Jun. 4th, 2014

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[ The video clicks on to Freddie, frowning at the camera, still dressed for winter, black beanie hat perched on her head. Frown on her face, she gives the camera a small nod, trying not to show just how freaked out she is.

Because spoilers: Freddie's pretty freaked out.

I've just got two questions. [ for now, at least. ] One, what's this nonsense about super powers? And two... [ now her expression changes to something that's purely 'I can't believe this shit.' ] who knows anything about dogs?


Jun. 4th, 2014 02:09 pm
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Hello? Hello? Is this thing— yeah. Yes. Hey.... there. What up.

[ stiles peers into the camera. ]

So, uh, they spelled my name wrong on some of the paperwork, does anyone know where I could go to get that fixed up? I know it's kind of... people don't usually get the z in the right place, it's no big. I usually go by Stiles, anyway. So.

[ he shrugs, awkward, reaches up a hand to run long fingers through his hair and sigh. there are shadows under his eyes, like maybe he hasn't been getting enough sleep, or his iron levels are shoddy. ]

I was wondering, does concealer cover our brand new body mods?

[ he holds up his arm, where the tattoo, you know, completely isn't visible. ]

Not for like, nefarious purposes? It's just, I usually sleep like... hang on, I'll show you, like this:

[ he moves the camera, trying to prop it up to get a tilted shot of him tucking his face onto his arm like a pillow. it's mostly blurry, but you can get the gist. then he sits up again, fumbles with the device a moment. ]

You see my problem? Lights out for Stiles, and suddenly there's a nightlight less than an inch from my face. I'm having trouble sleeping as it is, and my room-mates are...

[ holding secret meetings while he's out? kind of scary? totally unhelpful? all of the above? he doesn't actually finish that sentence. ]

Uh, so maybe if it could be removed, or turned off, or just, blocked out somehow? That would be ... great. Yes. Cool. Thanks. Like, pre-emptively.
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[ tap tap tap ] —Is this thing on? Hello? Ah, there we are! I've never seen a device quite like this before. I must say it is truly stunning—technology has come an incredible way. Oh! But I'm getting sidetracked—

[ He clears his throat, then speaks again. ]

My name is Charles Xavier. I hear this place is looking for... heroes. I shouldn't want to act with such hubris as to say I'm qualified for such a job, but the prospect is certainly intriguing. If you don't mind my asking, has anyone—well, here, I suppose, if this device is to be believed—participated in any such activities? Ah, "heroics", if you will. I assure you, my interest is merely academic.

[ He makes an awkward sound while he shifts the device in his hands. ] Thank you very much! I certainly hope this message goes somewhere... [ There's a soft click, and the transmission ends. ]
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[When Isaac addresses the network, he sounds tired and pretty tense.]

Hey, I know there are some other imPorts around who might know or be willing to help out, so can anyone recommend a really good lawyer? It's urgent...and for a friend.


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