice, but with how things can be and how he knows might react to some answers, it's probably safer to just stay with text for now. ]

Does anyone believe that there's people you're just supposed to meet? I don't know if I'd call it fate, but I mean the idea that there are just some people you're supposed to know no matter what. That the universe or universes figure out a way to make everything line up even if it really shouldn't. Or it makes no sense for it to happen and yet it does anyway.

I know asking this is weird considering what happened earlier this month but...I went home and when I got back I started thinking about it. That maybe here you meet people you're supposed to and maybe at home you do and if you're lucky they somehow intersect. It's cheesy, but...sometimes you just have to wonder if certain things are supposed to be fixed in your life.
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So y'know those random job things they give ya when you get your file thing and your keys an' your house and stuff? [ He looks somewhere between embarrassed and annoyed. It's like someone's pointed out that he's been doing something confidently and yet completely wrong - so it's a feeling he's familiar with, but nevertheless it's one he hates. Hence the discomfort. ] Uhhh.. What'dya do if you lose it?

[ Give him a break; where he's from everyone's either a ninja or they aren't, and that's as far as his understanding of government-issued employment goes. In his world his jobs literally get handed to him day in day out, and typically they're picked specifically for him, too. ]

I just wasn't feelin' it, y'know! It didn't make any sense, an' the people tryin' to tell me what to do kept bein' all bossy about it, sayin' I had to talk better and faster and stuff, but I didn't even know what was goin' on half the time. No-one wanted to buy that old dusty trash anyway, lemme tell ya! I just walked outta there. [ Well, it was a bit more uh.. forced, than that. But Naruto won't admit it. Naruto Uzumaki doesn't get fired, haha, are you kidding? ] But uh, now I kinda got nothin' to do, so I'm thinkin' I need to look for somethin' else.... [ He gets kind of twitchy with just his own company. ]

Does anyone know where I can get a job? [ Surely these sparkling puppy dog eyes will sway anyone into at least pointing him in the direction of a vacancy... right? ]


Jan. 9th, 2016 06:26 pm
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[The camera, when it turns on, is bouncy-- like, found footage horror movie bouncy. Like it’s attached to a seal or being fought over by a pair of semi-feral children. Which it is! The lovely views of Heropa trees then sidewalk then someone’s leg eventually settle on the dirtier than normal face of Dipper Pines.]

Mabel, there are more important things than finding out what happened on Meow My God last week! [There’s an indignant cry of LIES! just off camera.] Hey, what happened in Heropa while we were gone? Apparently, there was a giant jungle? We were out in the swamp and I got poison ivy and poison oak and poison sumac… basically every plant you shouldn't roll in, we did it. But I won the trap contest and the swamp apes like me better so that's why I get the communicator first!!

[The camera veers wildly again and when it steadies it's focused on Mabel's cheerful, though grimier than usual face.]

The swamp apes just liked you better because you both smelled the same! And anyway I wrestled way more alligators than you and made way better shelters so just let me have it ‘cause I have a party to plan and I need to get invites out as soon as possible!

[The camera starts getting bounced around again as they fight, again. The dulcet tones of a childish slapfight can be heard just before Dipper screeches.]

Not the loincloth!!

[End broadcast.]


Jan. 9th, 2016 01:43 am
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[The camera turns on, it's a dimly lit area, a small box of sorts made of wood. like a bed built inside of a box. It's cozy, and lit by christmas lights. Shadow leans in the corner looking world weary for a change. His dog is leaning against his side and bringing her legs up as he continuously pets her belly as he speaks.]

Anyone else up this late? I'm having trouble falling asleep right now.

Been a lousy couple' a days, a lousy week, and tomorrow's my birthday. I don't wanna feel like shit all weekend so like... any nightcrawlers out there wanna hang out or gallivant around in De Chima?

Keep a cat company for a while?

[Aside from the kitten crawling into the small space from a compartment above and the dog at his side, and the two other cats just out of view.]
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Since the groundbreaking NBSea "documentary" that illuminated how some imPorts are clearly merport spies, the younger, more hipster locals of Heropa have dedicated their weekends to making homage art by creating (and often starring in) live "mermaid" installations. The most popular is a performance piece called "Dipper in the Deep End".

As seen around Nonah:
Eleven painted portraits of Ambassador Urquhart have been witnessed around the city of Nonah with this quotation spray-painted across the subject's face. But is it... Art?

As seen on the gossip tabloid-turned-show TMI:
There's something in the air — and it's love! Rumor has it that Dr. Jonathan Crane has been seeing a special someone during his time behind bars. Speculation is raging as to the identity of the doctor's mysterious paramour, who our source would refer to only as "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"; however, what's certain is that the two had been engaging in frequent late night conversations and after hours "office visits" for some time before his incarceration. According to our anonymous source, she "likes dangerous men," a comment which our source punctuated with an exaggerated eyebrow waggle and, we quote, "wink wink." The source then provided this "artist's interpretation" of what a relationship between the two might look like.

How far back does this romance go? Will she stand by her man on the outside? Will the love of a good woman be enough to keep him from ending up behind bars again? And the burning question on everyone's minds: can a little Scarecrow be far behind?

As seen in all imPort city newspapers, advertisement section:
MUSKETEERS INCORPORATED - Private Investigation and Security Services

Are you concerned for your safety? Have you been a victim of crime, and feel there is nowhere you can turn?

Musketeers Incorporated can help. We will provide loyal, personal security to keep you, your family, or your business safe. We pledge to provide you with high quality, reliable and truthful investigative results, where your confidentiality is guaranteed. When you are in need of assistance, our doors will be open. We will provide aid for import and native alike. To serve is our duty, and to defend you, our pleasure.

To avail of our services, or to inquire around working with us, please contact Athos, Porthos and d'Artagnan, c/o Musketeers Incorporated, De Chima.

As seen alongside commercials during daytime network programming:
Meet your new trainer Norman! He's a powerhouse of hunk ready to booty blast your assets into fine, focused fitness! With legendary measures of experience and legendary measurements PERIOD, you can find him at any Booty Burn Boot Camp franchise located within porter distance of the imPort cities! Don't wait! Don't delay! Get off that couch and into Norman's capable hands RIGHT NOW!

As reported by the TuffLuffington Post and conversed about on Bwitter:
The illustrious and astoundingly sweet Princess Bubblegum found the BITTERLY MISSED stolen Pumpkin Spice within a mysterious basement, perhaps by using her remarkable powers of deduction. The culprit was none other than... (dun dun dun) KLARION! Disdainful of his caper being discovered, the self-proclaimed witch boy had turned the many jars of looted pumpkin spice into a bunch of rats, spiders and lizards and sent them running throughout the neighborhood in order to get rid of tasty evidence. But of course, once the spell had worn off, the critters turned back into a pumpkin (spice). A lot of Pumpkin Spice. These missing spice jars have appeared all over Heropa in completely random places -- places YOU might visit! Alleyways, parks, the middle of the sidewalk, up trees, and -- in some unfortunate cases -- inside pipes! Thanks, Klarion. Citizens, remember this when it's time to write up your naughty list!

As promoted on the website BlueTube:
After an imPort broke 5,000,000 BlueTube views the viral video is causing lots of heated debate amidst animal rights organizations, diehard carnivores, and lovers of cat BlueTube sensations.

As seen on national news outlets and national public radio:
According to Moscow-based Soviet scientists, the former interdimensional godlike force known as Lachesis has been reincarnated into the subconscious of a native child -- a native child who conveniently happens to be at an undisclosed location in Russia. US intelligence operatives doubt the veracity of this claim, calling it nothing but a ploy to stir imPort aggression and civilian panic. Lachesis has been silent since the second era of imPorts began in 2013.

As seen on the local De Chima news station DCNUWS:
A section of chain link fence has gone missing at a local De Chima middle school. Authorities are confused as to why such a thing would be removed and baffled as to how.

Stay tuned.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from EVERGREEN to SNOWFLAKE in response to everyone being so special. Yes, even you!

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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Ladies and Gentleman of America.

This is a turkey.

[What shows on the hand held camera's feed is a Turkey in a back yard, held in by a utilitarian wire fence. It has water and some corn feed, but otherwise it is most certainly not free to go where it pleases.

In case you haven't figured it out, this Turkey is destined to be dinner, my dinner, unless you do something about it. The price of it's freedom is simple. Go donate to the animal humane society. The more who donate the more likely it is I'll go vegan this thanksgiving. [What a liar. But still, at least this hostage situation is for a good cause?]

Go to the link in the description below and use #Freethebird in your donation listing. You have until Thanksgiving or she'll be featherless and sitting in a tub of gravy.

It's up to you, because I got no problem with the consequences! [To emphasize the point, he turns the camera to focus sharply on his very sharp and very large teeth. One looks newly grown, another larger one just starting to push through.]

Those are my demands. Signing off.

[And the feed shuts off.]


Nov. 16th, 2015 04:55 pm
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[ Ramir shows up in an obviously planned shot, dead center in a dark room, chin propped up on her hand as she leans on a table. ]

Man, November sucks. Last month we had Halloween, next month we got Christmas, what do we have this month? Just, like… turkeys. The American turkey holiday. Great, I know I can’t fucking wait.

But hang on, don’t despair, I’m here with good news! Coming soon to a Heropa downtown near you: Krakatoa!

[ Cue: lights! They snap on pretty much all at once, and the scene transforms. Suddenly it’s all oranges and reds, tropical and bright and flashy, and clearly the inside of a (currently empty) club. She gestures grandly around her, grinning. ]

What the hell is Krakatoa, you ask? Besides that big volcano that killed a bunch of people like a million years ago? Just the hottest imPort-owned and operated clubstaurant this dimension has ever seen! Show up during the day for some really fucking tasty food — I borrowed the Iceberg’s very best chef, where he wasn’t getting anywhere near the appreciation he should be, and his meals are practically as killer as the eruption was. But then! Hang around into the evening to see the whole thing transform into a dance floor! Still hungry? Don’t worry! I got him chained up in the kitchen to keep churning out the food, there’s insanely tasty appetizers popping out all night.

Also, even better news, I’m still hiring! Looking for snappy dressers who don’t suck — cooks, servers, bar tenders, dancers, whatever. Just get your good-looking butt down here before we open next Friday!

[ There’s a PDF flyer attached with the address and hours, in the same stylish red/orange tropical theme. ]

Oh, yeah, and— imPorts get half off on everything on opening night, then 20% off for the rest of our collective lives, so basically no one here has any excuse not to stop by.

[ private, individually to Jo, Dave, Maine, and Jonathan (Joestar): ]

I mentioned this was happening next week, right? [ didn’t. she definitely didn’t. (but hey at least Jojo is probably mostly on the same page, one out of four isn’t bad) ] Hope your Friday schedule is clear!
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[ The video is blurry at first before eventually focusing in on a gentleman in suspenders and what can only be described as some kind of cowboy coat. Leather duster? Whatever. Despite the apparent old-fashioned getup, Mal looks relieved when he gets the comm to work. Feels relieved, in fact. ]

… Well. Least the comm tech’s familiar. Can’t say as I tend to send many messages out all public-like, but this seems t’be a special occasion.

[ And he is desperately grateful for that familiarity. He adjusts his suspenders a moment before putting on a neutral smile. ]

Evenin’. The name’s Malcolm Reynolds. Uh - Firefly captain. And since that likely don’t ring no bells, that’d be my spaceship. I’m guessin’ that ain’t something anyone’s seen hair nor hide of here, but I’d surely appreciate anyone who might have a thought to it. Don’t hardly seem fair for this so-called righteous governin’ force to go takin’ our property. Anyone else get stuck with that particular hand? Or any chance of there bein’ a chance it’s been stowed away somewhere hard t’find?

Because I surely get tetchy all land bound an’ all. Don’t hardly do me no favors to keep me out of the sky.

[ All neutral still - since, y’know, the government has to be listening in on this too. Wouldn’t do to advertise a break-in right up front. Just a good citizen wanting to not go crazy in a new world…

While he figures out how the hell to drop off the grid as fast as possible.

After a few choice conversations, he adds the following message: ]

Anyone know a good bar to get drunk in?
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 [ hello, dear city.

sora, newly returned and unaware he'd ever been here before, looks Very Serious in the video he's started broadcasting. ]

Hey, guys! My name is Sora, I just got here, and I have a super important question.

[ sora emphasizes his point by making sure to look Even More Serious. ] I get to choose my own hero name? Can I be Awesome Man? 

[ ...

well, sora thinks he's funny!!!

he must, judging by the way he cracks up. ]

action for Heropa #033;

[ and a short time later, the residents of Heropa #033 will get a fun surprise: sora, passed out on their couch. snoozing away like he owns the place...which technically he sort of does now. HAVE FUN TRYING TO WAKE HIM UP. ]
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As seen in all local imPort city newspapers:
De Chima Animal Shelter seeks imPorts for fostering!
With local animal rescues expecting to reach capacity over the upcoming holiday seasons, the De Chima Animal Shelter is reaching out to members of the imPort population who may be interested in the companionship of a dog or cat, but don't feel that they can commit to long-term ownership due to unstable existences. Even a few months of a loving household can go a long way in finding our shyer shelter residents a permanent home! Some restrictions do apply, as the shelter cannot in good conscience allow imPorts listed as Criminal to volunteer as fosters.

As seen on BlueTube, USTube, and the popular clickbait website Fuzzfeed:
Have you seen it? Are you SWAG enough to have seen it? Don't worry potential cool kid, here's the home video from infamously handsome TV host Stan Pines that went viral over the weekend, creating this week's new internet sensation! Find out why this man has 12 PhDs but can't put on a sweater without being stabbed*!
*Video contains no actual stabbing.

NBSea has a BRAND NEW "documentary" airing 10:00 PM EST on November 10th! Following the frenetic fervor of their successful shark endeavors, the sharp teethed executives at NBSea have shifted their usual educational programming to something more of the popular consumption variety -- this means CONSPIRACIES. Or as NBSea will call it: conspiraSEAS! This evening's "documentary" offers the theory that not only do mermaids actually exist and the government KNOWS and is ACTIVELY HIDING MERMAIDS FROM YOU, but that in fact the following imPorts are UNDER THE SEA COVER MERMAID SPIES:
Kitty Jones
April Ludgate(-Graham)
Dipper Pines
Jang Junseo
Hazel Lockwood
The Iron Bull
Lapis Lazuli
Carl Grimes
Tobias Matthews
Agent Texas

The takeaway from the program is clear: approach these merPorts with caution and make offerings of raw fish to appease the creatures.

Nailed it!, the high-end fashion nail polish company wants to produce the first and MOST EXCLUSIVE imPort line OF NAIL POLISH. All proceeds will go to Nailed it! and their stockholders. The company is looking for ONE color suggestion per imPort in order to market that imPort's face over that imPort's personalized and stylish hue! Nailed it! will take any offer, literally just comment with a color and you will have your own thematic nail polish out on the shelves by Friday.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from BLOOD ORANGE to EVERGREEN in response to the unusually calm and perfectly normal activity afoot.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.

VIDEO | 01

Nov. 10th, 2015 12:43 am
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Good afternoon.

[Hey there, Mask or Menace. Greeting you today is someone who's distinctly alien in nature, from his smooth, pale skin to his wide, black, bug-like eyes blinking fondly into the camera, two sets of eyelids flitting across them as he blinks, one after the other.]

I have been informed that this device is used to communicate with those of you who share my circumstances. That said, it is very nice to meet you all! This is my first time on Earth, and I must say, it's quite remarkable. [He takes a moment to glance off-camera for but a moment. It's clear from the backdrop that he's sitting on a rooftop, and that he's looking down at the streets below.] Quite remarkable indeed... though, as I've been thoroughly informed, many find my appearance to be just as remarkable. It is an Earth custom, perhaps, to confront those who look unusual in such a frank manner.

[He doesn't sound too unhappy about that fact, however; to the contrary, his eyes crease as he gives the communicator a merry little smile.]

I must admit, however, that all this smoke and concrete isn't quite to my tastes. If any of you have found a sanctuary from the city, I would be glad to hear it. Some trees, I think, would do this place some good.


Nov. 9th, 2015 09:55 pm
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[ SOME NERD is addressing the network today, dressed for fall with a fashionable blue scarf and sipping a cup of coffee. It's been a while. He's feeling chatty. ]

Question! Are there any responsible-ish pseudo-adult figures out there who'd be willing to give driving lessons? Someone — hint, it's me — is turning sixteen in December. Time flies! And I'd also like to fly. Ideally in a hover car. Ideally-er without crashing it into a tree.

Not-question: welcome, newbies! I'm Dick Grayson. I'm a Sagittarius, I like long walks on the beach, computer programming, and electronics repair, I'm totally available for math tutoring, and I microwave a mean Hot Pocket.

And I've been here for about a year and a half, so if you need any questions answered, I can try really, really hard to give you more than just a giant question mark in response, but... well, there are still a lot of question marks. So here are a few quick answers to some common questions. Yes, this is actually happening, no, we don't know what the deal with the Porter is, yes, you really have superpowers now, and no, you don't have to put on a cape. But I totally support you if you do. You're doing important work, and almost everyone looks good in a cape. Science fact.


Nov. 7th, 2015 08:28 pm
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See this fish?

[Bull what--]

[Okay, before that question can be answered, or even asked, the camera swings around to show off a hideous, flopping salmon. Then it swings around to look at Bull again. He's grinning.]

It's going to be a dragon.

[And the camera whips around again, showing off a fountain-slash-waterfall installation somewhere in Nonah. Bull is standing on one of the little raised platforms in the middle of the 'pond'. Holding the fish.]

And I'm gonna wrestle with it.

[Somewhere, off-screen, one can hear Kaneda's voice yelling:]

Oi! Jiji! That's not even a koi!

[Undaunted, the Iron Bull winds up... and flings the poor salmon at the waterfall. With literally no other explanation.]

((ooc: Kaneda and Bull will probably both answer.))

video | 003

Nov. 5th, 2015 09:30 pm
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Heeeey! [ How's that song go? Guess who's back? ] It's Naruto! Long time no see, y'know! Sorry for leavin' without sayin' much, I didn't really have any say in it. I guess they needed me real bad back home or somethin', I don't really know how it works, but I'm back now and.. [ Would it be right to tell the feed he missed being here? That's, uh... T-That's kinda public. Woah. ] --and I'm ready to go!!

[ He gives the camera a hearty little fist-pump, yes! He's leaning into the feed, the view kind of wobbly; getting closer and further away with his thumb sometimes jutting over the camera as he moves. Of course he's sharing to the network while he's outside. Sometimes the view of streets far below are visible behind him, sometimes the bare branches or the scarce littering of autumn leaves as he bounds across rooftops and through foliage, apparently not caring where his feet take him or whether or not his eyes play any part in the travel. And boy, is he smiling. Being back in ninja land was great don't get him wrong, but he's missed this world and the awful, greasy fast food he can find only here. He hasn't even stopped to settle in and he's already defiantly on his way to try all the latest additions to the menu, budget be damned. ]

Man, everythin' looks so different. [ It doesn't really, it's just that the seasons have changed and Naruto's memory has never been excellent. He cranes his head around as he moves, eyes like sparkling blue dinner plates. ] I guess I've missed a lot, huh? Anyone wanna fill me in?

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[ Francis has placed his camera in his best 'confidential thoughts' pose. Of course he knows that it's not, but it somehow feels right. He smiles as if he's about to impart a secret to you all. ]

'ImPort Ambassador'. Sounds very important, very grand, doesn't it. We are used for go betweens, the official view. We're expected to use double speak. [ His eyes twinkle and even though he doesn't actually wink, you'd get the feeling that it would simply be a matter of making it official. ] I admit, the implied permission appealed to me, when I sought the job.

It's kind of an official spy. That's generally what we assumed of the Russian Consulate. We would even expel them every now and again when we felt we needed a bit of a shake up. [ What fun was had in Urquhart's Britain! ] Not that we can be expelled back home, more's the pity.

[ Well, that might be inconvenient for Francis, but it's not for his audience, so whatever. (And he misses his wife enough that he might just not mind all that much.) ]

Anyway. As your ambassador, spy or even collaborator, I'd like to ask you all just how you would like to use me? [ Francis, stop implying that this is a kink of yours, it may fly over the heads of the little ones, but still! ] I've been asked to propose a bill, particularly for my Nonah constituents, that'll serve your interests and it seems like an excellent opportunity to get something done. 


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