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#2; voice

[ it's early in the morning when Tommy decides to post to the network. very early, if the faintly audible morning chorus in the background is anything to go by. ]

Okay, so-- people date while they're stuck here? I keep hearing about it and every time I wanna know why, 'cause it's crazy. Prisoner solidarity, I get that much, but you're never going to see this person again, ever, so what's the point?

[ he pauses. ]

If you already knew them, that's different.
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Are you dating?

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What the fuck is it to you?

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I didn't take you for the type looking to settle down.

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People date under a lot of weird circumstances. Can't stop the romance, apparently.

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You're never going to see anyone again.

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What about just doing it for fun?

Like yeah, I get that, never seeing someone again and being like "let's go steady" seems kind of like setting yourself up for a fall but. Y'know, just to have fun or something, it's fine.


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People do long distance dating. At least we're all in the same place.

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That's so different from how life can work out for you when on your own world?

[ Annie gives negative flips about dating, and thinks it's silly for other reasons, but this logic to her is simply... pointless. People die or get moved apart or find themselves separated at little to no notice in life as it is. She's watched it with the people she trained with in the 104th.

It's not such a unique situation here. At least you knew the end was guaranteed, in a way. No point in planning on forever.


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I'm free on Sunday.

[ gosh Loki, that almost sounds serious. ]

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[ she was going to argue until he added the caveat. now her point's a little defanged. ]

When you've been here a while, you may recognize how preferable it is to being alone.

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Fairly fatalistic, don't you think?

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[ video ]

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It's a date. It ain't marriage.

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I don't know, how about fun and companionship?

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What's the point anyway? There's way more important stuff going on.
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Any time could be the last time you see someone, Tommy.
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That's what you're worried about?
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A question, before I answer yours.

How long do you expect to be here? That is, how long do you think it will be, before you're sent back to where you came from?
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Some of us don't have a life to go back to so we might as well have one while we're here.
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Because why not? People come and go in our lives all the time so why not make the most of it even in another world?
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Do you not believe that the need for companionship is inherently selfish?
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aint necessarily any different if you already know them
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Kid, if you haven't gotten it by now I'm real sorry for you.
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Why shouldn't they? Why should people just stop living their lives just because they're somewhere else?

What if... What if some of us don't have anything to go back to?