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Merry Christmas. Now somebody recommend a movie to me that's not friggin' Santa and his army of deer minions and tiny green goblins, please for the love of all things evil and unholy.

If not movies, then manga. Or American comics. Damn, anything. I can't take this torture anymore!!!!!
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[ Oh look an unimpressed fallen angel. What else is new? ]

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. Everyone's talking about it, but... I've never seen anyone talk about it this much. It's a much bigger deal in America than it was back home. I don't get it.

Like, if you're expected to get everyone gifts, how are those gifts at all meaningful? If it's the thought that counts, shouldn't the gift have come from nowhere, and not some... Holiday obligation, or whatever?

Someone please explain. What is the point?
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oh look it's time for the most commercialized holiday of the year. it looks like the city is getting ready to celebrate too. Yay. Exciting. :|

I don't suppose anyone is NOT celebrating Christmas and would like a pizza party instead? At home, we have pizza (because all the restaurants close on us) and I was thinking it would be nice to just hang out and pretend Christmas doesn't exist.

Invites go to anyone who says bah humbug.
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[The video opens to Kaito still on a chair in the middle of a stage, shuffling cards in his hands, his fingers flying as he absentmindedly moves the cards back and forth. He's dressed in a black suit and top hat, looking every part of the dashing gentleman magician.]

This is an open invitation to all imports. I'm Kaito Kuroba, the magician in residence at the casino in Maurtia Falls. I'm planning a special Christmas show for the season and you're all invited! I couldn't get the stadium so I can't do the trick with the elephant, which really stinks, because it was going to be awesome, but that doesn't mean that I don't have anything else special and outrageous planned.

[Because this is Kaito.]

So keep December 19th open, all right?

[Private to Winry]

Special preview if you're interested. I want an opinion as I fine tune some things. Just let me know when you're available.
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[It's that time of the month again when Kaneda remembers that he ACTUALLY has a job. One he more often than not does either sarcastically or on accident. Following this conversation, it seems like something's caught the attention of our biker, namely all the people who seem to be lined up outside of stores or the huge traffic jam that seems to be plaguing the streets of Nonah at 7 a.m.


Did everyone just forget how to drive today, or what?

[Because what is this. Why are people taking tickets, why are there tents.

What's...Black Friday.

In the distance, some guy's honking his horn--]

Eating Day was yesterday, right? The hell are they--

["Get your damn bike out of the street, imPort!"]

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Ladies and Gentleman of America.

This is a turkey.

[What shows on the hand held camera's feed is a Turkey in a back yard, held in by a utilitarian wire fence. It has water and some corn feed, but otherwise it is most certainly not free to go where it pleases.

In case you haven't figured it out, this Turkey is destined to be dinner, my dinner, unless you do something about it. The price of it's freedom is simple. Go donate to the animal humane society. The more who donate the more likely it is I'll go vegan this thanksgiving. [What a liar. But still, at least this hostage situation is for a good cause?]

Go to the link in the description below and use #Freethebird in your donation listing. You have until Thanksgiving or she'll be featherless and sitting in a tub of gravy.

It's up to you, because I got no problem with the consequences! [To emphasize the point, he turns the camera to focus sharply on his very sharp and very large teeth. One looks newly grown, another larger one just starting to push through.]

Those are my demands. Signing off.

[And the feed shuts off.]
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[ The feed snaps on from a position that may imply the communication device is propped up on some sort of tripod. There's a clear view of Urushihara's face. Behind him is his room, and an observant person may wonder how someone who has only been around for a week or so has already made such a mess of the place. ]

I guess I've laid low long enough. Not that I was really making an effort to, but...

Uh, hi. I'm Urushihara. Er, Hanzō. Hanzō Urushihara. But my surname's fine. ...Actually, it's preferred.

[ Where was that train of thought? Oh, right. ]

I'm new here. I live in Maurtia Falls and probably won't leave unless I'm offered food, but if you guys ever wanna chat, I'll be easily accessible here or online.

...Really. I'll always be here. So feel free to pester me. Heaven knows we won't bump into each other on the streets.

That's... All I've got to say, I guess. Nice to meet you all.

[ Click. ]
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[the screen is overtaken by a black hole, blurred pale around the edges. there's a deafening tap tap tap. is it a monster? some new demonic threat?! MORE VENGEFUL TOILETS RETURNING FROM THEIR SLUMBER????? the black recedes and...it's some doof's finger. one red eye peers at the screen way too closely]

Maaaaan, I don't get these smart phones at all. Where's a guy gotta go t' get a good ol' fashioned flip phone huh? well, whatever. [he clears his throat and projects his voice needlessly, briefly wearing a regal tone like an old cape]

Citizens of America! Thank--[he pulls back the camera, accidentally turning it so he stands diagonal in the feed] Thank you for your hospitality. I'm Sadao Maou, and I'm the new assistant manager at Blessed Bounties, the best produce store you'll see around these Pennsylvania parts! Drop by for a discount on oranges later today.

[he flashes a winning grin. not even an hour in the place and he's already doing PR]

I'm kinda from Japan, so please have patience as I get used to how things run around here. Otherwise, I'm at your service!

Now that that's outta the way . . . Urushihara! I know you're out there, lurkin' somewhere on the net. Come fix my phone for me, it kept sayin' I need an "update" an' now it's wiggin' out.


Nov. 4th, 2015 10:37 am
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[Roxas' expression is fairly cross today and he's surrounded by papers, a notebook and a couple of textbooks, but one of them is closed with more papers sticking out of it, as though it's just been slammed shut unceremoniously. Because it has.]

You know, I tried to follow the rules and do school the way they want us to here, because that's the normal thing to do and they gave me a place to live and all, but I'm done

[He tosses down a pencil.]

It's stupid. They said I missed too many days last spring, so I had to do a grade over. But I'm not learning anything new! It's just the same stuff! They want us to come be heroes but then we can't decide for ourselves where to be or what's worth learning if they don't think we're old enough? I quit.

[Roxas Nolastname, high school dropout.]

I guess I might need a second job now. Anyone hiring?

Oh, and uh, hi, new people. This world is all right aside from the school stuff. Hopefully most of you won't have to bother with it.
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[ The man who first appears on the screen is easily recognisable thanks to the very prominent scowl between his brows. People may have seen it before. Usually it comes about when he’s forced to do something like this. In his hands are varying sheets of paper that he rifles through as though to ignore d’Artagnan and his eager camera.

Athos waits a moment, then two, before he sighs.
] Go on then, I know you’re dying to announce it. Let’s not keep them waiting.

[ That’s all the cue d’Artagnan needs. The camera wheels around to show his face, where he’s looking altogether too pleased with himself. ]

We have something to tell you all. [ The camera lingers on his face for a moment and then shifts up, fixing on a sign bearing a symbol that will be familiar to anyone who’s met the Musketeers. D’Artagnan’s voice accompanies the picture. ] We’d like to welcome you to our new offices.

The thing is, we’re Musketeers. This may not be our world, but we’re still able to work. We’d like to help, in the best way we can. And let’s be honest, I was never going to help anyone at the Renaissance Faire.

So, we’re opening an agency of our own.

[ The camera pans around the office itself, showing a mostly wooden interior, a desk, several chairs, and what looks like a modern coffee machine hidden in one corner. There are several doors, including one that leads out to a yard. A couple of horses can briefly be seen there. ]

We want to do our part, here in De Chima. We’re here to protect you. We’ll be your guards, if you need us. We’ll investigate crimes that you bring to us. You can come to us in confidence, and we’ll do all that we can to help you. This is our work, and we want to get back to it.

[ A large hand grasps to reposition the camera and in looms a set of curls and not much else before the camera settles on a desk and Porthos comes into the frame. ]

Not like we get all the praise and glory, despite it being something that’s been well-deserved by our regiment, in my very humble experience. Only, there’s the bit where we take the best. I mean, I’d accept mediocre if I could train it out of you, but I think Athos might have my head first.

[ Which is actually a good point. Athos makes a noise like clearing his throat and waits until one of his companions angles the device again to get him in it. ] We’re taking anyone who wants to learn and seems as if they’d be capable. Men and women. [ And that’s at least one sign that he’s becoming one with the times. And that he’s not as bad as all that, thank you Porthos. ] We only ask that you be over sixteen and that you are prepared to learn. It is not an easy life, you do not make it without dedication. We would expect much of that. But I can guarantee that it is worthwhile. And if you trust us to teach you then you will not be let down.

[ After all that, d’Artagnan pulls the camera back to himself. All of that seriousness has not gotten rid of his excitement. ]

You can let us know if you’re interested. We open for business two weeks from today. If we can help you, you should get in touch.

( nb: the occ information post is here and sign-ups are here. Athos is black, D’Artagnan is teal and Porthos is purple. )


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