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mirror!net; anon text

i need to get into contact with someone who's skilled with programming, specifically AIs. it's kind of urgent. please use discretion.
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encrypted text

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For What?
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What tipped you off for that? Any evidence other than rumors?

You know, before I start toying in them.
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How pressing? I don't like digging into things just based on conjecture, you know? Especially with something like this.

What's got you so concerned? If I'm going into something, I don't like going in blind.
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And you'll get rid of it, if you don't what...make sure it's not watching you?

Why not just throw it out?
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Even if it's spying on you?
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Maybe. The devices are both biological and technological. Just because we can remove the method of communication, or even the programming doesn't mean we can't get rid of the biological parts.

Who knows, removing that could set something off in them, couldn't it? This is messing with some pretty deep stuff.

Not that I'm opposed, but... you should know what you're getting into.
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Look up Starktech.

Go ahead, I'll wait.
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None, but don't let that stop you. I'm VERY good with anything that requires a technical touch, and you first asked for someone good at programming and AIs, both of which I have a lot of experience with.
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Nope. I don't like pets. Or being responsible for anything more than my company.
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[ He should double down. That's what he normally does.

But he's also trying to repair a reputation his future self ruined, so...

Then that's my fault. I'm just being truthful, and I wanted you to consider the consequences before I go digging around in it. If you want the best, and the least likely to make any mistakes, that would be me. Whether I have experience or not, I'm really that good.
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