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003; video

[ID reads Green Lantern.]

I know people seem to be badly affected by Scarecrow's fear gas, but for those of us who don't have super healing or whatever the good news is you can work through it. Yeah, I'm using myself as an example, beating fear is in my job description so believe me when I say you'll get through this. You're more resilient than you think.

[A green model of both Dr. Jonathan Crane and Scarecrow pops up in view.]

Also if you see Crane or someone wearing a potato sack over their head you should definitely contact RISE or you know, me. Anyone else affiliated with the Justice League is also fine, basically I don't recommend taking it to the local authorities first. Better to hand him in after he's been subdued.

[Shut up Batman, RISE is a good idea and he's going to get help with this whether he likes it or not.

And the serious moment is over as he grins, baring his teeth in defiance.]

And Crane, if you're out there listening, I've gone up against fear itself there is nothing you can do that'll stop me. After everything you've done here, I'm going to hunt you down and bring you in. You can even try gassing me again so you realise just how weak fear is.
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video; hi pretend this is on time

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[A name. Dr. Crane. Scarecrow. It's not much, but it's something to lock onto, a target for his outrage. The trouble is, now he needs a constructive channel for it, and he doesn't have the connections or resources to start tracking this guy on his own. He needs allies. He needs a team. And this guy's got one.]

So are you the one I should talk to about offering my assistance?
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Tech and tactical are my specialties, yes. But if it comes to a fight - which seems likely - I'll want to be there.

[Read: when you go to knock Crane's lights out, he'd better get a turn.]
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You could say that. Only without the whole "master of none" implication.
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[He grips his lapels a la William Hartnell.] I'd like to think I've earned it.
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Thank you. And duly noted. [She would not be the first tbh.]