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six { text } ego

So on a scale of one to awesome, one being useless as a slicker in the Sahara and awesome being ten: how useful is/are your power(s)?

Idle curiosity. Must be Tuesday.

Checked the newspaper, it is actually Tuesday.

[ that was handy and this, as she's walking to the bus stop from the porter, again, seems more expedient than texting everyone she knows. it only seems to be a day or so, so maybe they won't have even noticed.


anyway abigail is back from her power update! ]
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-09-01 06:31 pm (UTC)(link)
What do you mean by "useful"? Just about any power can come in handy under the right circumstances.
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-09-01 09:50 pm (UTC)(link)
[The way she phrased that...]

"Make breakfast" as in "out of thin air"?
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-09-02 05:30 pm (UTC)(link)
[A pause.]

You might have a point, that one does sound kind of redundant.
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-09-17 11:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, I'm sure there are those who'd argue there's no such thing as too much bacon. To me it sounds more like a coronary waiting to happen, though.
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-09-22 06:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Did it matter what condition the source food was in? Or was it garbage-in-garbage-out?