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[ The small gold robot is speaking into a mirror for this post - since you can access the network mentally he just does that rather than have to hold a commmunicator. His voice is robotic but not monotone. ]

Greetings, network.

While I'm currently functioning at a perfectly normal capacity, there has been a problem I have been putting off: if my chassis is damaged, what do I do? In my own world, an acquaintance keeps spares in the chance that I get damaged, and transfers me to one of those. Unfortunately, I have no such backup option here.

Additionally, I found that I can take the form of a human but as I am borrowing forms from history none of them feel like "mine".
[ He does pull out his little robot arms to specifically just to make air quotes, before he puts them back in their hatches. ] However, I have realize there is a benefit to having a form that has a different form of mobility than my current one.

Therefore, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in helping me build a secondary body, or has suggestions for what it could be capable of.
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[ When the video clicks on she's smiling, reserved but something proud despite itself in her expression. The background is one of the basic assigned rooms (this one in Maurtia Falls, but she hasn't decorated anything or shown anything but walls to tell by. ]

From what I've been come to understand so far, there are quite a few people here from my home galaxy, and many of us from different timelines.

So. [ She doesn't clear her throat, because that would be uncouth. ]

I am Padme Amidala, mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker, Queen of Naboo during the Occupation, and Senator of the Galactic Republic before the end of the Clone War.

[ And now there is a little bit of a smile, able to bring some lightheartedness to it. ]

And currently a hair model, apparently. I know there are many people from my galaxy here, but this is a new world and a new place to learn, and I am curious.

This system of representatives for those among us brought into this world without our consultation seems to be a good one, but I would like to know more about it from those who are familiar with the systems. I am pleased we are not pawns here entirely.

[ Entirely. ] Or if you are not familiar with how this system works but would like to know, we can work out the details together, or simply talk about how this system functions.

The more you know about your system of governance, the more chance you have to affect it.
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[ A very clearly non-human adjusts a few things, trying to get herself in frame. ]

Alright, is this thing working? Ugh, I have a droid newer than this technology and he's older than me...

[ She smooths down the leather of her vest with gloved hands, the fleshy-green tendrils on the back of her head slightly bouncing and swaying with her movements. ]

My name is Hera Syndulla. I've been told that it's rather common for me to be missing my ship, but I'm... I'm hoping that someone from my crew made it here. Phoenix Squadron, Specters, if you're out there... It'd be good to hear your voice.

[ She's clearly worried, looking away from the camera and clearing her throat slightly before shuffling a few papers off screen. ]

For those of you more familiar with this world, I have a question.

... What's a Social Worker?
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[ at a ridiculous hour of the night, an anonymous text, ]

What are the best ways to ask for help? I don't think I'm coping very well here but I don't know what to do about it. Thank you
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[ Leia is currently on the move, as the video feed connects to the network. The camera is a bit shaky and she's pausing to huff out a breath to blow some stray hair off her cheek that falls in front of her face. Braided and pulled to the side, the braid drapes over the front of her shoulder, long from all her years of growing out her hair on Alderaan, never once cutting it. ]

I only have a few questions. [ One glance at the screen and then she's looking away, like she's looking around, momentarily lost, confused. The camera then turns so it's facing out in front of her. ] Actually, I can't help but wonder if this is a mere coincidence or if it was done on purpose.

First things first— [ Aaaannnnd, she's on the move again. ] —baked goods. I'm currently in De Chima, is there a place nearby that specializes in baked go— excuse you! Hey!

[ Leia's jumping back out of the way of a bicyclist. They even have the nerve to ding their little bell at her; reminds her of an offended droid. Where's Threepio when she needs him? ]

Watch where you're going! I was walking here— worse than a pushy Jawa...never mind. [ Muttering. ] Anyway, if you hadn't noticed, I'm a little lost.

Princess Palace, can someone tell me if I'm even going in the right direction? I would appreciate the help. This communicator has an awful navigation system installed on it.


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