Aug. 2nd, 2017

001 {Video}

Aug. 2nd, 2017 02:47 am
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[The video feed flips on, showing a very small teenager with wild, clipped up hair, sitting in the passengers seat of a car. Her shirt looks like it’s made of a whole lot of ribbons just sewed together on the top and bottom. There are soda tabs decorating it, along with some beads. It’s...well, it might be cute on some avant garde runway or in a bad Etsy shop.]

I guess everyone introduces themselves around here. So, hello there universe, I’m Blue. Yes, like the color. [She pauses to chew at the corner of her lip while she thinks of more personal trivia.] Uh, I’m about to turn 18 in a week, it’s my senior year this year, and...I like trees? And dogs.

[She looks down then, thinking of more things to add. Her eye catches a stray bead and her eyes light up.]

Oh! Yes. Does anyone know of some really, really good second-hand stores or scrap places? I have no clothes besides these, it’s a big problem.

[What do you mean just go buy some new clothes? What rich losers do that.]
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[After checking the date in a few places- on the network, on a calendar, and on an electronic sign outside a drugstore, Tina is satisfied that she's only been gone HERE for about a day, even though years had passed back home. Which was a bit frustrating, but she knows there's not much she can do about it.

And when she says hello to the network, she's dressed in a damp pickle-shaped costume.]

Uhm, I'm in a pickle. Can someone help me out? ... get it? I'm in a pickle because I'm... dressed... like one... ha, ha, ha...

I know I wasn't gone for long but I'm sorry if I worried anyone. I went home and came back here with a bunch of new memories. Very good memories... [And Tina drifts off then, a blissful expression on her face.]

[ Video ]

Aug. 2nd, 2017 10:42 am
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[Jonathan has been moping, and now he's sitting outside in the park, sharing his thoughts.]

So...the clones are gone. Not just apprehended, but know...

Is anyone else bothered by this? I mean, they were living, conscious beings. And now they're not.
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[The feed opens up to a young man - rather solemn-looking - in a red hat. There is what some may consider to be a rather strange-looking creature perched upon his shoulder, blinking curiously into the camera along with its trainer.]


[It's the little yellow thing that is the first one to make a sound, earning it a small scratch behind the ears from the man in the hat. He looks back to the camera then, tilting his head to the side a bit and, in a soft voice - barely more than a mumble - addressing the network:]

Where are all the Pokémon?

[He's new.]
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( Folks, it’s Sarissa. She’s posting about five am, and the hazy grey early morning light is all she has to work with. There’s hay in her hair. On the bale behind her slumbers a piglet. She’s got another in her lap.

Surprise, she’s in the barn. )

G’day g’day, tuning with an important philosophical question for all you good people of the network. I was gonna ask Saroula, but she locked me outta the house for making shitty jokes, and then I think she fell asleep before remembering to unlock the door.

( Is this the slight madness of not-enough-sleep, or is it regular Sarissa? It’s hard to say. )

So, okay, back to business. If a snail doesn’t have its shell is it…

( She plays a gentle drum roll on the sleepy piglet’s belly, and it makes a sleepy sound, moving to get comfy again. )

a) Naked
b) Homeless
c) Minimalist?

Important question, right? Feel free to slug it out as you enlighten me with your gastropodical opinions. And if someone can bring me a clean shirt and some coffee that’d be great. I could be out here a while.


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