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May. 4th, 2016 08:16 pm
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[there's sadness in Jonathan's voice, but he makes no attempts to obscure it. why should he feel any sort of shame? a dear friend of his is gone, and while she's far from dead it's still a loss. it would be more of an affront to her memory if he didn't express the weight he felt in his chest.]

I think waiting any longer is simply false hope, so...Mi- Ramir is gone, for those who were friends with her and worried about her disappearance. Her number has been invalid for some time now.

[he exhales lowly, pausing again. even though he'd expressly used the voice function to give himself a little space, it's a bit more difficult than he'd expected to have to detail all this. Jonathan has never had to announce someone's dePortation; any sadness he'd felt had always been private and dealt with on his own time.

but this is more important than his own feelings, and so after the stop he forges on with newfound vigor. the sooner he continued the sooner he could finish, for better or for worse.]

She left her businesses in the care of Miss Kitty Jones and I, so if you've never been to either Krakatoa or the Iceberg Lounge I really do encourage you to drop by sometime. They're first rate places and I'd be more than happy to pay for your drink or meal. Ah, which reminds me - we are still hiring, if you're looking for work.

[that ought to do it, shouldn't it? Ramir had already taken care of her personal belongings, after all. there's the sound of indistinct shuffling and then a soft laugh from Jonathan.]

...you know, I'd been meaning to ask about some frivolous little things before this all happened. I suppose I'll save that for another time.

[it's more appropriate, he thinks, not to clutter this up with his own hobbies and interests.]


Feb. 5th, 2016 04:37 pm
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Ssoooo, I know it’s tacky to use a social media site as a confessional and all, but whatever. Most of us –if not all of us- have been through some really heavy crap and that sort of stuff builds up. A buddy of mine helped me set this up, it’s got a filter on here that you can use when you reply so it’ll strip your ID from your comment. Make you anonymous, for those of you who can’t do that yourselves. You non-hacker types, also known as law-abiding citizens. [lookin at you robin]

Anyway. I figure we can use this post to just talk about the stuff that’s really been getting to us. You can say it with your name attached, or without; whatever you want. Maybe you’ll find somebody who’s going through the same stuff as you.

My thing is that I’m [a beat of hesitation, barely there] gonna die back home in about five years, unless I figure out a way to remember this. Or stop it. And that. Sucks.

But like, your stuff doesn’t have to be something like that, you can talk about that hottie you’re crushing on in math class. Just something you wanna get off your chest. Sometimes all you need is just to know that somebody else saw it.

…if you do talk about that hottie in math class you better have pics though.

((To make a comment anonymous, just place 'anon' in the subject!))
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[ Barry knows fully well that this question should be asked over video or over voice, but with how things can be and how he knows might react to some answers, it's probably safer to just stay with text for now. ]

Does anyone believe that there's people you're just supposed to meet? I don't know if I'd call it fate, but I mean the idea that there are just some people you're supposed to know no matter what. That the universe or universes figure out a way to make everything line up even if it really shouldn't. Or it makes no sense for it to happen and yet it does anyway.

I know asking this is weird considering what happened earlier this month but...I went home and when I got back I started thinking about it. That maybe here you meet people you're supposed to and maybe at home you do and if you're lucky they somehow intersect. It's cheesy, but...sometimes you just have to wonder if certain things are supposed to be fixed in your life.
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[The video shakes a little bit as Eddie sets the phone up on the table in front of him, trying to get it stable and recording evenly. Pulling his hands back, he lifts them both, takes a deep breath, then lets it go, sitting heavily in the seat so he can look directly at the camera.]

Okay, there we go.

[Eddie looks more than a little harried, stressed out - his top button is undone and his tie is a little loose. But he puts his hands down on the desk, flat, very carefully, worrying his lower lip with his teeth.]

It has been a rough few days, so I'm sorry if I'm a little...weird.

[He shifts his hands against the table, fingers twitching a little, and somehow the slight vibration knocks over a bottle of soda visible in the corner of the recording. The bottle lands on its side, and the cap pops off, soda spraying across the surface of the table. Eddie jumps back in his chair, knocks the table leg, and hisses a noise of pain as his knee collides with wood.

The phone topples over, face down in the soda.]

Dammit! How the hell did that even happen?

[A few moments of quiet, aside from Eddie cursing under his breath, and the phone is picked up - the video's blocked as he wipes off the phone with what appears to be a piece of paper towel. When the recording resumes, he's holding it in his hand and looking more irritated than harried, the whole feed streaked with sticky soda residue. He shakes his head and sighs heavily.]

There has to be someone out there with tips on how to get control of this stupid ability. Or preferably, to just turn it off.

[Glancing over his shoulder, he steps back a little and the feed skews as he stumbles over the soda bottle and topples over backward.]

Owww...what the-

[The feed flicks off.]

[OOC: Responses will come after he's sorted himself out and turned the feed back on.]
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[ When the comm feed switches on, Ted and Booster are seated on their couch, in costume, looking as solemn-faced as they get. The effect is tarnished slightly by the fact that there is a Vegas showgirl's sequined, feathery headdress visible in the background. ]

So my esteemed colleague here and I messed up, and no one can ever say Blue Beetle and Booster Gold don't own up to their mistakes.

[ Literally everyone says that, because it's true. ]

We kinda skipped town for a combination birthday party and New Year's vacation right before things got bad in Heropa, and didn't exactly check the news while we were away.

Did you know they don’t have clocks in casinos? I didn’t. Also, did you know that Vegas has something like three buffets to every person? Someone was insistent.

[ Booster manages to look genuinely contrite while also side-eyeing Ted, which is kind of impressive. ]

Anyway, the point is, we're offering our services to anyone who needs them. We can help with the aftermath of the Heropa stuff, or anything else.

Need some heavy lifting done? Cats rescued from trees? Trees rescued from cats?

Gadgets made or repaired? How about an experienced model to advertise for your place of business? If you need it done, we can help. Probably.

(Ted, Booster.)
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[ Why look! It’s a professionally edited video directed by April Ludgate uploaded to the network! Boy oh boy! Golly gee! Let’s all watch!

It starts out with a shot of two boys, dirty and in worn-out clothes as they squat in an alley watching imPorts and natives walk past them. It’s kind of weird how they aren’t looking at the camera at all; it’s just these somber, million mile stares when a voice starts. ]

There are tons of orphans in Nonah and De Chima, but today you can help two turn their Christmas dreams into a reality.

[ The video then fades into another scene of the boys walking along before cutting to a familiar face. A song begins in the background from a solo guitar. ]

Hi. I’m Dick Grayson, and for just a few dollars spent, you can help. [ Then it shows Bucky Barnes and his fellow orphan kids doing some avant-garde staring at anything but the camera. It’s some heavy shit here guys as Manolo Sanchez comes into view strumming along and singing something akin to Sarah McLachlan and her sad ass songs. ] These boys need to know that there is still good to be found in these trying times. With enough donations, we can help them. By renting a helicopter and flying them through the city they belong to.

[ Yep, you heard right. These kids want to do a fly over their city during Christmas. Heart warming, isn’t it? Now Bucky is holding their hands as they all look deeply into the camera. Manolo, though, he’s still singing his heart out behind them. You are doing a bang up job there, sir! ]

Will you be the one to make their Christmas wish come true? Donate today.

Please send monetary donations or whole helicopters to this number: 1-800-555-ORFN. Any questions will be forwarded to April Ludgate. [ So basically don’t ask. ]


Nov. 29th, 2015 01:39 am
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[ so it turns out, even after being here for so long ( a year now, which is- it's a lot. it's a long time. so she's not thinking about that now! ) it's still really difficult for Teresa to feel comfortable talking to the camera, to post to the network. she's not shy, really, she doesn't mind listening in and responding to other people, but being on the opposite end is wildly intimidating, for some reason. but! far it be from her to step down from a challenge when she's got something on her mind ]

So, I understand the concept of secret identities. I understand the need to protect the person behind the superpowers, and protecting those close to them. I understand the desire to live a normal life outside of what you can do when you use your abilities. It's all- I get it. I promise.

But why here? Why, when everyone is equipped with powers of all kinds without fail, do people still go by an alter ego? I probably sound like I'm trying to make some kind of dig at those who choose to go by a superhero alias, but it's a genuine question. I mean, I highly doubt every one of you just really enjoys wearing a lot of spandex and leather every day, so... What's the real advantage of wearing a mask in a place like this?

[ she's already got a few vague ideas - it's not like she'd know, personally, but she has a couple of friends who rock costumes when they're out using their abilities. it's one thing to take a guess, and another to hear it from someone else, so. that's what this is. super curious, this one. ]

This is coming from someone whose world was full of a lot of codenames, and secrets, and a number of other carefully controlled things I won't get into, so I guess I'm just curious about this because I believe having the choice to be open about who we are and what we can do here is one of the best things about being here. No hiding, no secrets. So... Why?
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noun, plural heroes;

1. a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities.
2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal.

There are a great many heroic types among the imPort population, and this is probably a rather tired question, but indulge my curiosity if you would.

What is it the elevates a person from simply well-intentioned, to someone worthy of such a distinguished title?

Deeds? Bravery? Strength? Capability? Righteousness? Nobility? All of the above, or some combination thereof?

Or is it simply that there's one person in the world that believes it?
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[ The video opens to a man in bug goggles and a baby blue cowl sitting in a pretty nondescript living room—no decorations or anything in sight, so he must be really new. ]

Hi there. The name's Blue Beetle. I'm a new arrival, and as I'm sure you can imagine, I have a lot of questions. But there's one really awkward one I'd like to get out of the way right from the start.

So: who else is supposed to be dead right now?

VIDEO | 01

Nov. 10th, 2015 12:43 am
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Good afternoon.

[Hey there, Mask or Menace. Greeting you today is someone who's distinctly alien in nature, from his smooth, pale skin to his wide, black, bug-like eyes blinking fondly into the camera, two sets of eyelids flitting across them as he blinks, one after the other.]

I have been informed that this device is used to communicate with those of you who share my circumstances. That said, it is very nice to meet you all! This is my first time on Earth, and I must say, it's quite remarkable. [He takes a moment to glance off-camera for but a moment. It's clear from the backdrop that he's sitting on a rooftop, and that he's looking down at the streets below.] Quite remarkable indeed... though, as I've been thoroughly informed, many find my appearance to be just as remarkable. It is an Earth custom, perhaps, to confront those who look unusual in such a frank manner.

[He doesn't sound too unhappy about that fact, however; to the contrary, his eyes crease as he gives the communicator a merry little smile.]

I must admit, however, that all this smoke and concrete isn't quite to my tastes. If any of you have found a sanctuary from the city, I would be glad to hear it. Some trees, I think, would do this place some good.

004; video

Nov. 3rd, 2015 09:55 pm
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[ID reads Hal Jordan.]

I got ported out and... now I have no idea what I was thinking the last time I was here.

[A very perplexed Hal Jordan holds up a shirt that once belonged to Oliver Queen.]

I hoarded this guy's stuff after he vanished. Queen wasn't even from my world, why did I care?

[He puts it down and there's a thud as he kicks something out of view.]

If anyone wants a former billionaire's wardrobe, be my guest. Although I guess Barry gets dibs. [Aka someone pick up the Green Arrow related things please. He has zero use for a bow and arrow.

He then closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose.]

Remembering doing something, but not why is really bizarre. Is this a Porter thing or what?

[Private; Jaime Reyes]

What's the last world threat you remember that involved everyone?

[This is the easiest way to establish a timeline in DC.]
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[ in front of barry is a rather large bowl of candy. it's clear that some candy ( half the bowl ) has been eaten and not just because barry happens to be eating some right when the video starts. call it him getting in the halloween spirit via candy meant for other people. he'll buy some more later. ]

Halloween is in two days, if I haven't forgotten a day or two or it isn't the wrong day. I know a reasonable amount of us are adults who are too adult to dress up or if we do dress up it's just for maybe a costume party. And those of us who aren't, just don't want to dress up or think they're too mature for it.

[ barry pauses to eat yet another chocolate bar before continuing. ]

But I like to think some of us are kids at heart. You don't have to have superheroes at home, it can apply to just here. Maybe you're a superhero at home and have other ones you just like enough to have thought about what I'm to ask.

My question is one that I only have a chance to ask around Halloween without it being weird and off topic. How many of you have wanted to dress up as a superhero before? And if you already were a superhero, have you ever wanted to dress up as another one. Just for Halloween or a costume party or whatever.

[ a pause and another candy bar is eaten. ]

You don't have to answer if you're too mature but if I'm willing to admit as a 25 year old that I've wanted to do that even today, I think some of you can admit it too. You could even do it on private, I won't tell a soul because it's a little rude to tell other people's secrets. I just want to know because Halloween's supposed to be fun, and it sounds like a fun thing to do.

11, Audio

Oct. 2nd, 2015 12:16 pm
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This is Major-General Armstrong.

Yesterday, an imPort tribunal, in accordance with the laws and regulations of this world and this nation, found Dr. Jonathan Crane guilty of multiple crimes too numerous to list here. [She sets her jaw, and her tone is slightly sour in the next part; she's not happy about the leniency of the sentence.] According to the laws governing imPorts, he'll be held in prison for two months with a further two months' house arrest. He'll be observed as necessary and will undergo close psychiatric monitoring, while separated from non-imPort prisoners and kept under guard.

That's all. Armstrong out.

[Such a weak sentence. She doesn't understand why the local laws for imPorts are so toothless. She'd have just shot him, herself.]
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[As if his warm, unventilated, mascot-suited hero's welcome to Heropa weren't embarrassing enough, Kung Jin's also discovered that a certain someone has accidentally bewitched the local toilets.

Sentient, vengeful toilets. While employed at one of the city's busiest fast food joints. It's safe to assume that it's been A Day for him.

When he turns the video feed on, however, he's at his assigned housing and has managed to ease himself down to simmering hate as opposed to a rolling boil. He's clearly looking worse for wear: his clothes are damp and steadily dripping, but also... showing scorch marks in a few places. (That may or may not be a scrap of charred vinyl costume fused to his sleeve.) Jin takes to wringing his long ponytail out over his shoulder and addressing the network at large:

So, apart from Soviet toilets, what other all-powerful evils are we supposed to be fighting here? Not that I can't handle myself, but I'm a little overqualified for plumbing.

[A beat. He sniffs, drying his hands on his shirt.]

By the way, I'm new: I think I have the gist of this whole thing, but if there's anything else I should know, I'm all ears. [of course, he's scanned the brochure cover to cover, but that's no match for on-the-ground information if he can get it.]
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As I'm certain everyone is aware, there was an attack on the swearing in ceremonies a few days ago. For those still experiencing the effects of the toxin, Wayne Tech would like to offer an antidote. Unfortunately, occurrences such as this one are commonplace enough in our world that we'd developed one there previously. It has been synthesized here in the event that the Porter, as in-discriminating as it seems to be, brings in those that pose such a threat.

The toxin released last night is a slightly different formula from the one used to create our antidote, so it will not cure all the after effects, but it will assist with the symptoms. Anybody wishing to request the antidote may do so here, although our supplies are limited.

[He would encourage those suffering from the psychological trauma of the toxin to seek professional counsel, but that has the potential to play them right into Crane's hands. At the very least, they ought to be able to help those still struggling with the hallucinations and assist in reducing any remaining irrational fears that might be felt.]

003; video

Aug. 19th, 2015 10:45 pm
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[ID reads Green Lantern.]

I know people seem to be badly affected by Scarecrow's fear gas, but for those of us who don't have super healing or whatever the good news is you can work through it. Yeah, I'm using myself as an example, beating fear is in my job description so believe me when I say you'll get through this. You're more resilient than you think.

[A green model of both Dr. Jonathan Crane and Scarecrow pops up in view.]

Also if you see Crane or someone wearing a potato sack over their head you should definitely contact RISE or you know, me. Anyone else affiliated with the Justice League is also fine, basically I don't recommend taking it to the local authorities first. Better to hand him in after he's been subdued.

[Shut up Batman, RISE is a good idea and he's going to get help with this whether he likes it or not.

And the serious moment is over as he grins, baring his teeth in defiance.]

And Crane, if you're out there listening, I've gone up against fear itself there is nothing you can do that'll stop me. After everything you've done here, I'm going to hunt you down and bring you in. You can even try gassing me again so you realise just how weak fear is.
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[ Bruce's voice is rough and abrupt. A clipped audio punctuated by screens is attached to a prepared text that includes Batman's map position on the De Chima University campus. ]

It's happening.

[ And now the text: ]

We knew Crane was preparing to make some kind of move. If you aren't already on the ground, come prepared for fear gas.

The situation is serious; bring in anyone who can help. It's up to the Justice League to clean up his mess, but leave Crane himself to me. It's me he'll be expecting.

[ OOC: Just assume that this reaches you if you're known to Bruce as being DCUers on the side of justice, or already actively brought in on the JL etc. If in doubt, pm me. Clark, where are you when he needs you? ]
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I'm Meetra Surik. I'm new. I'm lost. A few things:

1. I can't believe you guys have more books than digital records. Talk about analog. Can somebody please suggest a good history book to get any idea of where/when/what the hell is going on?

2. How come there are no spaceships? How are you supposed to go to other planets? Are you seriously implying we're stuck here?

3. This whole Hero registration thing. Sell it to me. Why should I? Why should anyone? Would've been nice if I had been asked in the first place.

4. Nonah #2, I need some directions.

5. Is the term "Jedi" familiar to anyone here?

That would be all for now.
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[When the feed goes live it shows the top half of a man, wearing a simple black blazer and a white dress shirt. He is well poised and has his hands flat down on the table he's sitting at, a relaxed smile on his face as he checks to make sure the device is recording before he begins.]

Hello everyone. I understand it's been a hectic past week of sorts, especially for people just arriving here such as myself, so I hope everything is back in sorts and everyone is feeling more themselves.

[He breathes out a small amused sound, though it comes out more awkward and an attempt to lighten what may still be a sour mood. He taps his fingers on the table and continues.]

My name is Harrison Wells, and I work as a physicist back in my 'world' — so to speak — specializing in particle physics and quantum mechanics. [He pauses with his mouth half-open, as if pondering on what to say next, before going on.] I was also the founder and director of a research facility called S.T.A.R. Labs, or Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Labs for long, if anyone happens to recognize the name. If not, then don't worry about it. From what I gather every world has its own ticks here and there that make it unique and distinguishable from the next.

[He's really only tossing it out as a bait, to see if there are people here from his world or tangent worlds that would recognize a landmark scientific facility. If he finds people who recognize it, good. If he doesn't, then it's not the end of all things.]

Here I've been employed as a Kinematics Professor in the local university in Heropa, so if you happen to attend or work there then I'm sure you'll be seeing me around often. If you are interested in attending a class, please let me know. I plan to teach both a 101 and an advanced course in the summer and fall and I encourage even those who are not inclined to the sciences to give it a try. [The tips of his smile crease up, his grin turning slightly toothy.] I promise, I am a patient teacher, and won't give up on anyone who doesn't give up on themselves.

Introductions to the side, I want to pose a more personal question and ask for opinions on this situation so to speak. Your experiences, good or bad, although you don't need to go into detail if you don't want to.

In fact I'll go first, since it's only fair: a little more than a year ago, in my world, a portion of the population in my home city became affected with genetic mutations which caused people to develop powers— ones not much different from the kind people are given here by the nanites. [He pauses with a gentle inhale of breath through his mouth, taking off his glasses while he does and holding them by a temple arm between his index finger and thumb, before exhaling it out quietly.] Since that time I've been working with a team to identify and research these cases, along with trying to provide help when we could. Some people used their powers for the good of the public and others for their...own purposes. My team experienced issues with the military because of this as well, not unlike the kind that this world has with the imPorts.

[He shakes his head lightly, remembering the distaste of his dealings with a certain General, and puts his glasses back on with a strong blink to readjust his eyes.]

I must admit to being somewhat on edge because of this. It makes me uneasy to think that not only powers are being handed out, but also that there is a government force behind it all. Powers mean...different things, to different people. So if anyone wants to share their thoughts with me, any kind really, I'd be interested in a discussion.

If not, then I have nothing more to say for now. [He shrugs loosely.] This "blogging" style of messaging never really suited my tastes.

001 | Video

Jun. 4th, 2015 09:42 pm
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[The camera clicks to show a close-up of a nice shot of leather crotch, which quickly whips upwards to show a white crescent insignia on top of a gray upside down triangle. Look, he hasn't exactly needed to frame himself for a glorified skype conversation before, all right? The Authority would usually just headmail each other.

After a moment more of fidgeting, showing off some various shots of the strangers black trench coat, the camera finally makes its way up to his cowled face--a very, very unhappy cowled face.

Look, you can all just skip the multiverse pep talk. Until yesterday I lived in the goddamn Bleed between realities, and me and four alternate versions of myself play poker every other Thursday. I'm familiar with the concept.

What I want is how exactly they brought us here. An Earth alternate too stupid to get itself out of the cold war shouldn't have the technology to snatch people from other dimensions.

[Especially without the Authority knowing about it. But he decides to keep that little piece of information to himself, because it's none of their fucking business.]

I tried asking the woman that brought me here, but she was too busy trying to explain to me what a gee golly great place America was. Give me answers and maybe I won't find trying this thing a major waste of my time.

[Goes to hang up, but stops at the last second, and adds:] Speaking of, don't tell me any of you actually bought that bullshit. There's no such thing as a free lunch, kids.

[And with that, he turns the feed off.]


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