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[Sabriel's posting this from a couch in De Chima 007. She looks better rested than she did during the blackout, and even offers the camera a polite smile.]

Hello, everyone. I hope everyone who was injured during that mess is recovering- If you need a healer, I'll do what I can. Although some of us will probably be busy tracking down those remaining escaped imPorts- but I'm getting off topic.

[Sabriel pauses, then pushes on.]

During the blackout, there was a demand for imPort healers due to a shortage of local nurses- there still is, by the way. While we can't choose the powers the Porter gives us, I can teach imPorts Charter magic- namely, how to use it to heal.

Charter magic is a form of magic in my world that doesn't require any inborn power to learn- although of course there is considerable variation in both power and aptitude among its practitioners. Those who have been baptized with a Charter mark- [And here Sabriel taps the faint symbol on her own forehead, the mark flaring at her trust before fading away just as quickly.] can learn to access the Charter and draw upon its power for various uses- to attack, to defend, to create, and most importantly, to heal.

For some reason, I can only baptize and teach imPorts. So I'm looking for students- people who want to learn how to heal, but I can teach more than that if you can be trusted to use it responsibly. [Sabriel might be an optimist, and she's been called too trusting by some, but she's not going to teach destructive Charter magic until she's sure her students won't use it for criminal or outright petty purposes.]

I need to warn you though- Charter magic requires patience and dedication to master, and the consequences of overreaching or misusing it can be disastrous to both the mage and anyone near them. But when used properly, it's both safe and useful. If anyone would like a demonstration, I'm happy to offer one in person- it tends to cause trouble for electronics.

[ooc: Sabriel can teach characters with an open power slot how to use Charter magic. This requires a power update submission, but not a port out. I have more information here.]


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[ Tabris squints at the camera, moving it back and forth until she's sure that she can be clearly seen. Strange magic, but she's getting used to it. ]

Okay, so. This one is for all of the nonhumans of us out there. Sorry, shems.

[ She's not sorry. ]

Alright, so, I don't know about you guys, but having a couple hundred prisoners who don't like imPorts made it profoundly clear that I have a big glowy sign over my head that says 'imPort'. Or, I guess the sign is on the side of my head, because. Pointy ears.

From what I can tell, this world only cranks out humans. Which--Andraste's flaming ass, it's weird. Why do they only have humans running around? Do you think they went and, like. Killed off everyone else? I wouldn't put it past them.

[ She pauses for a moment. ]

If I'm actually full of shit and there are some organically grown all natural nonhumans from this world, please direct me to them and I'll send them a gift basket in apology.
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The end was no where near as dramatic as the beginning.

A soft whirl of equipment coming back to life, the brightness of lamps and lights left on and like that, the power was back. There may have been a few surges as the grids stabilized but no ominous messages.

After a few hours, there would be a broadcast from a government official across the television stations, radios and network to all affected cities. A sharply dressed woman, introducing herself as a press secretary, would start by offering the government's sincere gratitude to the imPorts who pitched in and assisted during the trying week.

Likewise she would say there is confirmation that the blackout was due to outside interference, but the government would like to assure the people that their highest intelligence is on the case while emphasizing that if this was a test for the American people, they passed it with aplomb. She would also offer assurance that there were efforts now under way, by the government, to ensure that there would be no repeat of such an event.

With the good news, comes a bit of bad as she would go on to warn the people that while many of the convicts were caught due to the hard work of government officials, volunteers and imPorts alike, many of them remain at large - everyone should practice caution in the upcoming weeks and report any suspicious activity to an official.

Finally she would reiterate the government's gratitude and encourage everybody to rest and recover. The message ends with more gratitude and then shuts off to allow people to get back to the business of clean-up.

[OOC: With this post the blackout event has ICly ended!

Just a reminder that you can still submit event log threads for an OOC follow up next month! We will accept threads logged up through February 1st. ]


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