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[When the imPorts open their comms, they will come face to face with an uncharacteristic image, ensuring that even imPorts who attempt to ignore broadcasts at large will see it. This is, after all, relevant to each and every imPort.

The image is nothing more than a black screen with white text superimposed on it: STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

After a moment, the image will be quickly replaced by one of L. Chases, seated at her desk, hands folded in front of her. Her expression may be grim, but it is firm, and there is nothing but ferocity behind her stare.]

Attention all imPorts, [she starts off, voice crisp and clear.]

We are now in a state of national emergency. As of January 20th, the USSR has officially declared war on the United States, effectively endangering not only the people of America, but the world as a whole. In this time of need there is a strong chance we may have to call upon you, imPorts, to do your duty in protecting your own.

As a part of this declaration of war, the USSR has abducted approximately fifty imPorts, a number which may yet continue to grow. We do not yet know how this was accomplished, but you have our word that our intelligence is active and ready to uncover what form of technology could abduct you from afar.

We are currently in talks with foreign aid and the UN. Retaliation is a risky prospect, but I assure you, we will retaliate. That time draws near, and when it does, we will be asking for your assistance.

Until then, stay aware, alert, and cautious, imPorts. We cannot afford to lose any more of you, and more importantly, your fellows cannot afford it.

[And with that, her broadcast ends. There will be no replies.]
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[It pains him that this message brings him any sense of relief, but it does. Even so, his hands shake as he attempts to respond]

Newton Geiszler is mising.
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[... fuck.]

Doctor, do you need some company right now?
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I'm alright.

[He's not]
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I didn't ask if you were alright. And for the record I also did not ask if you wanted company.

Doctor, do you need some company right now?

[Yes, there's a difference.]
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No, Joaquin.

I.. I'm going to work.
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wow, okay, switching to voice then :p (also private)

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Hermann, it's too late to head out to work. Stay home and get some rest if you don't want to see me. I understand. I could send Manolo over if he's more... [acceptable? palatable?]
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Enough, Joaquin. [It's definitely an irritated snap, but his tone gentles after the burst of aggravation]

It's not about that. I just need.. I need..

[Hesitates] ..I need to find him.
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[There's a deep, deep breath being taken on Joaquin's side of the line. Really, Herms? So if Manolo happens to do something dangerous then it's bad for Joaquin to be upset, but if Newton is in danger then it's okay for Hermann to be mad?

....Whatever. He doesn't want to start a new fight with his friend again especially if it's just on something dumb and petty like double standards.]

.... So you need to find him. Okay. That's fair. How are you going to do that?
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[No it's totally fine he was upset, just not where he abandoned Manolo. Details they'll work out later when he's not stressed about how he is going to accomplish that]

Triangulation. Not that I have anything to work from yet of course. [By the sound of it, he's pacing, what with the click of his cane and all] Siberia? Moscow? ..I need more cameras. Yes. I'm going to work.
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I can admit that I've no idea what that is, but it sounds like you have a plan. That's good.

But if you're going to work because you can't seem to find sleep then I think Manolo could help with that. You can go to work after you've had some rest, okay?
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[There's a jingle of keys and rustle of cloth]

No, I'm going to work because I need answers. I will sleep when it's necessary.
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Sleep is necessary! [God, but he can hear those keys and "dammit, shit" can be heard coming muffled from Joaquin's end of the line.

Another deep breath.]

Okay. Okay, okay, do what you need to, Hermann. Just be... smart about it.
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I'm a mathematical genius, Joaquin. [Who he's convincing here is anyone's guess] Of course I will be. I do not possess Newton's lack of forethought.
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Yes, but you're also emotionally compromised and that doesn't lead to the best decisions. [Joaquin would know. Lord, would he know.]

.... I'm just worried, you know. Newt wouldn't want you to do anything dangerous, unless he was right there next to you doing it with you.
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Emotionally compromi- yes, I'm emotionally compromised. But that doesn't mean I'm not capable of rational thought.

[A door opens then closes, and Hermann's muttering through the jingle of keys and click of a lock- ranting more to himself than anyone really]

Newton and his double standards- just because he can regenerate now. Who was the one that nearly died several times in the span of a few hours? Racing about Hong Kong while the double event I predicted emerged from the sea. Oh, but I was still wrong of course. God, that man doesn't think.
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Hermann, you're leaving to go to work and it's the time when normal people are leaving work to go eat dinner! [There is nothing logical about this, considering Hermann probably has been up for a long time already today fretting over Newton.] But like I said, do what you want!

[And he's listening to your rant Hermann, nodding along even though you can't see... And something in the back of his mind triggers through all that mumbling.]

Oh wait! Wait, so! I know he's missing and all that, but have you been able to tell where he is? Like... can't you feel where he is?
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Yes, well this is an emergency situation, and I don't know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing sitting at home other than attempting to avoid an anxiety attack. At least at work I'll be able to do something productive.

And no, I can't track Newton. The drift doesn't tell us where we are, only gives vague proximity clue--

[There's an audible pause and a ding in the background]

Not that you're supposed to know about any of that. Let me guess: Newton told you?
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I have some numbers that I can wire you if you feel your anxiety might be getting out of hand. [Comes with being tied to a counseling facility.

And ah, right. Newton must not have informed Hermann of his indiscretion. Joaquin sighs.]

Yeah, he told me. He was drunk and I said he might not want to give me all the details but he barreled on ahead anyway. Guess he felt he could trust me with that information. Sorry if you don't agree, I won't bring it up again if it makes you uncomfortable.
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Numbers? [For a minute he thinks Joaquin has data, but then it hits him that he mean telephone numbers] No, that won't be necessary. So long as you safeguard that information, we won't have any issues.

But our brains are essentially hard-wired to one another, so when I say anxiety, I mean that my brain has been effectively severed in half and has been constantly searching and reaching out for something that's no longer there. To say it's maddening is an understatement, but I'm afraid there's not much to be done about it at the moment.
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[That... makes it sound worse than Joaquin even imagined. Okay, now he's the one trying not to panic!]

Alright, okay, alright so! Ah... [he's scrambling] would it bother you if I came over to the lab to check up on y-your work to see how things are going? I'm definitely interested in knowing how close we are to finding everyone!

[Pretty smooth save there, if he could say so himself.]
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[IT'S REALLY NOT.. But Hermann will overlook it]

The lab is always open. You're free to visit, but don't hope for too much during the first few days. I also don't expect to be particularly great company.
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No, I, uh, I can understand that.

Maybe I'll bring Manolo along sometime, too. I'm sure he'd be glad to see you again. Maybe play you some music to help you work. [Or sleep.]
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Yes, that may be alright. So long as neither of you prove distracting.
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Right. Okay then...

[A soft sigh. His voice gets a bit gentler.]

I guess I'll let you get to work, then. Take care of yourself, Hermann. I'll see you in a day or so, okay?
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[Whereas Hermann's tone is brisk and edged with impatience]

Yes, thank you. I'll see you then.
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