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mach three. video.

[ in front of barry is a rather large bowl of candy. it's clear that some candy ( half the bowl ) has been eaten and not just because barry happens to be eating some right when the video starts. call it him getting in the halloween spirit via candy meant for other people. he'll buy some more later. ]

Halloween is in two days, if I haven't forgotten a day or two or it isn't the wrong day. I know a reasonable amount of us are adults who are too adult to dress up or if we do dress up it's just for maybe a costume party. And those of us who aren't, just don't want to dress up or think they're too mature for it.

[ barry pauses to eat yet another chocolate bar before continuing. ]

But I like to think some of us are kids at heart. You don't have to have superheroes at home, it can apply to just here. Maybe you're a superhero at home and have other ones you just like enough to have thought about what I'm to ask.

My question is one that I only have a chance to ask around Halloween without it being weird and off topic. How many of you have wanted to dress up as a superhero before? And if you already were a superhero, have you ever wanted to dress up as another one. Just for Halloween or a costume party or whatever.

[ a pause and another candy bar is eaten. ]

You don't have to answer if you're too mature but if I'm willing to admit as a 25 year old that I've wanted to do that even today, I think some of you can admit it too. You could even do it on private, I won't tell a soul because it's a little rude to tell other people's secrets. I just want to know because Halloween's supposed to be fun, and it sounds like a fun thing to do.
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Oh, heavens no. I'd look atrocious in leathers.
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True, but it's popular enough that I wouldn't have a lot of other options. I'm already sort of a counterexample myself.
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That's right. The coat's reinforced, though.
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That'd require me to know the secret first. I didn't make it. But I do know it's part Kevlar, flame retardant, and dry clean only. Standard stuff.
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Don't they? I mean, they aren't cheap, you want them to last a while. Personally, I've just got a machine to do it.

[And the secret identity thing is kind of moot for him anyway.]
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[... Oh yeah. Yeah, of course not everybody's gonna have funding. Sheesh, he must sound like some kind of elitist jerk right now.]

Point. Sorry. I probably wouldn't be able to, either, if not for the technokinetic's discount.
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[HEH... well, he's not rich, anyway.]

There's not much to tell. My power is to make new machines out of old ones, or e-waste. Upcycling garbage, basically. Truth be told, I don't think I've bought a commercial device in over a decade. So if I haven't got a clue what the market value of something is, that's why.
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Yes, as a matter of fact. Unfortunately, I can't reasonably go through all 40-billion-odd kilos of it per year, but I try to do what I can. Actually, one of my ongoing projects is to try and find a safe and cost-effective way for people to recycle it themselves, although in light of the whole "stranded in another dimension" thing it's sort of been on the back burner lately.
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Exactly! My thoughts exactly. Teach a man to fish, etc.

Wouldn't advocate what, though?
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