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Hello, fellow imPorts.

[ Raina greets the camera with her ever-present charming smile. ]

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Raina. I've been an imPort for the past two and a half years now. And for all of that time, I've been involved in imPort cellular research -- studying us on a cellular level, trying to make sense of these nanites within us. I am pleased to announce that I've finally had a large breakthrough in terms of discerning the probable function and possible outcomes were we to extract nanites from ourselves entirely.

I've always operated based on the theory that as soon as we come through the porter, something within us changes on a molecular level. As many of you know, a few months ago there was an incident where a few of us found ourselves with unwelcome clones. I joined with a team of fellow imPorts to infiltrate Heaven Scent and was able to extract some vital research from their database. What all of this illuminated for me is more concrete proof of my theory.

I'll briefly go over what we do know about nanites for those who might be new or unaware. Every imPort is injected with them upon arrival. They are not the root cause of our powers, but they do allow for those powers to be altered or sometimes even nullified. They are also responsible for our mostly functional ability to revive from death. They have no effect on natives or even metahumans. And the reason behind this is a bit gruesome.

These clones of ours were infused with nanites of their own which largely allowed them to house our powers to near perfection. But on a molecular level, our clones were unable to handle the infusion of nanites in their blood for longer than a couple of months and after that time, these nanites started to eat them alive -- breaking them down on a cellular level and causing them to essentially disintegrate.

[ Raina pauses, glancing down at some of her own paperwork and rifling through it. ]

I've run multiple tests this past month of samples from both Heaven Scent and blood samples I managed to extract from clones during their brief, but memorable, time with us. My findings are all conclusive: we alone are the only ones who can house nanites because we alone have come through the porter and changed on a molecular level. And it is through these nanites that our powers are able to translate into what they are in this world. Meaning: without the nanites inside of us our abilities would become erratic, uncontrollable, and in all likelihood gone entirely. Nanites might not be responsible for our powers, but they are what enable us to use our powers the way we know them and without those to keep us anchored to this universe, there is a chance we would disintegrate the way our clones had when they were exposed to the nanites.

[ Looking up again, this time invitingly. ]

I would like to run some more tests to study this further. In order to do so, I am in need of samples. And by samples, I mean blood samples. If anyone is willing to donate to the cause, I promise it'll be worth your while.

[ A promise that sounds a lot more sensual than it should, and with a little wink -- Raina ends the feed. ]
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Thanks to a team of imPort scientists who took their time and resources to investigate and research imPocreats, we finally have some news regarding them. To those who aren't familiar, ImPocreats - also known as Impossible Creations - are a holographic-and-cyborg technology developed by OTO when it was still one of DARPA's branch.

OTO offered some to imPorts during a Swear-In, and even though we have learned OTO is trying to clone us, steal our powers, attack us and probably create some sort of genetic aberrations that might eventually try to kill us, some imPorts still kept those things around.
[ he is sort of judging you for that, to be honest. ] In any case, apart from the first imPocreats that some imPorts were willing to give us to study, we found mutated imPocreats during the Liechtenstein mission and also during the Heaven Scent raid which we took to study, and someone was able to retrieve an imPocreat that attacked Philadelphia during July last year.

Our team of scientists was able to conclude that the first imPocreats offered by OTO at the Swear-In were a prototype and they are seemingly harmless. For now. The mutated cyborgs were modified in several different ways, however. It was clear that OTO and Heaven Scent scientists were trying to give the cyborgs imPort powers, which didn't seem to quite work; they also tried to see how far the imPocreats' biology could be modified, like trying to create powers for them or trying to make them survive in surreal conditions.

For now, none of these experiments seem to have worked, but I think it's safe to say OTO will keep trying.

I am not a scientist so I can't give you more details, but the team of imPorts who worked on this are around the network and if they wish to make themselves known, they'll answer.

[ ooc: important links:
- What is the Mirror!Network
- February Investigation
- OOC info on heaven Scent raid
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i need to get into contact with someone who's skilled with programming, specifically AIs. it's kind of urgent. please use discretion.
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I don’t really celebrate Christmas but New Year is much more important in my country. Still, thank you to all of those who remembered, and I do hope you had a good holiday. [ but he'll focus on the "New Year" subject ] Years are traditionally viewed as completely separate, with each new year providing a fresh start. That means, all duties are supposed to be completed by the end of the year – I’m curious what tasks do you need to finish before then. And also curious about what New Year's resolutions you have in mind.

Being here always makes it difficult to plan ahead, but some people have been here for far too long, as well. So I don't think it's wrong to think about a future here. [ though his future is always so very questionable. 


The happy funtimes are over, though, and Kaneki will get on the mirror!Network next because he doesn’t trust the government and this is a touchy subject. ]

On a very different and more serious matter, I'd like to ask for your opinion regarding registration. Let’s assume an imPort arrives and they require something to survive and without it, they’d die. The government is willing to provide it as long this imPort is registered. However, if they don’t register and try to acquire whatever they need through other means, it’s considered illegal and they will be thrown in jail for it.

How truly optional would this registration be, then?
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[ agito is both surprised and annoyed that nobody else seems to have brought this up yet because it seems like the sort of thing people would complain about. then again, since agito always runs on 'annoyed' that really isn't saying much. ]

Was anyone able to get past the fucking infinite proxy loop the asshole messing with the network was using?

I can't be the only one who tried to track the fucker down. Assuming it was just one asshole and not a whole group of them.
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[The below posts to the mirror network around 3am on the morning of November 26th, the election of the Heropa ambassador.]

Greetings, fellow imPorts.

As you turn out to vote today for our ambassador of Heropa, our single sole voice of representation in this great nation, we urge you to ask yourselves: who is your neighbor?

Your vote is a empty gesture. A gesture designed to help keep us complacent, to make us feel that we have a part in a body, in a nation, that has nothing to do with us. These elections are coordinated by a government who does not care about you. These elections put into place the newest figurehead, in a series of figureheads, whose power is rendered meaningless by the very fact that we who live here have no rights. No control. We are brought here and we are taken out again.

So trust your neighbor, imPorts. They are the closest you have to a constant.

But we suggest that you trust your neighbor only if you know your neighbor.

Your candidates show one face. We show you now, LIVE, FROM HEROPA, some OTHER faces of 3 of the finest, to teach you, imPOrts, to be wary, and beware. Be wary of the rich who give from guilt, the men of means who claim to care. Beware the criminals who got off easy and now ask YOU to behave. Be wary of the cronies, the vote-buyers, the campaigners who seek not to enrich your lives but to profit, to increase their means and their research, to increase their bottom line off your backs. Beware the institutions, Big Med and Big Industry and Big Brother. Beware those who would see us as tools. Beware the socialists who would join the democratic machine. To enter into that game is to succumb to it.

To the candidates: we urge you to LISTEN TO YOURSELVES. Heed your own words and take your own advice. If you must participate in this dog and pony show that the government has constructed as a distracton, then participate by our rules, the rules of the imPorts. You should tear this fabric. You should not worry about playing the corrupt game. You should worry for your fellow imPOrts, and worry about us. We have the power.

And remember: it is in our hands to decide. Not just today, fellow imPorts, but every day. IT IS IN ALL OF OUR HANDS. You must pay attention. Don't make us pay attention for you.

[Following the text is a series of links and soundbytes, reposting the above for emphasis.]

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does anyone know how to deregister?

I don't mean I want to turn vigilante, or go the other way. And I don't want to go AWOL. I know about those. I just made a mistake, I know that now. I made a mistake and I want to undo it.

there has to be a form to fill out. something.

Please. Anything could help.
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[ Posted to the Mirror net. After talking to a couple of people about his situation, some of them did point out Sasaki was being kept under government’s thumb. others have pointed that out before, but they never made it sound like it was a bad situation. Only recently. Everyone is so paranoid )= ]

This isn’t new and in case you didn’t know: I am biologically a ghoul and that means I can only consume humans. If you have questions, I can answer but that’s not why I’m writing this.

It’s not that difficult for a ghoul to find food, and I’m not talking about hurting people; I would never do that. You have morgues, cemeteries, suicides and humans killing each other. However, it's illegal; you cannot steal bodies, you can’t temper with murder scenes, and people wish to bury their loved ones.

The government knows my dietary needs and that's why I can’t just tell them I’ll handle my own diet - because that’s the same as telling them I’ll do something wrong. They told me if I was registered, I can have access to bodies donated to science; if I’m not registered, I don’t and thus I’d go back to the first part of the issue: they’d know I don’t have access to their food, they’d know I would have to get it somewhere else, and they’d know whatever I would do in order to get it would be considered wrong and illegal.

I’m registered because I need to eat. This is the sole reason why Kaneki was registered, and he hated it because he felt like he was pledging alliance to a government only just so he wouldn’t starve. Myself, I’m used to this because it’s the same sort of agreement I have in my world: I’m allowed to live and eat and be treated as a human, as long as I work for the CCG and obey their orders.

It’s true the government here could force me to obey them if they wanted, and I would do it. And some of you find that awful, I know. But let’s be honest, what other choice is there? What would you do in this situation? Still , the government hasn’t given anyone orders, and honestly – perks aside – I still don’t see the big difference between registered and unsettled.

So I do wonder, what’s the difference? What makes you decide you prefer to be unsettled and not registered? Or the other way around (besides the benefits). What's bad about one and another, or good?
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[The video opens without ceremony to Qubit seated at a desk, his hands resting on it with fingers laced. There's some blue glow on him, as if from a large computer screen somewhere out of frame.]

Good morning, Qubit here. You may recall that a few weeks ago, I put out a call for anyone interested in being part of a super-team. This is just to follow up on that.

First off, my timing was a bit unfortunate, considering how many of us were operating with altered memories. [Himself included, though he leaves that out.] Some, severely so. So if any of you who expressed interest are longer interested, I won't hold you to any kind of commitment, but do let me know, please.

If you are still interested - or if anyone else is, either - the offer remains open. This wasn't just a flash in the pan, I've had it in the works for some time now. [Even so, when the spell wore off, it took some deliberation to decide not to withdraw the offer. But in retrospect, he's sort of grateful to Optimist Qubit for doing it. It turned out to be just the kick in the arse he needed to get this train rolling. Limiting the offer to people he knows and trusts isn't feasible, since uh. he doesn't totally trust anybody.]

The conditions outlined before still apply, naturally. No children, and no killing. With that in mind, if you want to join, let me know ASAP so we can start hashing things out. Thank you.

[He gestures to the camera, and it ends the feed. As before, all comments are ICly screened.]
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As seen on SNN and MSINBC:
Strange happenings in several rural towns in Alabama, New York, and Ohio -- as High Schools, Middle Schools, and even the local town government was in disarray over the past week. We received reports from social media, that something strange was happening in these towns, and we sent our own reporters to investigate. What they found, was something out of an eerie thriller, where the downtrodden and least-liked among the town had seemed to find their voices, all at once. Reports started to come in that in the schools, the social rejects were standing up, taking notice. Most students reported that all of the sudden, their schoolwork started to make more sense, but the eeriest of changes? Teenagers were reporting that they felt more confident, and more attractive than they ever had before.

Local politics were turned upside down from the surge in confidence from the people in town, and some in the town of Urbane, Ohio, reported that they'll be running for state seat in November. But just as eerily, when we sent a follow up request to many people in these towns later, they reported that things were back to normal. Some are blaming this on Russia -- and others (like Ronald Chump) seem to place the blame solely on the shoulders of imports.

Whatever the cause, most in these small towns are reporting that they're glad that their small-town life is back to normal.

As seen on all major national newspapers and online news network sites:
Following a string of what was thought to be random assaults on several imPorts this week, the crimes now have all been linked to one man. After his latest attempt to assassinate ambassador nominee Komasan, James Buchanan Barnes has been apprehended in no small part to the heroic deeds of several imPorts, including Barnaby Brooks, Jr., the Nomad, Daryl Dixon, The Midnighter, Harrison Wells, Koromaru, and others.

A veteran of the Second World War and a diehard fan of this great nation, Barnes alleges he was manipulated into believing he worked for the Soviet Union, and that the assassinations were an attempt to "instill fear in the American citizens."

He has plead guilty to the brutal assault of Ikki Minami, Yayoi Nakayama, Count Dooku, Anastasya Griffin, the attempted assassination of Komasan, and the death of Emmett Brown. Barnes will remain in prison without bail to await sentencing.

As seen on Bwitter, Rumblr, political commentary blogs, and the public imPort-frequented places in Maurtia Falls:
With the Ambassador elections entering their final stretch, Maurtia Falls candidate COUNT DOOKU has kicked his advertising into high gear in an effort to get out the vote. Professional posters bearing the Count's likeness and his platform theme are popping up in posting areas near imPort businesses and government-provided housing in Maurtia Falls. Will imPorts be swayed by Dooku's promotional blitz? Only the outcome of the voting on June 27th will tell!

As seen on major national news outlets and social media:
In a historic initiative, museums across the country have put together a collection of important, well-known and 100% American artifacts. The exhibit, “240 Years of America!”, will be visiting select cities in the upcoming weeks, including De Chima, Virginia.

The exhibit will feature personal items of various U.S. Presidents, war memorabilia from the Civil War, both World Wars and others, early Apollo space suits, clothing from every era of American fashion, and more. But the pride and joy of the exhibit is none other than the Declaration of Independence itself.

In honor of that, the De Chima Civil War Museum will be hosting an opening gala on July 4th. The gala is fancy dress, and will feature an open bar, guided tours, and fun-filled activities. The museum has announced that imPorts are granted free entrance to both the gala and the museum for the night.

“We really hope imPorts of all stripes can come and learn about what makes their adoptive country great,” said a museum spokesperson, “Nothing would make us prouder than if they could come celebrate this holiday and this country with us this Fourth of July.”

As seen in the conspiracy section of MeTube, BlueTube, and the Online History Chanel:
NBSea's conspiraSEAS documentary had a rise and a fall, but there are still true believers out there who are intent to find out the TRUTH of whether or not imPorts are harboring under the sea cover mermaid spies. These believers flock to a myriad of websites to post their speculation and evidence, but this week a particular video featuring an imPort believed to be married to one of said mermaid spies. Footage shows an investigating believer attempting to get an answer from the seahorse's mouth, showing up to Will Graham's bait shop in Heropa with camera front and center. Making no small talk, the believer launches into a barrage of questioning about whether or not April Ludgate-Graham is a mermaid, a spy, and if there are more, all while Mr. Graham continues to eat a Quasar bar.

After a solid forty-fives seconds of intense questioning and candy bar consumption, Mr. Graham answered with an amused, "There is no greater catch, for a fisherman, than a mermaid. And no greater catch, for a mermaid, than a fisherman."

This led to a painful, audio-upsetting scream from the young man behind the camera, a stream of "I knew it!"s and then attempts at further questioning Mr. Graham answered only with, "No further comment. I've said enough as is." The video goes on for a few more seconds of fervent questioning and Mr. Graham failing to toss his candy wrapper in the trash. Believers of this theory have shared the video over a thousand times, citing it as proof that all names listed are mermaids and spies protected by the government. Some skeptics have expressed disbelief that the clear sarcasm has been missed by so many people. NBSea is currently bargaining for rights to the video to use in a NEW documentary about the truth of imPorts and their mermish ways.

As seen in entertainment news, social media, blogs:
Fans of the musical Franklin! were shocked this past Tuesday, June 14th, when the George Washington costume used in the show was stolen.

“It couldn’t have just been misplaced, the wig and shoes are gone too and those were kept separate from the rest. :(” alleged the actor, Jack Christianson, on Bwitter.

An overly enthusiastic fan is suspected to have committed the theft, but so far no one has been apprehended.

As seen on Rumblr, TiMportZ, and BlueTube:
In the spirit of Ambassador elections, many posters and banners have been found on the streets of Maurtia Falls. But what makes this a more noteworthy story is that witnesses have seen local mockingbirds carrying along campaign posters in support of ambassador hopeful Petyr Baelish and hanging them up in well populated areas. Actual mocking birds! Birders from all over the state of Pennsylvania have flocked to Maurtia Falls to watch the mockingbirds in action.

"He's like a Disney Princess," said high school student Sandra Sterk. Bwitter is coming.

As seen in local newspapers and circulated on internet publications:
Heroic imPort intervention in the criminal underbelly of Maurtia Falls has long been remarked on in the media, particular in light of former Maurtia Falls Ambassador Revan's efforts to clean the city up. Largely, however, those efforts go without remark. Criminals, in these cases, face the ire of the criminal justice system, which in MF... Well, let's say it's not perfect. People fall through the cracks, paperwork gets misfiled, evidence fails to follow the correct chain of custody.

But the criminals themselves don't completely disappear.

Now there's a rumor going around that people who have been let out on bail by the MFPD are vanishing, which wouldn't be so surprising, except that the people posting their bail arrive to pick them up only to find them gone. Vanished. Two missing persons cases have been reported so far, one for Janie Bless, a teacher using her school's internationally acclaimed glee club for illegal gunrunning, and Robert AlCino, a foster father who was accused of using his three foster children to sell drugs at school. Both, arranging to be collected by family or colleagues, vanished, and accusations have been made against the MFPD that they simply aren't taking the cases seriously, or worse, are covering for some kind of gross misconduct.

A spokesman for the department had this to say: "People jump bail all the time. Filing a missing person's case as though there's some sort of boogieman out there--it's just an excuse. A way to justify putting faith in people who clearly didn't deserve it in the first place."

As seen on Hastagram, local newspapers, and social media sites:
Residents of Manhattan were surprised to see imPorts arrive in their city, searching the roofs of skyscrapers for a puzzle box, before eventually heading to the Statue of Liberty, where some sharp eyed tourists snapped photos of Sabriel using a jetpack to retrieve a puzzle box from the torch.

Witnesses aren't entirely sure what happened after she opened it an handed it to Gansey, but the pair left the area some time after that.


The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[The wayward spell hit Qubit early in the morning, when he was still groggy enough not to notice anything awry. But at first glance, it didn't seem to change anything... except his plans for the day. Originally he was just going to go to work, like usual, but now... He's put this off long enough. Longer than makes sense, actually. Why didn't he do this back in August? There was a need for it then, and there's a need for it now. And that settles it. He'll put out the call at once.

The post is a video, which is unusual for him, but for some reason people tend to think you're not on the level if you stick to text. Which is ridiculous, but whatever, he's got nothing to hide.]

Good morning, imPorts. I know many of you know me, but for those who don't, my name is Qubit. Now, I'm not one for superfluous chatter, so I'll get right to the point.

The Earth I'm from, like several others represented here, is home to a fairly large number of superheroes. In particular, I work with a team called the Paradigm. It's a group of extraordinary people, dedicated to defending the planet and its people from threats both supernatural and mundane. [And he is so proud of them, you guys. They are so alive right now, you don't even know.]

Sadly, thus far, none of them have joined me on this ... extended jaunt. [He waves one hand vaguely, as if this whole thing is little more than an inconvenience to him.] But our mission still applies. And to that end, I've decided to extend a call for new members, effective immediately.

[Sternly, he holds up his index finger.] Before you reply, though, a few things you ought to keep in mind. First, and most important: the Paradigm does not kill, full stop. If you have a problem with that, don't bother applying. Second: no children, for reasons I dearly hope are obvious. And third: this is going to be a small team - no more than six to ten people - at least for now. Mainly due to logistics. If everything works out, perhaps we'll expand the operation in future, but one thing at a time.

[With those ground rules out of the way, though, he's back to a confident, inviting smile. He has no reason to believe it won't work out. Why wouldn't it? The last time he put out a call like this, he turned up more volunteers than he knew what to do with.]

I've set replies screened by default. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to working with you.

Qubit out.


May. 1st, 2016 03:30 am
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[The feed clicks on, revealing the face of Regina; a woman with dark, impeccably styled hair, red lips and a deeply unimpressed expression. The voice she speaks with is deep, the kind of voice that fills throne rooms and city halls.]

Well, well, well, all you... heroes. [Her tongue is unkind to the word, clearly showing her scorn.] How does it feel to be told by the world where you belong? Are you happy? Do you feel confident? I do hear there are places in this world where they fawn over your kind.

[No, Regina does not consider herself among the group, even though she too has been branded a "registered hero". The label is an ill fit, redemption be damned; too long has she been wearing the mantle of the villain and acted the part. She's rebelling against a label forced on her and rejecting a title she doesn't feel she deserves at the same time.]

And in the line of duty, do you conveniently never find yourself in a situation where you might have to kill your opponent?

[A mirthless smirk.]

Fair warning, as your newly appointed family counselor: this might be a good time to tell your children to go play outside. Do have that conversation with them at some point, though. Else they might end up calling you a liar.

Enlist my help only if you must.
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Saying who I am would rather defeat the purpose of being anonymous, but I will explain why I'm making this post. I, and several other imPorts were concerned by events since the end of the Russian invasion. So we worked together to do some research- namely, to find out what happened to Lacey Chases, and to learn what we could about President Freemason.

This is what we learned:

Lacey Chases has been indicted for treason, and is apparently serving time in a small private facility in Washington. There is some evidence that this is actually true- correspondence was found between her and a porter scientist who was also arrested. Chases was warning them about an imPort attack on the Porter during the occupation. We couldn't find much more, since Chases normally used other channels of communication- that was the only time she slipped up.

In theory, she could have been framed, but I can't see and proof that she was.

As for our glorious leader, President Kira Freemason...

We know where she was born, and when. We know she majored in Quantum Engineering and English at Yale before studying law at Columbia, the law firm she worked at, and the political positions she held in her political career. We know she entered Congress as a reformer- wanting to punish corporate corruption, scrutinize tax reform, and generally increase government transparency. She even argued against the need for a police state! But when she was elected Speaker of the House, she seems to have grown quieter on many of those points.

What we don't know is anything about her personal life- or the period between her being elected Speaker and running for President on platform of economically and socially securing the country from Communism and the USSR. Any information about those two things have been censored- all we found were sheets upon sheets of completely censored documents.

If anyone has any further questions, I'll try to answer them
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[Hello, Network. You are being treated to a text post with an ID of “????”. Yes, it just consists of actual question marks.] I’ve been thinking: coming here could be an opportunity for a new start. I’ve spent a lot of time under legacy mantles and I don’t regret it, but maybe it’s time to try something new. I’m just spitballing here, but:

The Gray Ghost. Pros: sounds cool, very few people would remember what it's from. Cons: stupid-looking goggles.

Nightwing. Pros: cool-sounding, no one’s using it right now. Cons: plagiarism, probably couldn’t take previous Nightwing in a fight if he shows up and objects.

Albatross. Pros: bird theme, pre-existing mythology. Cons: depressing, no one has time to explain Rime of the Ancient Mariner in the middle of a fight.

Blackbird. Pros: also bird theme, simple, great song. Cons: ????

Eagletronic. Pros: patriotic, sounds like the name of the robotic bird leader of a team of cartoon kids who Protect Humanity and Learn Valuable Lessons every Saturday morning. Cons: this is a bad superhero name.

Ghostborg. Pros: is probably the nemesis of Eagletronic. They used to be friends, but circumstances forced them onto opposite sides of the law. Cons: I'm just pitching a Saturday morning cartoon now. I think this is why the professionals don't use superhero name generators.

I now open the floor to the distinguished audience for suggestions.
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[ There had been a discussion about the best way to go about making this announcement. They had tossed around disseminating the information to specific individuals verse a broader transmission but in the end had decided, despite the risks, to go with the mirror network.

When the video clicked on, it showed only Charles sitting behind a desk with no identifying marks behind or around him. Like many imPorts at this point, he looked grim but at the same time there was a definite air of determination about his expression. ]

Hello. Please forgive me for a regrettable lack of formalities for those of you whom I have not yet had the pleasure of an introduction, my name is Professor Charles Xavier.

[ He'd rather envisioned his first transmission to the network as a way to inquire about his previous stay here in this world and perhaps ask after people he'd known back then. However, unfortunately now was not the time for personal conversations. ]

Since the Soviets began their occupation some of us, who are sensitive to such things, identified a curious fact about their troops and personnel. Those of you with psychic abilities have probably noticed by now that the Soviets are blind spots to those psychic abilities. We were unable to identify that they were here and up to this point have been unable to read, influence or in any way affect their minds.

Until now.

Working closely with Tony Stark, we have been able to identify the devices used by the Soviet personnel to protect themselves from those of us with psychic abilities and have developed a way to neutralize those devices. Unfortunately, this does nothing to counter act what the Soviets have done to reduce imPort powers or their method of punishing us for any refusal to obey their demands; but it may help us surprise the Soviets when they least expect it.

When activated, the devices we've developed should take down the shielding protecting the Soviets from any psychic influence. [ He paused, choosing his words carefully before he continued. ] This is a challenging time, for all of us. But I wanted it known, for what it might be worth and to whom, that we now have the ability to remove a layer of the Soviet personnel's protection and render them vulnerable to us.

[ That seems to cover the salient points, but he will also have communication to his device left open, for anyone who wants to talk further. ]

[OOC: This is the IC announcement of this plot. Further details here as well.

This only affects the psychic blockers the Soviets are using to block PC psychics from reading/affecting the NPC occupation force and will have a 35%-45% success rate. It does not affect anything LACKEY can do to PCs or the reduction of ImPort powers. ]
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[There's a sound of a man clearing his throat, followed by a young man speaking in a crisp, calm, professional voice]

This is Miles Edgeworth from RISE speaking. I've secured a position in Mexico, and I'm currently working with the local government for ways to help those who are unfortunate to be stuck with our new hosts. However, we cannot do this alone. In order to fight off the Soviet occupation, we will need the help of America and the international community. We need to inform the rest of the world of what's happening to America, and to us. And we need your assistance.

To those of you still in America, we need information. If you see anything, hear anything of interest, I need you to send it to me promptly. However, we do not simply need information. We also need inspiration. We need to show the world that we will not bow down to the occupation. And if you wish to send me anything, remember - there are many ways where we can use our connection to one another to our advantage. We have several intelligent members in our community. I trust your abilities to get creative.

And to our brethren in Mexico... this information is useless if it falls into the wrong hands. We need to send it safely and securely, so the Soviets cannot abuse it. However, I'm afraid that computers and technology aren't my area of expertise. If there's anyone more talented than I am in this field, please, talk to me as soon as you can.

However, we need to do more than to send information safely. Raw information can be... difficult to digest. If anyone in Mexico knows how to polish video or audio footage, your help would be most appreciated.

[OOC: So, here's the IC recruitment post for Edgeworth's plan! Feel free to have your characters volunteer and make IC plans here. Threadjacking is completey welcome. Also, please use this thread to link or summarize everything your characters might send Edgeworth]
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[The following text comes over the network.]




[AKA, if you want the key to decrypt these, you'll have to ask her. A second text comes shortly afterwards:]



DE CHIMA 9B835^%JN770Z!#



[Anyone who decrypts the nonsense hash will find locations in the four cities where Olivier has hidden caches of various weapons, most notably rifles and some rocket-propelled grenades.

Use them as you wish, as long as they're against the Soviets.

She will be responding in text to this post.]
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[ The message is brief and to the point: ]

A member of my team recovered an encrypted data drive during the military operation in Antartica. This was on it:


It's not much, but it's what we've got. Most of the data's either corrupted or still being decrypted. I don't know if it actually means anything, but someone thought it was important enough to hide.

If anyone's got any theories on what it means or has information that matches up to this, I'm all ears.
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Everyone who knows me knows I suck at this announcement shit, so just deal with it.

Xavier's school is open to the scientifically-inclined nerds of the imPort world.

Akito's busy trying to figure out how to block LACKEY from accessing our nanites, since that's the only commonality he can figure out between all the kidnapped people. If anyone else is working on the same thing he'd like it if you could contact him since he's having trouble pinpointing the frequency the nanites or LACKEY runs on.

The old geezer is working on... something. Fuck if I paid attention to whatever he said. [ spoiler: he fell asleep ] But he could use some help too before he gives himself a stroke.

The Russian servers are being blocked by that Lackey fucker. I'm not the best hacker around, but I'm not shit at it either. Everything I try fails. [ mutters something super uncomplimentary and crude about lackey's lineage despite lackey being. you know. an ai ] Anyone else have any luck with it yet?

And Xavier's isn't just open to science nerds. If anyone is scared or feels unsafe where they are they can come to the school and stay for a while, since it's being better protected than basic housing.

[ a pause here as he considers how to phrase this-- ]

Anyone in contact with their missing people know if the guards are wearing watches? If they are and they can see the time set on them it might be able to narrow things down to a timezone, especially if multiple guards are wearing watches and the times deviate slightly from each other.

[ private to his loser friends. ]

I'm going to assume you're all safe, since if something happened to the idiot crow the whole country'd have heard of it.

And when the hell were you planning on telling us that Sumeragi was here, huh? What the fuck! When did our world become a fucking interdimensional buffet!? Fucking bullshit! [ shh this doesn't mean he's worried about all of you assholes. really. ]


Mini Crow-Head, Akito's got some ideas he wants to throw at you in person. We're in room 210 now. [ a proud chuff. ] Just wait until you see the new work station we set up. Bring an extra pair of pants for when you shit yourself.


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