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[The video starts off centered on a dark-haired teen boy, but the real star of the show can just be seen in the bottom left of the screen. The white forepaw of a robotic lion—lion sized rather than a giant spaceship sized behemoth—is pawing at his sleeve for attention.

Keith is trying valiantly to ignore it while it picks threads loose from his shirt.]

Hello, I'm— [Whatever he might have had to say is cut short when a second robotic lion, this one blue and white, pulls itself up on the back of his chair and drops its chin right on top of his head. Maybe it's looking at the screen? Still, Keith is determined to finish this.]

I'm...Keith Kogane. I wanted to ask if it's normal for—[The first lion, red and white, stubbornly pushes its head under Keith's hand. Someone off screen laughs and makes a muffled comment, and Keith shoots a sharp look at whoever it is.] To ask if it's normal for things that came with you from home to change in size. Or other ways. Thank you.
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[The video feed opens up with an almost dizzying view of the ground below. The buildings look like toy models and the people are barely specks. Sunset draws heavy shadows, oranges, reds and blacks splash in dramatic lines across the De Chima cityscape.

Among those dramatically backlit by the setting sun, a single man stands atop of the tower, balanced almost casually against the topmost lightning rod. The wind fans his black jacket out like wings behind him.]

Listen up, De Chima!

THIS IS MINAMI IKKI! Emperor of this universe and yours! And I'm...

[The commanding presence is somewhat broken by him fishing out a printed paper.]

Running for ambassador of De Chima. But I'm not stopping there! A vote for me is ALSO a vote for Heropa, Nonah and M-Falls! That's right! Four votes in one! A single lord and god to rule them all. With me we're doing parties WITH alcohol and hot babes, none of this Russian bullshit and of course, fucking awesome tricks.


[And at that, the pre-recorded message cuts and Ikki awaits his accolades.]


Apr. 23rd, 2016 10:40 am
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[ On the screen is a magnificent tiger with golden eyes, regarding the camera with quite a bit of what looks to be amusement, if you're prone to anthropomorphizing animals. After a moment, that tiger speaks - and speaks with a very human voice, a light and girlish voice with a South London accent. And who else speaks like that? This is, of course, one Kitty Jones, living up to her name. ]

Hullo, all. Happy - slightly belated - Earth Day. I hadn't known about that holiday last year, so I didn't do a thing for it, but it's really a lovely thing, isn't it? So, a day, late, I'm doing a little charity drive, and I need all of you to participate. Proceeds going to the protection of the leaf-scaled sea snake, because no one ever bloody donates money to help species that aren't cute.

[ The leaf-scaled sea snake is also quite venomous. Y'know. Whatever. ]

So what this consists of is this. I want you to volunteer here, in this post, to answer questions from fans on rumblr. Give me a list of topics you're not willing to talk about, as well as how many questions you're willing to answer. Then your rumblr fans - or enemies, I suppose, maybe some of them will want to trap you in a lie or something - will bid on the opportunity to ask you questions. Whichever fan puts in the highest bid gets the right to ask the first question, then the second-highest bid gets second question, all down until you don't want to answer any more stupid questions. And then all the proceeds go to the sea snakes.

So who's in? Talk about yourself, help the environment. What's not to like?

[ That's all said very, very cheerfully. Then, in a flippant post-script, she adds: ]

Oh, yeah, I'm not dead, by the way.

[ Which is so nice! so kind! such a good way to announce that! a month and a half after she already came back from the dead! nice. ]

[ ooc: this post is just like what it says! You can comment here to have your character get asked dumb questions by rumblr fans. Please tell me the questions you want asked in notes in your comments!! Or I will be making up terrible questions. Fair warning.

edited to add: also if your character would bid to ask other characters shitty questions, feel free to threadjump their thread ]
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Error: user Ghatanothoa not found.
Error: user Nyarlothotep not found.
Error: user Shub-Niggorath not found.

The HELL did you do to my comm!? HOW?! WHAT ARE ALL THESE TEXTS!!? What the HELL is a damn Azatsu... Aza.. what's that even mean?! Why is everything in goddamn English!!


I KNOW YOU DID THIS, you piece of patchwork freak show SHIT!! Don't make me go find you! GET OVER HERE!! RIGHT NOW!!! If I have to hunt your sorry ass down I will END you!!

[If anyone in N5 takes a look at it, the list of things she did includes:

- set it to English
- took a selfie of herself and bluetsuo for background, her face as lock screen
- signed him up for bath and body newsletters
- signed up for at least ten different automated daily trivia text bots
- replaced all his contacts with Lovecraftian Old God names, which is why the network is graced with his presence.]


Mar. 11th, 2016 08:35 pm
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[The video opens on a view of part of Nonah's skyline in the setting sun. It looks like it's being shot from the roof of one of the taller skyscrapers in the city.]

It's pretty, isn't it?

[The camera turns to focus on a teenaged girl—apparently the speaker—gazing off at the horizon in silence for a few long moments. Finally, she inhales deeply and turns to look sidelong at the camera.]

I thought I'd come up to clear my head, but I don't think it helped much. There isn't a place high enough to get out of this cage yet. It was probably dumb to think that there was, but . . . I guess I can't just leave it at that. Which means I've got a lot of work to do.

[She picks up the camera, view panning wildly for a moment, and sets it down in front of her so she can look directly at it. The somber look is gone, replaced with something more serious and intense.]

So I've got some questions. First the most important one: If an Import practicing their powers causes a . . . scene but doesn't hurt anyone, could they get into trouble with the cops? I need to know for . . . for some idiots I know. [Definitely not herself. Probably.]

Second: Does anyone know where I can get recording equipment? Audio recording, specifically. It needs to be pretty high quality.

Third: Are there any . . . like, sparring groups? I could just practice fighting with my friends, but . . . [She trails off, exasperation clear on her face just thinking about getting hand-to-hand lessons from her friends.] They can get intense.

And last, [Her expression softens here, the first hint of a smile creeping in at the corners of her mouth for the first time in the whole video.], what's the tallest building you know about? It might not be high enough to escape a cage, but the views are always the best from up there.


Dec. 20th, 2015 11:09 pm
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ok so, weird question. RANDOM, I mean. Random question. it's not weird.

just a yes or no answer is fine!! no need to go into discussion. This is for research, so let's keep the results clean! That's the reason I'm asking not some kind of weird. Reason. Yeah, anyway i'm just trying to prove a point here so don't read into it

if you DON'T know what I'm talking abut there is
ABSOLUTELY ZERO NEED to look it up. Just be thankful for your pure heart and mind and move along. Shield your eyes.


raise your hand if you know what yaoi is

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oh look it's time for the most commercialized holiday of the year. it looks like the city is getting ready to celebrate too. Yay. Exciting. :|

I don't suppose anyone is NOT celebrating Christmas and would like a pizza party instead? At home, we have pizza (because all the restaurants close on us) and I was thinking it would be nice to just hang out and pretend Christmas doesn't exist.

Invites go to anyone who says bah humbug.

voice 01

Nov. 5th, 2015 08:17 pm
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...No, wait, hold on a second. This is so awkward. Hello, um, imPorts. My name is Olive. Olive Silverlock. ...And I feel like I'm introducing myself as the new kid in front of my whole class, so this is about as much fun for me as it is for you.

[She pauses, what sounds like a breath being taken slightly audible from the recording.]

So! Yeah. New kid in town. In the world. You know I feel like I heard stories about this kind of thing happening, but it only really happened to the "superheroes" from where I live. Honestly it's so weird and I feel a little bit...guilty, I guess.

Not that this place doesn't seem great, but I'm not...interested in this hero stuff. Seems like such a big deal around here and it just weirds me out. [She pauses again, contemplating for a moment what more to say. Then she remembers something.] My friend though - Maps - would be in love with this place. If she was here I mean. If she was then she'd probably be screaming in my ear right now about getting to be a real life superhero, and going on team missions and stuff like that. I bet she'd get powers that would help her...I dunno, raid dungeons or solve puzzles? She plays a lot of roleplaying games like that sort.

[Are dungeons even a thing here? She has no clue. The town she got placed in seems like a rough area in particular, but no more rough than what she's used to seeing in Gotham City.]

...Well, okay, this is a disaster so I'm going to stop talking now and try to be a normal person.

[Hah. Normal. She wishes to be more normal.]

004 - Text

Nov. 3rd, 2015 12:10 am
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[Due to being mostly bedridden/stuck in Nonah 05 for a whole month, Tetsuo's fallen deep into the black abyss that is mobile phone games, and may or may not have spent way, way too much time at a stupid rivalry with another user. Even though he's technically mobile again now, he had to finish this once and for all for reasons.

Attached is a screenshot from a very, very bored teenager who's sick of being stuck in the house and needed something to gloat over.]

ridiculously high score on a phone game )

BEAT THAT!! I'd like to see ANY of you try!

[Note: the game in question is completely fake, but it's an expy of Snake.

here is a cheat sheet for who everyone on the scores list is (if you'd like to be one of the remaining two, hit me up on Plurk @Crobatman). Since the game assigns names randomly unless you pay to get a custom username, no one necessarily has any idea who the others are. Scores clear quarterly, don't worry, this isn't permanent.]
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[Some people might remember the Japanese woman with blue streaks in her hair offering help before, but it's been a long time since she offered and she's getting kind of bored of going to work and then coming back home to tinker. At least at the Shatterdome there was excitement that didn't involve humans attacking other humans.]

Hello, everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I'm coming to the network to offer my services again. I'm a mechanical engineer with robotics experience, but I can fix almost anything if it's broken. [She pauses for a beat here.]

Well, anything mechanical, of course. I'll work on anything from household appliances to cars, my powers work on things of all sizes, there will just be a small fee for parts if they're needed. [She might work for free, but she knows that some things take money.]

I know we just had someone else offer this earlier this month, but no one can do everything on their own.

Thank you for your time. Please let me know if I can be of service.
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[The video feed pops on, showing Kaneda on his bed with...what looks to be the remains of something electronic. Something...pretty familiar. So familiar that it may match what you're holding in your hand to watch this said video. Wires are spilling out of it, some not even attached anymore, and the casing looks like it got bent like a spoon.]


Anyone know how to fix a busted comm?

[A hand reaches up to rub the back of his neck as the other gingerly picks up the device between two fingers, wires dangling.]

I'd say technical difficulties is understating a biiiit~ but I guess it depends on your point of view.

[It's for a friend, okay.]
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[It's evening, as evidenced by the general dim light in the room. The living room of Nonah #5 has been the scene of a lot of mayhem, and now doesn't seem to be any different.]

[There's a cut on the Iron Bull's face, and he's holding himself with the care of someone who knows damn well he's hurt something important and doesn't want to make any sudden motions. There may also be glass stuck in one of his horns. More small abrasions decorate his torso. Looks like the aftermath of Motorcycle vs. The Iron Bull didn't end well for anyone.]

[As he records, he's moving gingerly across the house to deposit one (1) unconscious lump of teenager -- namely the Problem Child Tetsuo himself -- into a room. Probably his own room. Only after that's done, does Bull address the camera.]

Hey. Got a message for you, network.

[One might say he forgot it was on, but it's also more likely this was purposeful. Demonstrating the kid is in hand, put somewhere safe and no longer charging through the streets.]

Dear Whoever the Fuck Made Tetsuo's Bike,

You should have made it Bull-Proof.

[It's at this point, he holds up a certain finger on the hand still possessing all of its fingers. Wow, Bull, stay classy. He's about to turn the feed off when someone else pipes in, from somewhere else in the house--]

And would someone come heal my big, dumb boyfriend! Please?

[THANKS CHARLIE. Bull makes a sudden face, and hurries to mash the OFF button.]
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[Kaneda had been in Heropa for a day or so when he say Kazu talking to a certain missing psychic. Kazu was his only clue to where he could be, and Heropa was the last place he'd been. Well, he wasn't exactly wrong; Tetsuo was indeed on the move and causing trouble, Kaneda now in pursuit of him. How does he keep up? Well, he just looked for the trail of betrayal and bitterness (and destruction) and followed that. His bike was fast, sure, but Tetsuo had a good head start, not to mention Kaneda was actually trying to avoid traffic an pedestrians. SHOUT OUT TO STILL NOT HAVING HIS DRIVER'S LICENSE.



That's it. While in pursuit, and police sirens heavy in his ears, he pulls out his comm. Hello everyone! Don't use the phone and drive.]


[Why is he yelling? Well, the sirens in the background, as well as the wind whipping past him makes it hard for decent conversation. What can he say? He's doing this for all of you! He seems to be resting his wrist on his handlebar while holding the phone up with his fingers, eyes kept on the road as he surveys the situation.]

Figured now would be a great time to do a traffic report since some people [see: Quill] think I'm not dedicated enough to my job. Wanna see your traffic?

[His hand flicks the communicator up against the glass windshield of his bike, swirling around to show Tetsuo and a girl he can't seem to recognize off in the distance causing havoc, police just ahead of him in the chase. He knew those guys didn't stand a chance. Call it first hand experience from the Swear-In.]


[He weaves past a few of the cop cars, only one following over the overpass that lies ahead. If he can just get past it, it'd be easy to take him down. Tetsuo wasn't much further, close enough to see him do what would normally be too dangerous of a jump for his skill--Oh wait. That's a flying police car in his direction. There's no time to react, except swerve his bike in the least damaging way to impact this.]


[And the feed cuts to static, a scream and a loud, sickening 'clank'. It fritzes for a moment or two, and when it opens back up, despite the video having a few glitches, shows a nice overhead view of the street below the overpass. gravel and dust brushes past the screen as something starts to move it. Seems like Kaneda's still got a hold of it, fingers gripping it for dear life as his initial signs of life move it towards his face. You look like a car ran over you, kid.]

Jesus Christ...Ow.

[The impact had certainly done some damage to him, his yellow shirt with a nice tear at the shoulder to the armpit, and his head hurts like a motherfucker. Some bruising, too, naturally, because he certainly couldn't get enough of that! But for the most part, he's pretty okay, which is more than a lot of people can say from being hit with a police car. Most of them are...you know. Dead. His one free hand reaches up to his hair, trying to get the constant wooziness out of his head before he turns, eyes cast down to--


HE CERTAINLY IS HANGING OVER THAT OVERPASS--there's a slight moment of panic, hands scrambling to cling to whatever stone lie still intact beneat him, before trailing his own body to see just what's keeping him from becoming a pancake on the freeway. Upon inspection, it looks like some twisted metal from the railing caught around his ankle, locking him firmly in place, albeit upside down. Bending up, the puts his hands on his boot ankle to inspect it. Bad, BAD idea. Needles shoot up his side, lacing his entire chest with pain as he attempts to Maybe that car did a little more damage than he realized...and his bike? Well, that's nowhere to be seen.

Slumping in defeat, he holds the camera up and throws his free arm across his eyes. Heads.]

Say, anyone want to help a guy out?


Aug. 30th, 2015 01:41 pm
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[He'd been putting this off for a lot of reasons, In part because of how completely nuts things had been lately this seemed like a really douchebag time to be drawing attention to himself—especially since he had stayed out of the damn way when everyone went crazy. So he'd waited for a few non-crises posts to go up before making his move. But then there was the other reason; there was always an anxious ball of dread in the pit of his stomach at the thought of addressing such a huge audience of people for what boiled down to his own problems.

But he had to do it. His roller rink job (besides driving him insane was not getting him cash fast enough. His voice comes over the network, tripping over itself and he's talking a little too fast in places, rambling, but at least he's not mumbling.]

Er, sssooo, uh, h-hopefully this is alright to ask?? Pretty sure I saw someone asking about job stuff the other day. People use this network for a lot of stuff so I assume it's fine... I'm kind of looking for a job. —I have a job already! I mean, another job. Additionally. I'm not trying to get rid of my other job even though it is literally hell.

A-anyway, I've done construction before... But I was hoping for something to counterbalance my other job, kinda, I do a lot of standing around watching people skate around in circles for hours and hours, so slowly, sssooo. Slowly. It's like watching an old person texting so slow it is physically painful to witness.

—So I was looking for, I dunno, delivery work or something... Pizza, mysterious packages, whatever. Going really fucking fast probably isn't a skill that's at a premium in a place like this but it will be the fastest pizza of your life, I promise. So fast it will be redundant because you'll have to wait for it to cool!

Maybe?? Other speed-types have suggestions?? Or maybe you don't want me cutting into your work. Er.

Uh, thanks.


Aug. 8th, 2015 09:53 pm
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[ The video on this is slanted sideways - and not showing anyone in particular at first. Only after some shuffling and mild cursing (in Greek? is that Greek?) does the video focus on a rather sallow boy with a mess of dark hair. He looks like he hasn't slept in a month. And there's a faint, dingy quality to his outline in spots, like he's not entirely solid.

He also looks suspiciously like he's never used a cell phone in his life. That's because he hasn't. ]

Why isn’t this … I haven’t messed up this badly for ages. [ His voice drops to a mutter for a moment: ] Did it break me? Are my powers broken? I need to know where I am. The people at that machine weren’t at all helpful. Babbling something about heroes and … I don’t know what else.

Do they mean that line about wanting superheroes? From everyone? I've read enough comics to know that superheroes don't like hanging out with dead people.

[ And Nico knows that offers of help - however well-intentioned - often come with a catch. ]

OOC: If you have a character who's died in MoM or canon, please see Nico's permission post here!

002 - Audio

Aug. 3rd, 2015 12:21 am
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[It's time to play the 'who's awake at 1 AM' game! If you're not, Tetsuo's talking softly enough that it might not wake you. If you want to see or answer this later in the day when normal people are awake, feel free, but please specify.]

Everybody's got powers, right? That's why they want us to stick around...

[You can just hear how much he likes that prospect. He all but spits those last two words out like it's a curse.]

So anyway, I'm curious.

How many of you have 'side effects' from them? Anybody know? I know there's gotta be more than one... but it's not all of you, is it?

I - nnghh. I wanna know why that is... why's it only some people?
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[Josuke's first strictly text broadcast to the network. The occasion? Well, if he's honest, human hearts weren't meant for tug-of-wars and Josuke's is exhausted from the seemingly endless pull on his at the moment. Things are much simpler if people can't see or hear his distress.

Never mind that it might be identifiable to those who know already his texting patterns, which are markedly...different from what follows on screen a moment later. For one, he rarely uses caps, and for another, the number of abbreviations that would appear if he were feeling better would be too numerous to count.]

For those who're interested, PAINTBALL is still on for tomorrow. So pay attention if you wanna play! This is what you need to know.
  1. You need to be in Maurtia Falls by 7 PM at a place called All Star Parking - it's an out-of-use parking garage near the east end of town that you can't miss.

  2. The game is played solo, in pairs, or in teams - it's up to you. Just remember, there'll be only one winner by the end of it.

  3. Hisoka (my partner) and I got some protective gear for you, but it's first come-first serve, so you might wanna bring your own padding if you don't wanna get a little banged up.

  4. Powers are allowed, but anyone caught pulling lethal stunts is gonna need a ride straight to the emergency room when I'm finished with them...I guarantee that.

  5. It's 1 round played until there's only 1 person left 'standing'. You're out if you get shot 3 times - which should still be a challenge 'cause of peoples' powers.

  6. Sorry, there's no prize, just the glory - but that's all a real champ needs, right?
I guess that's about it. If you're a new face around these parts and you're feeling up to playing hard with the big boys, you're more than welcome to join in. Don't expect anybody to go easy on you, though.

[In any case, that's appears to be all he has to say today about...well, anything. There's nothing to signify he's been following the network posts (even though he has been) or that he cares what's going on (he does) and that he's bothered by certain events (an understatement). In sum, his post might as well read: IT'S PLAYTIME BITCHES, GET YOUR GAME FACE ON AND PREPARE TO LOSE! ...even if he feels a lot more like calling the whole thing off and calling up his biffle for a cheesy movie night.]
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Why the hell is it always America involved in weird shit like this? Body swapping, world domination, and now transdimensional kidnapping. Get it together America. I thought you guys were alright having a Storm Rider for President but I shouldn't surprised it just makes this whole country COMPLETELY INSANE.


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