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[Voice, Video] should have worshiped her sooner

[ Today, the Church of the Morningstar is looking a little different. It, and the grounds, have been decorated with thousands and thousands of pure white Easter Lilies. Some are planted, coming out of the ground, others draped in garlands and in wreathes. How did they do it? A miracle? Porter powers? An serious business event coordinator and an absurd number of day laborers? It is a mystery. There is also now a large banner reading: ]

So we're under new management

"The gates to Hell remain open and welcoming to all. Throne is still occupied and the Morning Star still rises."

[ There's a long, long pause. It almost seems like she just forgot to turn the feed off, when she starts again. ]

"If you liked what Luci did, if she inspired you, or changed you, or just entertained you, you can thank her by taking a little less shit. Ruin some dickhead's day before they ruin yours. Burn bright.

And, uh. If if you didn't like her, feel free to go fuck yourself. She'll be back."
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[ Aw, shit. Ruining some dickhead's day is John's style, but doing anything the Morningstar would approve of is not. Such a pickle. ]

Y'don't think it's a little on the nose?
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Well. S'far from the first time she's had that much white stuff on the nose, so I guess it suits.
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[ Well, it had been awfully quiet lately. This is what he knows how to deal with, taking her anger and sarcasm as if it were practically smalltalk. He'd take the mood swings and colourful language over the disassociated and shellshocked and haunted kid, any day of the fuckin' week. ]

Ah, there we are. Was worried you weren't yerself lately.

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[ There's an ugly and truthful way he could answer that - about how she could be a starstruck and very much powerless teenager. But saying so is almost too low a blow even for him. ]

D'you want me to answer that honestly, love?

[ Almost. ]
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[ What the fuck, John, she's in the middle of reliving trauma from the first time she lost her Luci, and this is what you come up with?

But then, he is like a train full of flaming rubbish. It takes a mile or so to fully stop even when you do slam the brakes. ]

You did ask.
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Her fans loved it.
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[Because let's be honest, Inanna is likely sitting right next to her with a bottle of something stiff—liquor with a bite to it like Luci would enjoy.]

I think she'd approve.
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[They flinch bodily, head bowed.]

You know that isn't what I meant...
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[They chew uneasily on their lower lip, watching her for a long moment.]

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