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[The com video opens to a man in his thirties; clean cut and in civilian clothes, smoking a cigarette. He seems to have avoided the throng of fans and news reporters looking to interview new imPorts, and has instead sequestered himself alone somewhere. He touches his hand to his ear, as if it'll help him hear the communicator's audio better, and keeps a suspicious eye out for any passerby.]

Can anybody read me on this thing? My name's... David. Sorry if I kept you waiting, huh. But I want some information first.

I'm looking for someone who's been involved in this exercise from the beginning. What do you all want from me? And since when has the government run a covert op under the old CCAFS base? What the hell is this place exactly?

Whoever's running this thing, you've got the wrong guy. I'm no hero. Just an old war vet. Not that I'm complaining about Florida, but if it's all the same to you, I've got fifty dogs back home that I've got to take care of. I don't work for the government anymore. If it's all the same to you, I'd like to get back home to Twin Lakes.
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...Do you run a shelter or something? [how the fuck does someone just have fifty dogs??] I'm not sure what you're rambling about, but you're stuck here same way we all are.
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Nothing. [Or maybe it does? Jotaro is just going off what he understands of how this world and the porter that brings them here functions.] Most likely, you were just picked to come here at pure random chance.

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You're telling the wrong people. We're all imports. None of us are the ones running this place.

[She gives him a curious look.]

Did you really have fifty dogs?
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That's a lot of dogs.

So, you ran a dog sled? That's cool.

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W-we can't leave. I, I mean, th-they can't s-send us back and n-nobody knows how to g-go back, either. They d-don't even actually pick who c-comes here, actually. [The tiny twelve year old shrugs, helplessly.]

I'm s-sorry. But you're st-stuck, for, um, for a l-little bit, at least. [She looks down, feeling useless.] S-sorry.
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I'm n-not a soldier. You don't h-have to Register t-to do, um, a-all the fighting stuff. I m-mean, i-if you don't you c-can't travel around a l-lot but. That's okay, w-with me.

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[ Video ]

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I have been here for three years. It's not the beginning, but close to that.

What they've told you when you first arrived is true. The pamphlet also is, though it lacks some information, but usually everything does. [ there are always small details you learn with time which isn't written anywhere. Something you get used to ]

Like they said, they can't send you back. Only Lachesis can.
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It's an AI from another universe who has taken over the Porter.

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Hi, I'm the leader here. I work for the Human Earth Government.

[very serious robot face.]

Your dogs are forfeit.
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Excuse you.

I'm a speed boat.

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Fifty dogs? Will Graham would love you.

[She's a cat person. Sorry.]

They want you to be a hero, sweetie.
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Is that sentiment a reflection of your own personal experience?

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Damn. That's a lot of dogs.

[Jacob is a dog person. He's a little jealous. In the video, it's not hard to guess that he's got military background: even though he's in civilian clothing, it shows in his posture, his alertness, and his physique.]

I don't think there's anyone here who has really been involved since the beginning. Closest thing I could give you are some imPorts who showed up before I did. And even they don't have all the answers.
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Yeah. Some things don't really change across universes. Military where I'm from has the same issues.

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second verse same as the first

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Snake! [ It's the joyous sounds of a thirteen year old coming in loud and clear on your codec. ] You... You look different.

[ Younger, and with both eyes! But the similarities can't be coincidental, right? ]

Is David really your real name? I never knew that! Why're you telling everyone now?
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Don't you know me, Snake? I work at Mother Base—I'm the best man for recon!

[ Yes man. Not boy. Huff. ]

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