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Video; Another ImPortant! ad!

SEE THE MIRACLE. [ Says a sudden booming voice. The by now familiar tone of an imPortant! advert suddenly begins, showing inside and outside views of a beautiful modern church in nighttime Miami, crowds of people mill around inside and out, and among them is the occasional truly ill looking person. Lucifer's satanist followers aren't a certain kind of people--sure, there's the gothic type in their black robes and Bowie make up, but there are just as many people among the crowd that you wouldn't blink at if they passed you in the street, all creeds and colors and ages. Some people have their babies with them.

If there's anything unusual in this video, it's that the church has been painted. Now the columns outside bear bold Enochian sigils - the language of angels - that seem to glow phosphorescent in the darkness--it's quite clearly spellwork of some kind, to those familiar with magic.

Finally in a shot inside the church, Lucifer introduces a man in
a cloak and a mask, guiding him by his elbow into place on the transept, just in front of the altar. The lights in the church go down suddenly, except for a spotlight lighting the man in the mask and the lights coming down the aisles. ]

I give you Raziel. The keeper of secrets. The angel of mysteries.

[ There's a flash of smoke from about the transept, and then - cleverly - angel wings are projected with lasers into the smoke about the cloaked figure, making it seem as though he has wings--a modern illusion, smoke and mirrors. ]

Come forward; let his touch heal you.

[ And then there's a short montage, a man hooked up to breathing equipment who lifts the mask from his face and breathes easily without it. A woman with a withered arm who grows it back right there in front of the crowd, and a small child who is guided to the front by his mother, and healed of his blindness. He breaks down in tears. Lucifer sure does like featuring children in his adverts, doesn't he? The child hugs his mother, and the screen tunnels out and goes black, giving way to Lucifer on screen. He's in his office again, with the stained glass wings on the windows behind him. ]

I give you my brother Raziel, the healer. [ Such lies. The man behind the mask isn't Raziel at all, and while he's certainly an import, the church's anonymous new healer isn't an angel, but a man. Still, Lucifer is very pleased with himself. He can't heal others himself, but securing a healer for the church has multiplied his already bursting attendance figures. The service for healing is on a specific day of the week, but large donations allow people to see Raziel out of service times, and will hopefully fund the church's expansion to other cities (come on LA!) ] His services are made available to anyone who needs them, of course, and as Raziel is an import, like you, and eager to provide his help, I urge you not to hesitate just because of his relationship with me.

If you're injured, if you ever need help, come to him and he'll heal you. Or call. Whatever you like. There's no fee, either, if you're wondering. He tends his flock the best way he knows, that's all that matters, and I'm only too happy to provide the venue.

[ And if the people coming pay, or convert out of gratitude, then so be it. Party on. Lucifer's expression changes from serious all of a sudden, and he leans toward the camera. ]

Okay, last thing. Honest answer: LA, Maurtia Falls or Vegas--where should I build my next church? Somewhere else? Anyone who says Hell, Michigan gets a prize that they probably won't like. [ Wink. Thumbs up to camera. Lucifer out. ]

[ ooc: replies may come from Lucifer or "Raziel", who is totally not an angel, but definitely a healer. Lucifer is so pleased about this shit. Also recent pamphlets from the church and their website and social networking, are all covered in information about Raziel, as well as talk about new branches of the church in other American cities. IC messages can be sent to Raziel via this inbox ]
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Oh, come on. That's not even a good hologram.
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Maybe on a cold day in Hell. I don't think a client calling himself Lucifer would look very good on my resume, if I'm honest.

[What he was thinking was "absolutely not, and fuck you for thinking I would," but this will do.]
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-08-10 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd certainly have some choice words for their parents.

So what's the catch? What do you get out of this arrangement? "Donations" from the desperate, I assume?
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No, of course you don't. Why would you have to? They're already eating out of the palm of your hand. I know your type. You change someone's life, and let them think they owe you for it, when in reality, all you're doing is taking advantage of people at their most vulnerable.

Assuming that's all you're doing, of course. Sometimes you take your eyes off these cults for a hot minute and boom, army of devils.
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[frysquint.gif... He's legit not sure if sarcastic or just that transparently evil.]

Are you always this up-front about it, or only with people you can't convert?
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[One of the first things you learn in this business is, never assume they're bluffing. But another is to choose your battles. For instance, there is absolutely no way he could take on a Satanic cult by himself even if the actual archangel Lucifer were not involved. As awful as it is to see people getting manipulated like this, there's nothing he can do about it right now.]

Crow all you want. It won't do you any good in the end.