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--subject seems to have no unique properties...[The video comes into focus mid-way through, featuring Zelda hunched over a desk, furiously taking notes.

She sighs after a moment, moving to pick up something from the side of her desk—a frog.

I was really hoping there would be something special...those back home would improve speed, performance, attack...and yet, nothing. I don’t know how I’ll manage to make any useful elixir without specialized ingredients.

[She frowns, poking her amphibian specimen and laughing slightly as the frog croaked in response. She finally turns her attention to the camera.]

I don’t suppose any of you know of any animals or plants here that have special properties? Or where one might find some materials to experiment with? I would greatly appreciate any leads you might be able to provide.
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[It was kinda hard to follow the situation. The way she is using the frog for will have her attention, but she doesn't seem to be doing anything malicious with it. Instead, she'll focus on her concerns.]

It depends by what your meaning of "special properties" are. Can you be more specific? Maybe someone may be able to help if we knew more about it.

[She's never heard of the word "elixir" before except in RPGs, but she won't make mention of that.]
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Don't worry about it. It's always good to be open to discussion even if most of it may not make sense to some.

[She listens happily to the explanation, finding it fascinating to learn about special potions that can help increase certain aspects than simply being used to treat illnesses.]

Yeah, maybe. What I understood was -- it's like a kind of medicine except it's based more on helping someone becoming more skilled than simply healing them?

[It sounds a little like the pills Yuu once told her.]

How long does it take for it to take effect? Is there a limit on the amount you can ingest?

[Since her rain partner's could potentially kill him if he had too many in short amount of time.]

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Weird, right? Everything here is so... normal. None of the animals breathe fire or try to poison you. I haven't even seen one single dragon.

[There's a thoughtful pause and Aerith shakes her head, laughing.]

Okay, maybe I don't miss that stuff very much. But it's still hard to get used to. You're gonna need imPorts to supply you with things from their world if you want something to experiment on.
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Hmm... Oh! I know! Just go on missions here when they pop up. I think those have had some... let's say 'abnormal' items before. Though I haven't heard of one being done in a while. Just keep your eyes open.

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[ Oh, there's that "e" word that Krul can't stand. ]

That might depend on what you intend to do with them.
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So you enjoy experimenting on other creatures then?
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[Link shrinks a bit, seeing the frog.]

I have a lead, Princess, if I may:

Do not ingest.
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[my goddess, she's terrifying.]

I've never shied away from eating dubious food but swallowing creatures whole is still not something I want.

Also...I feel like the people of this kingdom might not want us eating all of their frogs and lizards.

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Potions are painfully limited in this world.
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From research? It's less the stuffed shirts and more the tragically ordinary state of this world. No magic, no fantastic beasts. Why they went and messed with powers they don't understand and landed us here, I'd guess.

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You make elixirs out of frogs?

[ he's completely missed the point, but also, ew. ]
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Re: video

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Wow. Uh... I don't know why I'm surprised, because people eat frogs, but that still seems kinda gross to me. No offense!

[ It's still pretty grody. ]

But it sounds to me like you're just talking about steroids.

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Well, my dog can fly, so I guess that'd count as a special property, buuuuut I'd rather you not experiment on him.
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Well, you did ask about animals and not frogs.

[The huge grin betrays the fact he's just teasing her.]

And yes, Ace can fly.

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