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[Good old Jaime Reyes has been here for over a year and a half now, and what has he not done yet? That's right; an accidental post.

This one takes the form of a series of texts, each chunk of text being published as a new post as he blearily smashes at his phone's keyboard... complete with auto-correct and typos.]

Hey Wally wake up you wouldn't believe the dream I had
Okay so EVERYONE had a beard you had this giant ginger monstrosity
Ken had like this giant wizard beard and dick had those things what do you call them
giant sideburn thingies
minayos was freaky right blue and Kashmir wouldn't stop twirling hers and will's was beautiful
also milagro had one that touched the ground for some reason

if you know juicy nasty [yes, that's jyushimatsu] he was there too because I think he's haunting me

anyway EVERYONE was acting like it was totally normal and were like hey wheres your beard so I grew one but then all my teeth fell out which isnt fair because everyone else had their teeth AND beards

wally I answer literally every single one of your stupid texts
wake up or else I'm coming over there and dragging you out of bed

jk I'll ask dick to do it for me

[Expect mortified responses once his phone buzzes him awake, everyone... and if your character has CR with them, feel free to comment to find out what beautiful facial hair they would receive.]


Apr. 8th, 2016 02:33 pm
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Arright people, it's crunch time. I need your input on this critical issue: What graduation present should I buy myself?

Here are the options:
A) One pet rat
B) Two pet rats
3) As many discount 'grow your own crystal' science kits as my powerful masculine arms can carry so that I can grow a crystal statue in the likeness of Beyonce Knowles
And D) Two pet rats and a box of donuts for dinner

Also since it's finals season I'm offering my services to help people cram for any of the sciences. I can do up to college year whatever because I'm a genius. My rates are the low low price of buy me dinner.


Apr. 7th, 2016 02:38 pm
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[The video opens on a patch of blue sky, with some birds flying by. The camera turns and there's a surprisingly green girl giving a smile and a wave. And apparently holding the comm with no hands. She floats (??) peacefully for a bit, wind catching her cape before looking at the camera again.]

Hey, everyone! I'm Miss Martian. But you can call me M'gann. Just thought I'd introduce myself. A-and even though I am actually from Mars, I promise I'm not here to invade or anything! I mean, an invasion of just one person isn't a very good invasion. And I'd probably go all undercover so you wouldn't even notice... It'd be pretty easy actually.

[She actually appears to be considering the logistics of an alien invasion before remembering herself.]

Anyways! I'm really excited to meet everyone and I hope we can be friends!
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Sooo. Starting to wonder just what this place holds against us. Not that I'm going to dwell on that too much, I think that's already covered. That and I think the topics of what's gone weird in this place is starting to become old news by now.

[ Actually gives a small shrug. It's not that Jay doesn't care, he just knows that too much bad news will just lower the tone of...well, everything.]

Anyway. I thought I was familiar with the idea of the multiverse, that one's always going to be a favorite for the textbooks. I didn't think I'd wind up not only in a place like this, but where a lot of people know a different me. So I had to think in my down time how to try and fix that — I can't let you guys have all the fun now, can I? It doesn't feel right that I can barely put faces to names and I want to remedy that.

Barbecue. Food is the great equalizer and maybe I just want an excuse to burn some things on the grill. I will say that everyone is invited, or to bring friends, as long as it doesn't turn into one of those horror stories you hear in the news. You know, the kind where eight hundred people turn up, trash the place, then mysteriously vanish when it comes to cleaning up.

This is more to find out who wants to join in. When I have an idea on how much advance notice we'll have to give Heropa of the oncoming famine and it's duration, I can let you all know when it'll be.


Apr. 1st, 2016 12:20 am
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[ At this point, maybe someone should think about setting up a temporary daycare for all the tiny children running around the porter cities. It's a bit hard to tell who this tiny child is at first, since the communicator is on the ground and he isn't visible in the frame yet, but when the feed flicks on, it shows an extreme close-up of an orange kitten batting at the screen, with a dark alleyway and a rusted dumpster visible in the background. ]

Someone told me I could use the scrying box to speak to many people at once, but I don't... ah! Give it!

[ Klarion - and it is Klarion, about nine or ten years old and wearing a hoodie sweater clearly made for a teenager - picks up the communicator, squares his shoulders and sits up straight against the dumpster, glaring into the camera with all the fierce authority of a small child who is determined to get what they want, circumstances be damned. ]

Sinners of Blue Rafters! My father is surely traveling among you. His name is Mordecai Bleak, he looks like me, only much, much taller, and he's wearing a big hat. If any of you know where he is, or happen to see him about, tell me! And... and tell him that I'll find him soon!

Blessed be. Croatoan abides. [ He bows his head at the camera, then glances off to one side. ]

... There, that should do it. How do I make it stop? It's--

[ The cat pounces at the camera again, and the feed shuts off! ]


Feb. 5th, 2016 04:37 pm
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Ssoooo, I know it’s tacky to use a social media site as a confessional and all, but whatever. Most of us –if not all of us- have been through some really heavy crap and that sort of stuff builds up. A buddy of mine helped me set this up, it’s got a filter on here that you can use when you reply so it’ll strip your ID from your comment. Make you anonymous, for those of you who can’t do that yourselves. You non-hacker types, also known as law-abiding citizens. [lookin at you robin]

Anyway. I figure we can use this post to just talk about the stuff that’s really been getting to us. You can say it with your name attached, or without; whatever you want. Maybe you’ll find somebody who’s going through the same stuff as you.

My thing is that I’m [a beat of hesitation, barely there] gonna die back home in about five years, unless I figure out a way to remember this. Or stop it. And that. Sucks.

But like, your stuff doesn’t have to be something like that, you can talk about that hottie you’re crushing on in math class. Just something you wanna get off your chest. Sometimes all you need is just to know that somebody else saw it.

…if you do talk about that hottie in math class you better have pics though.

((To make a comment anonymous, just place 'anon' in the subject!))
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[Around the time the first imPorts started trickling back into the imPort towns after their flight from the Antarctic, the network lights up with a video. There's a murmur of voices in the background, but the obvious focus of the feed is one smiling woman -- Cass. A much more subdued looking man sits drinking coffee what looks like a cafeteria table behind her, and behind both of them is an expansive room that people who actually frequent the place may recognize as the dining hall of the Xavier School for ImPorts.]

Hi guys! [Cass greets, cheerful as ever.] Usually, I'd ramble here and try to preface things, but today I'm just going to get to the point. [thank goodness]

[Stepping back, Cass turns around her camera and starts to take a video of the cafeteria around her, and what she focuses especially on is a group of tables set up like a buffet line. There's food everywhere -- trays filled with several kinds of salads, trays lined up with a bunch of sandwiches, and beyond them, plate after plate of all kinds of food.]

There's also soup cooking in the back, [she declares while turning the camera back to her, and her brightly cheerful grin softens a bit.] Professor Callaghan and I spoke while you were gone to open up Xavier for all of you -- after an ordeal like what we just had, I can only imagine how tiring it'll be to have to cook or buy and wait for food, but food is essential to healing. The doors are open to anybody who wants to come in, so come help yourself, all right? If anybody who's well enough to and want to help can help, I'm welcoming that, too. We've got a stock of blankets here, too.

The food's already ready! We'll be here all day and into tomorrow, so drop by whenever you want to. No need to sign up or pay. Just remember to share.

And... welcome back, everyone. Get some rest.

[[ooc; for those who want to thread this mingle out, there is a log over here!
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[ Max is in looking almost uncharacteristically dapper with a nice burgundy collared shirt and dark slacks. It's not as all-out as the suit he'll be wearing tomorrow, but he still looks presentable. He's in an airport, waiting for his next layover that will take him to Mexico City. ]

So guys, in the middle of all this... everything, [ accentuated with a vague gesture of his hands ] I don't know that everyone world government's gonna be jumping at the chance to get involved in the war effort. I think one of our main obstacles for getting help is what's gonna happen if the Soviets decide to retaliate against anyone who supports us.

So I was thinking: What if we — not the government, but us actual ImPorts — offered some kind of protection? Maybe put together some kind of... I don't know, volunteer strike force to step in if Russia tried to strongly discourage other countries aiding the USA. Just offer them some kind of reassurance that they're not the ones who'll be paying the price.

I know it's really short notice and all, but if we made an offer like that to Mexico City, would anyone be up to participate?
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[The video is... clearly from the perspective of a very tall person. Someone standing head and shoulders over most people. Judging from the way he looks down to see most of the other people crammed into the cell with him -- and yes, it is a him.]

[It starts out with a slow sweep around the room. All the metal walls and floors. The little alcove for bathroom purposes. The alcoves and the breathing equipment inside -- because someone is bound to leave one of those things visible.]

[That's it. For a while.]

[Until the video comes on again, this time at the door to the cell. Where a loud voice can be heard as the person taking the video yells in Qunlat at the poor guard passing by. The guard with a very damp pant leg. The video lingers on that for a minute, before cutting out again.]

[There's nothing more for a while, until a text, surprisingly different than Bull's usual jumbled mess (thank goodness for mental typing instead of tiny buttons and huge fingers) comes through.]

You guys get all that?
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IMPORTANT! Before you post, remember: The imPorts taken hostage have had their comm handsets confiscated, which puts our overall information security at risk. The Soviets may be able to view our communications, even on Mirrornet.

With that in mind, I've developed a geocryption algorithm that anyone can install and use on their handsets. Anything encrypted with this shouldn't be visible on devices outside the United States. You're welcome.

[Attached is the "qgeocrypt" executable. The remainder of the post is geocrypted using it.]

I think we can all agree, priority one is that we rescue the hostages. Breaking that task down gives us the following objectives -

A. Secure our lines of communication.
B. Locate and disable the Soviet Porter / "Lackey". If we don't do that, there's nothing to stop them continuing their "confiscations."
C. Locate the hostages. A number of people are fielding discussion on that already, but ultimately we need exact coordinates.
D. Disable or circumvent power nullification at hostage location.
E. Extract the hostages.
F. Don't start a global thermonuclear war in the process. The "war" part it's a bit late for, so we'll need to focus on the "global thermonuclear" part.

I propose we form a few small teams to handle each of these objectives. If you think your talents are well-suited to one or more of them, reply with your name, powers, and experience, and we'll go from there. And yes, experience is important here. I don't need to tell you a lot of lives are at stake. Failure's not an option we can afford.

I'll start.
    Name: Qubit.
    Powers: technokinesis, teleportals.
    Experience: 4 years coordinating a large superhero team. Many more spent resolving high-stakes crises on various worlds, inc. supernova, hostage situations, and yes, wars.

((ooc: Full details on qgeocrypt are here! All it means is handsets outside the US (as defined in that comment) can't access geocrypted posts/comments. Nanites aren't included, so hostages can still see them unless other measures have been taken to keep them out. Sorry about any confusion!))
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So... uh... I'm not as good at speeches as my partner is. They just kinda seep out of his pores smelling like American freedom right off the damn bat. It's pretty impressive actually.

[ Okay, already he's losing his train of thought. bear with him, folks. ]

But I feel like I have to say something to the imPorts worried and ready to fight. I am too, and I have. I've been north and I've fought with and against Russia. And let me tell ya, it's a lot easier when you are with them.

Look, they fight like they got nothing to lose. And that's hard to squash with an army, let alone all by yourselves. Seriously, there's a reason Napoleon and ol' Uncle Adolph got a few steps in Mother Russia and said "To hell with this!" Honest. They definitely said that...

So, I mean, I know some... or... a lot aren't too trusting of the government, but they have the resources to keep you safer than on your own.

And I can see the eyes rolling! [ He's pointing at you asshole right now! HE SEES YOU! ] but Russian winter's nothing to get cocky about. So please consider letting the military foot the bill to keep ya warm and fed. Don't let pride get you killed.

Our brothers and sisters don't want to return home—and they will!—to fallen vigilantes. They wanna come home to the imPorts' united forces kicking Russia's Commie butt back to Santa's workshop. Yeah! That far!

I won't convince some of you, but there's plenty of you civilians with new powers and new egos and axes to grind and no experience. Use that anger smartly, please. Help the military in any way you can!

[ Then he kinda goes silent. ]

Uhmm, okay, thank you? Yeah...

[ Oookay, he's gonna turn this off now. ]
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As seen in local and national newspapers via press release:
Kitty Jones's auto shop, formally owned by the flirtatious imPort Knock Out, is now locally known to fix up high-tech, luxury cars for sale to wealthy natives. But here's the twist: Jones is donating the proceeds to the city of Heropa to fund public transportation, a dedication designed to help those in need of reliable and affordable transportation. Employees Adam and Saya (as seen in most photos of the Kitty Jones Auto Shop) aid in this noble endeavor. It is a bright spot amidst the news reel yet to come.

Plans to name a bus line after Kitty Jones (and two buses after her employees) are pending.

As seen on Vulpine News:
Moscow boasts that its scientists and engineers have created the most sublime and capable artificial intelligence to date. The claim continues that the power of the AI is unrivaled in its technological advancement, surpassing even that of the American imPort porter.

As seen on major television network commercials:
Reports are trickling in that INTERCEPTED WIRES from the USSR allege to have taken American weapons hostage. The Secretary of Defense has not verified this reporting. Given the unnatural power inherent to imPorts, the international community (and specifically the UN) is tense with the anticipation of bellicose advances. Stay tuned.

As seen in international news reports:
The violent weather patterns that spattered over the US during the last American imPort Swearing-In Ceremony have been traced to a suspected point of origin. The pinpointed location? The middle of Siberia. Not as precise as the meteorologists would like.

As seen on national primetime news:
Citizens in imPort cities have been enlisted by local law enforcement to help locate and track all residing imPorts. Does an imPort work at your place of business? Do you know where an imPort might frequent for social affairs? Do your patriotic duty! Help our government keep track of our imPorts!

As seen in the 24-hour news blog cycle and referenced on national news:
From the keyboard of the anonymous "Cease Fire" memo --

What is "Cease Fire" and who am I? The second question I can't answer. I used to work with the government, but that's not the only reason I need to keep my name quiet. This isn't about fear or censorship, but those are not concerns we can ever take for granted.

If I can use my knowledge for anything now is the time. It's my worry that war is upon us. The signs are all there, tensions are mounting at an alarming pace and the military is being kept in the dark just how serious this all is. No government is ever transparent until they need to be. ImPorts are both a danger and at danger constantly in this world, that's your place in the world. Understand that it isn't an easy job housing and meeting your immediate needs while also taking care of the rest of the country, the majority populace of native citizens here. It's hard to know how government works without personal experience, and even then it's hard to like it or accept it. But you'll have to accept that it's unreasonable to expect this or any government to change around you and you alone more than it already has had to.

Most information dating from the previous stay of imPorts has been purged or rendered inaccessible since the government changeover in 1990, so no one knows everything; unless anyone who was working then has somehow stayed within the government somewhere, but they obviously wouldn't share what they know. They have a cover to maintain.

But this is not all to say I'm a fan, those are just facts to lend perspective to the conversation. My opinion is not relevant to my message today. Like I said, I'm fixing to apply my knowledge to good use. Tell you what I know, what I couldn't before. Answer questions if I know the answers. Give perspective and advice. This seems to be the only way I can reach imPorts so it'll have to do.

Questions, comments, and other contact can be sent to CEASEFIRE@CCHEROPA.GOV. I will respond the 20th of each month.

So long for now.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from STYGIAN BLUE to TWILIGHT because while it might be dark now, hope for dawn springs eternal.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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So, world hopping and sudden super powers? Can't say I've heard that one before. [Jay gives a grin at the video, somewhat at ease with the technology at least to not be worried about it. He's not sure if he should be giving out a lot of information on the network and in all fairness he doesn't know who is actually around. The superhero stuff, for now, can stay on the backburner. There is a chance that there are people who know him in this place but in the same vein there could be those on the network who aren't on the side of good. Sticking to the basics is definitely going to help for the time being.]

Do I have to do the introduction thing? I guess I should, huh. Might be some folks around here that I actually know. My name is Jay Garrick, part-time chemist and part-time physicist. This place is quite similar to my own world but it has a good few differences here and there. Are there many problems here with everyone getting superpowers? I mean that can't be healthy on a grand scale, not everyone can be expected to get along. Guess it's a testament the city is still standing.

Apparently coffee is now the universal constant. Can't say I'm too upset at that one. Right, are there labs here for people to use?


Dec. 28th, 2015 10:07 am
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[ there's some color in Teresa's cheeks when she turns on the feed, despite how hard she's working to keep a straight face. she's quick to start talking, because of this ]

Hello, my name is Teresa, and for my one-year anniversary of my arrival here, I would just like to make one very important announcement.

[ she huffs a breath through her nose, mouth pressing into a thin line. she can do this, she can. she can be a graceful loser. this is Teresa being a graceful loser. when she opens her mouth again, she's not really shouting, or singing, it's some kind of weird mix. she only learned this song like 2 minutes ago okay ]

Pizza in the morning!
Pizza in the evening!
Pizza at supper time!
When pizza's on a bagel,
you can eat PIZZA anytime!

[ and now her cheeks are dark red, and her eyes totally narrow when a muffled laugh starts up from off camera. gdi wally west. ]

Thank you.

[ click ]
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[This Christmas Eve, the underprivileged children of Heropa are getting presents delivered to them by Pied Piper the elf and Trickster the reindeer.(not pictured: obnoxious blinking Rudolph nose). Behind the two of them is a large bag of presents, hovering in midair, balanced on a floating shoe. Weird. But apparently there’s enough room in their schedule for for a little PSA, as well--Piper being the one giving it, of course.]

I know most people are bound to have Christmas plans by now, but I figured a last minute reminder wouldn’t hurt: if you aren’t doing anything tomorrow, your local soup kitchens and homeless shelters could without a doubt use the extra help. And I can’t think of any way to use your time that represents the spirit of Christmas better.

[James is helping by smacking Piper in the back of the head with his stuffed reindeer antlers. They squeak. How irritating.]

I can think of at least seven worse ways I’ve spent Christmas, I guess. Incarcerated. [Headbutt.] Hospitalized. [Headbutt.] Incarcerated again. [Headbutt.] Inside a giant ice cube. [Headbutt.] Breaking out of prison. Wait, those last two were the same Christmas.

Thank you for your input, James. [Piper seems anything but thankful.] Anyway, if anyone wants a list of places looking for help on short notice, let me know.

And if anyone needs me to cover their lawns or houses or their friends’ lawns or houses orrr their enemies’ lawns or houses in fake snow and glitter, let me know. That’s my Christmas good deed, so don’t say I never did anything for the good of humanity.

[Piper steadfastly ignores the continued antler headbutting.]

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Christmas, and keeps those less fortunate than themselves in mind.

[James pauses, looking as if something of critical importance has suddenly dawned on him.] Hey, so do you think Rudolph is like a metaphor for the gay experience, or—

[And with that, the feed cuts off.]
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As seen initially on BlueTube, where the footage was leaked, before all major news networks picked it up:
Cell phone video footage allegedly depicting a barroom brawl between imPorts went viral after it was uploaded to BlueTube last weekend. The video, recorded at The Cantina in Heropa on the night of December 12, begins with a shot of broken glass and a man's voice shouting, "It just exploded! It just [EXPLETIVE] exploded, dude!" The video goes on to depict bottles shattering on shelves behind the bar and general chaos as patrons begin to flee the building. The video fails to capture the faces of the imPorts in question. Witness statements point to the use of some kind of telekinetic power. In addition to glasses and bottles, there was significant damage to the bar's furniture and interior. Police claim no injuries were reported but the suspects are being sought for destruction of property.

As seen on Lulzfeed and heavily featured within popular Rumblr posts:
A picture depicting two thin, unshaven Santas enjoying beer has gone viral online since earlier this week. Many have manipped the picture to include jokes about SANTA PLEASE DON'T GET DRUNK THIS CHRISTMAS and WHAT MRS. CLAUS DON'T KNOW WON'T HURT HER with a few jabs thrown at various charities most commonly associated with ringing bells at Christmas. A second picture, depicting one of the Santas vomiting in an alley while the other Santa pats his back, has gained the same amount of attention. No one has yet been able to determine who these drunken imposters are, though some claim they must be imPorts. There is a subset of people who are devoted to discovering their identities, as thin Santas are apparently a Christmas wish for them!!

(NOTE: Anyone familiar with Will Graham or Edgar may, after a little squinting, catch onto the charitable culprits.)

As seen on BlueTube:
ImPort, zombie survivor AND teenage heartthrob Carl Grimes has made his first post on BlueTube, imploring everyone to consider the responsibilities of adopting a furry friend before taking them home for Christmas, as many of these "gifts" are soon return to shelters not long after adoption.

His fangirls, popularly known as Grimey Gals, furiously support his cause.

As seen on the internet as well as all imPort city newspapers and any television talk covering the matter:

Now that you've seen the truth of my words, the fires that came to pass, there should be little doubt of the legitimacy of my claims. Unfortunately, once more, I do not come to you bearing good news. An ominous nightmare has been plaguing me for the past several nights.

I've foreseen darkness, so thick and cloying, it swallows everything in its path. Within this darkness, hide and seek becomes dangerous, but getting caught in a game of tag is deadly.

Take great care of yourself during the holiday season, fellow imPorts. For this is the calm before the inevitable storm.

(NOTE: If any players want their specifics foreshadowed by the Clairvoyant, remember to hit up the permissions post!)

As seen in the 24-hour national news cycle:
Rumors of Lachesis reincarnated as a Russian continue to circulate. An anonymous source in Cyprus claims that he has seen Lachesis himself, and she is much younger than he would think a Fate to be. Another source in Norway contradicts reports of sightings, claiming that Lachesis is not a reincarnated human being, but instead she is a human-looking robot.

As seen on BlueTube:
Popular video channelists (ages 15 to 35) have made their mark on this season by sending exotic (and sometimes ludicrous) gifts to imPorts. While not all unwanted gifts have been accounted for, a tallied list has been circling Bwitter of people "Port Claiming" imPorts by giving them some "holiday cheer". The up-to-date list is as follows:

XXXSANTOXXX gifted GEORGE O'MALLEY with a George O'Malley ceramic doll.
BAEWATCH gifted KANAYA MARYAM with a set of porcelain forks.
2HOTHOTDAMN gifted BILLY KAPLAN with 2000 black rubber duckies.
ASTRANGEMIND gifted NEWT a year's supply of potato chips.
THE_REAL_PETE_REPEATREPEAT gifted KAMALA KHAN a red sequined cape.
INERTIA3502 gifted WALLY WEST some nice jarring food.
BUMPINTHENIGHT gifted HARRISON WELLS a collected of antique medical tools dating from 1909.
MILKSHAKE1995 gifted RICK GRIMES a book on good parenting.
INOALLURSECRETS gifted KEN KANEKI a box of pink, brain-shaped candies.
HAWTBOO91 gifted BARNABY BROOKS JR. a plush doll of Kotetsu.
4DALULZ gifted AGENT WASHINGTON 10,000 Washington apples.
SARTEWASRIGHT gifted BLUE SARGENT a blue velvet top hat.
CHEEZWIZ gifted LUKE CASTELLAN a Nico di Angelo action figure.
BORNDISWHEY gifted GLITCH a table shaped like a rocket ship.
BOOKIT gifted ATHOS with five pairs of cashmere socks.
PRETTYINPINK gifted JOEL MILLER with five pairs of golden color contacts (no prescription).
MARRYMEALITTLE gifted RIZA HAWKEYE a pair of taxidermied ospreys.

Children who have the misfortune of spelling "Santa" as "Satan" will probably have their letters delivered to Lucifer. Stay in school, kids.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from VIOLENT VIOLET to PLUM because in the wake of the recent imPort-related domestic horrors and the chaotic holiday spirit, a couple national newscasters plumb forgot to send their reports through the government censors, thus fostering mass delays. Those newscasters have been sent to reeducation camps.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[If there had ever been a reason to cut Joker off from alcohol forever, it is now.]

[When the feed clicks on, it's fairly obvious that he's in a bar-- there's a certain bar-like quality to the area behind him, which is what fills most of the screen. He's apparently not very good at aiming when he's at this stage of stupid drunk, and he's pointing the camera mostly at about half his hat.]

[Ladies and gentleman, this man helped save the galaxy.]

So, y'know what?

[No, but he's going to tell everyone, regardless of whether they want to know.]

The video equivalent of shitposting. )
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[ Why look! It’s a professionally edited video directed by April Ludgate uploaded to the network! Boy oh boy! Golly gee! Let’s all watch!

It starts out with a shot of two boys, dirty and in worn-out clothes as they squat in an alley watching imPorts and natives walk past them. It’s kind of weird how they aren’t looking at the camera at all; it’s just these somber, million mile stares when a voice starts. ]

There are tons of orphans in Nonah and De Chima, but today you can help two turn their Christmas dreams into a reality.

[ The video then fades into another scene of the boys walking along before cutting to a familiar face. A song begins in the background from a solo guitar. ]

Hi. I’m Dick Grayson, and for just a few dollars spent, you can help. [ Then it shows Bucky Barnes and his fellow orphan kids doing some avant-garde staring at anything but the camera. It’s some heavy shit here guys as Manolo Sanchez comes into view strumming along and singing something akin to Sarah McLachlan and her sad ass songs. ] These boys need to know that there is still good to be found in these trying times. With enough donations, we can help them. By renting a helicopter and flying them through the city they belong to.

[ Yep, you heard right. These kids want to do a fly over their city during Christmas. Heart warming, isn’t it? Now Bucky is holding their hands as they all look deeply into the camera. Manolo, though, he’s still singing his heart out behind them. You are doing a bang up job there, sir! ]

Will you be the one to make their Christmas wish come true? Donate today.

Please send monetary donations or whole helicopters to this number: 1-800-555-ORFN. Any questions will be forwarded to April Ludgate. [ So basically don’t ask. ]

002; video

Nov. 30th, 2015 05:36 pm
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[ sora is a good friend. sora is a great friend. sora isn't bothering to find out how to hide this post from riku because he's the best friend ever. ]

So, I know some of you know Riku. He's my best friend.

[ that grin is to not be trusted. ]

And as his best friend, when I found out he decided to keep something reeeeally important from everyone...I had to let everyone know.

[ sora leans into the screen like he's got a big secret, looking for too self-satisfied. ]

Riku's birthday was 17 days ago.

Late birthday presents and wishes are completely acceptable.


Nov. 29th, 2015 01:39 am
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[ so it turns out, even after being here for so long ( a year now, which is- it's a lot. it's a long time. so she's not thinking about that now! ) it's still really difficult for Teresa to feel comfortable talking to the camera, to post to the network. she's not shy, really, she doesn't mind listening in and responding to other people, but being on the opposite end is wildly intimidating, for some reason. but! far it be from her to step down from a challenge when she's got something on her mind ]

So, I understand the concept of secret identities. I understand the need to protect the person behind the superpowers, and protecting those close to them. I understand the desire to live a normal life outside of what you can do when you use your abilities. It's all- I get it. I promise.

But why here? Why, when everyone is equipped with powers of all kinds without fail, do people still go by an alter ego? I probably sound like I'm trying to make some kind of dig at those who choose to go by a superhero alias, but it's a genuine question. I mean, I highly doubt every one of you just really enjoys wearing a lot of spandex and leather every day, so... What's the real advantage of wearing a mask in a place like this?

[ she's already got a few vague ideas - it's not like she'd know, personally, but she has a couple of friends who rock costumes when they're out using their abilities. it's one thing to take a guess, and another to hear it from someone else, so. that's what this is. super curious, this one. ]

This is coming from someone whose world was full of a lot of codenames, and secrets, and a number of other carefully controlled things I won't get into, so I guess I'm just curious about this because I believe having the choice to be open about who we are and what we can do here is one of the best things about being here. No hiding, no secrets. So... Why?


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