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Capsule 008 💊 (Video) [After Pan's post to the Network]

[Not long after Pan’s post to the network, the feed clicks on once more, broadcasting to anyone and everyone with a communicator who’ll listen. This time, it’s not Peter himself, but Kaneda, the same boy who had been called out on the feed only just 20 minutes or so ago. There’s something different about him--his shoulders are squared, his eyes dark, void of that usual glint they had. His lighthearted confidence has been replaced by authority, shaggy hair shaken out of his eyes as he regulates his breathing.

The whole event had made him nauseous, angry, even. But he was fighting to put that down right now. Now wasn't the time for this--He had other things to do than be sick. Eyes pierce the screen a moment, before he finally speaks up.

Peter, you wanted to play a game?


Challenge goddamn accepted.]


[His voice, usually so light and full of life had been replaced with a pained, but grounded voice. It’s loud and authoritative, and right now, it’s one he wants people to HEAR.]

Anyone who saw that. Anyone who wants to kick Pan’s scrawny fucking ass. Anyone who wants to get Heropa back. Anyone who wants to be the DAMN HERO.

I’ll give you an HOUR. I don’t give a fuck why you’re fighting, but if you’re going to, grab your shit and meet me outside Heropa.

[A pause, as if thinking of anything else he wants to add.]

Pan. [Now he smiles, tilting his head to the side. It’s almost a little scary, that smile he gives. It’s slowly spread, and taking on a new form of confidence. His hands move, pulling out two distinctly decorated guns.] You’ve got a lot of guts calling me out like that, you know?

Don’t cry when I kick your ass. Babies are such a painnnn.
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Already there. Don't go charging in without me.
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[Really, Kaneda? Really?]

I do this for a living, kid. The question is whether you can handle yourself.
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[Yeah alright. Anyway it's Kaneda's friend who got gruesomely murdered, so he's not going to press the issue too hard. Stopping him clearly wasn't going to happen even if Qubit felt all that inclined to try.

Normally he wouldn't need weapons - he's an improviser, and electrical systems are ubiquitous enough that he can usually make whatever he needs when he needs it, without having to weigh himself down with parts or weapons. (Given the kind of people he routinely got into fights with back home, he needed all the mobility he could get.) And anyway, he isn't crazy about relying on guns if he doesn't have to.

But at the same time, there's no telling what's going on inside the barrier. The couple of drones he's already sent in went silent the second they passed through. So after a moment-]

Possibly. It depends. You're not the one distributing them, are you?
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[Kaneda. You kids have superpowers, you shouldn't need to stockpile weapons!]

What I need more is information. Anything you know about this Pan character.
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pfft, easy. kamikaze bike torpedo.

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[The one who was manipulating Tetsuo.]

Wouldn't surprise me. Saying what, exactly?
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look he is not a good role model ok

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So he's telepathic, you're thinking?

[I mean, among other things, obviously.]