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015 ♍ VIDEO ♍ backdated to monday evening

[ The feed opens on a video that looks like it was recorded by something much higher quality than the standard imPort communicator, as a dark-haired woman walks down a runway in a very colorful drape dress. The colors blaze across the fabric in a way that seems both orderly and wild, passing from the hottest pinks and yellows at the shoulders to a blues and purples at the hems, mixing and mingling in the middle like the angriest possible pastels. A few of the colors even hit hues that don't look like they're naturally occurring, at least not on this planet.

It's the centerpiece of the Maryam Spring Collection, being showcased tonight in New York.

But, as the model nears the end of the runway, she looks disconcerted for a moment, as if suddenly struck by indigestion. She does her best to keep going and playing it off, but eventually she has to stop and turn her head toward the she burps out a large puff of flame. There are sounds of awe and shock from the audience as everyone's phones start flashing and snapping away, and the model turns back to walk as briskly as she can back behind the curtain.

The clip ends, and the video cuts to a frazzled Kanaya, broadcasting from her communicator backstage. She's wearing the biggest, fakest smile her fangs will allow, eyes wide and distressed. Behind her, the same model can be seen in the changing room, still wearing the dress, guzzling bottled water while steam pours out of her mouth. Kanaya glances back at her, smile unwavering, and the woman is clearly very upset that she can apparently breathe fire now.

Satisfied that the extent of the situation has been conveyed, Kanaya turns back to the camera, letting only one word escape her grit teeth.

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[The absurdity of the situation is almost comical, but looking at some of the other comments...]

She's not an imPort?
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[Meanwhile, he's already forming hypotheses as fast as he can think. The poor girl clearly wasn't expecting it, which rules out a few. A surprise "gift" from an imPort? from the Porter?from aliens? Or is this world starting to develop metas on its own?]

Kanaya, this is unprecedented. Does she have any idea what could have caused it? -Is she all right? [which really should have been his first question, in retrospect]
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[sdslf] I know that, I meant is she injured.

And can you be more specific on those? [out comes the tablet. you better believe he's gonna take notes.]
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True, but I want to be sure I can rule it out.
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Fine - fine. Can I speak to her, then? What's her name?
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[A sigh, slightly frustrated. It's annoying to get data-blocked, but if it's not a good time, it's not a good time. He has to respect their wishes there, however grudgingly.]

All right. [beat] I'll let you go, then, but if you need any help, don't hesitate to ring me back. Or once Talia's feeling up to it. Poor girl.
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I understand. [And that's the best he can do for now. Patience is a virtue, probably.] Thank you. Talk to you later.
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