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[ Contrasting with her normal bubbly demeanor, Haen is a grumpy little geneticist today. She had been caught in the same affliction, but had broken out of it part way through. In light of that, she has... entirely different priorities. ]

I don't care how catchy it sounds, this is not a 'plague'.

Medically this isn't a plague, or an epidemic-- there's absolutely nothing biological about the makeup of whatever this is to qualify it as pandemic at all. If you need proof, I can whip up something localized and show it to you, but good guanines, stop giving perfectly legitimate infectious diseases a bad name!

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What would you call it then? [ There's a pause, not meaning to sound rude. ] I didn't even know that's what it was being called.
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It's definitely not one you hear all that often?
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This infectious disease plague epidemic sure is worryin', huh?

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I'd think I have bigger things to worry about than semantics.

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Y'could call it a plague, I reckon. It's spreadin' fast and no-one can stop it. Ain't that somethin' like a plague?

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Me? Never!
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I have been saying as much. Honestly, there isn't anything to suggest something remotely infectious--not physically so, at any rate.

Though, I believe many would use such phrases due to the familiarity of the term. Hardly acceptable within respected fields, but understandable given the circumstances. Perhaps if we understood the cause it could be better classed as a specific form of affliction.
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Nothing about this situation is easy, so to speak.

...And exactly what would you code as a demonstration?
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Those I've observed seem to be distraught, as if in a nightmare. If that's true, then I would hardly count it as an easy experience.

Interesting. But is it particularly dangerous? If so, any such simulation may be best left alone, lest someone get ideas to...allow it to spread among a public already afflicted.