May. 5th, 2017


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I've been wondering- [Sabriel's voice is even, thoughtful, but just a bit hesitant.]

What happens after people die, in your worlds? I know what happens in mine, and I have... something of an idea of what happens in this world. There's some sort of afterlife here, but it's inaccessible to any imPort, living or dead. Perhaps that's part of why we're able to be revived and the locals aren't- because we can't pass into this worlds hereafter. [Sabriel's voice shifts, taking on a tone of somber authority.]

In mine... Death is a river with no shores. It starts at the boundary with Life, then flows through nine precincts, each marked by a gate- its current guides all who enter it to follow it, to let it carry them past the Ninth gate, from which none have returned. Those who fight the current, who seek to return to a world that is no longer their own, and linger in Death, seeking to return to Life... the current warps them, and in time, they lose their humanity, growing in power in the process. All they remember is their desire to return to life, at any cost.

[And Sabriel's tone becomes deliberately chipper, like she's forcing a smile.]I understand that some of you come from worlds with similar troubles, though others are blessedly free of such problems. In either case, I'm curious. Is their magic tied to Death in your worlds, or is it just something people have to deal with through mundane methods?

I. [video]

May. 5th, 2017 08:54 pm
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[It takes a moment for the image to stabilize and come into focus. When it does there is weary face, wearing a stony expression. The man on the screen looks older than his 35 years, and it is hard to imagine that he has ever smiled. When he speaks his voice is just as grim.]

My name is Ned Stark. I am searching for my wife, Catelyn, and any of our children who may be here. Rob, Jon, Sansa, Arya, Bran, or Rickon. [He speaks each of their names clearly, pausing briefly to let them sink in. You’d better be listening, people.]

If you have met any of them and could tell me where they may be, I would be most grateful.

[There’s a flicker of emotion there, clearly visible if one is looking closely - a bone-deep sorrow in those tired eyes. He misses his family dearly. He’d do anything to have them back.]

Thank you.

[He murmurs those last words as he reaches out to turn off the camera. Because Ned Stark is too much of a man to let the whole city see him cry.]

[ video ]

May. 5th, 2017 09:33 pm
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[ all you see on the screen is a turtle in this walking on a leash, waddling along the streets of heropa at her own pace. if you're in heropa you can probably watch in person, but hey there's a video feed for it too so everyone gets to watch ]

Turtles are way too feisty if you don't walk them daily.

[ is the voice behind the turtle waddling forward. it's a man's voice, low and deep. and you can see glimpses of his classy shoes as he walks alongside the turtle who, at times, waddles back to his shoes and bumps her head against the tips of them as if to tell her owner to hurry the hell up ]

And they're bossy as fuck.

[ after that's said, the video finally pans to kaito. he has a disgruntled look on his face but not towards the turtle, moreso at the fact that he's being bossed around by her ]

Take my advice, never get a female turtle for a pet.


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