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so I had this bizarre dream last night where tater tots and chunks of salt were falling from the sky, and nobody except me cared so I was running around trying to gather them

because who would waste good tater tots?

And this guy who kinda looked and sounded like my brother was there, too.

anyway long story short I ended up cooking a bunch of tater tots, sorry to my housemates but they taste really good especially with bacon and cheese on top

and now I'm wondering if the dream had some sort of meaning. Do the tater tots represent my unconscious desire to go back home and back to my school and have cafeteria tots? Does the appearance of that mysterious man that kinda looks and sounds like an older version of my brother mean I'm peeking into the future???

is there somewhere I can look this up? because I'm curious

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Jul. 9th, 2017 04:27 am
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Hello? Is this meant to be spoken into? There is no circular apparatus by which to dial a number—

Ah. The light says "recording." Good. I have a question: which of these cities is most in need of help? Eventually I'll see to all, but those most in need should be helped first. I've heard gossip on the street while strolling of riots, blackouts and a shortage of food. Is that everywhere, or simply in the place called De Chima?

( Diana repeats this messages in a dozen different languages, just in case. There's a long pause afterward, and then she says quietly: )

Peace seems to elude this world. I must wonder if he survived.

( He being her half-brother, of course. Though she doesn't elaborate. )
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( Now, the face might be familiar enough to the people here when it appears over the network, but Beth doesn't realise just how popular her face is here just yet. She's quite happy to bring it out for the world to see, tired as she might feel, and even if it feels like the effort of mustering a smile might just do her in completely right now she still musters a twist at the corner of her mouth that is, at least, a gesture close enough to pass. )

So, this place is wild. ( The voice is accented, but not heavy, Canadian if anyone knows to listen for it. More prominently, she speaks with a tight jaw, clipped with a slightly mocking drawl to the words. If nothing else, that should set her slightly apart from the other lookalikes floating around. ) Who've I gotta kill for a decent cup of coffee, huh?

( It's supposed to be funny - and she's smiling as if it was - but something is It's not quite far enough off of a grimace to be a real grin, the muscles twitch in her jaw like she's clenching her teeth, and she seems incredibly distracted despite the fact that she's obviously chosen this moment to make her post. Finally she gives up the act, face falling into a neutral expression as she huffs out a breath forceful enough to blow the sprawling hairs out of her face. )

Also, I could do with...another go of that arrival 101 if anyone's got a minute.

( There's another pause, another attempt at a grin, and then a weak wave: )


( And with that, she's out. )
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[A couple days after arriving, Steve decided it was time to introduce himself. Reasons for that were varied, but intentions for this broadcast seemed to be an attempt to get in contact with anyone who might know him from his world.]

Probably good I got acquainted with these things before I came here, or this call might not have happened.

Name's Steve and I'm curious -- is there a master list on these phones of everyone here? I'm looking for someone who goes by a few names and not sure if they'd use her real name or one of them. Or can you edit that information yourself.

[Cap might be looking to see if a certain redheaded assassin is around.]

I also see you got an election going on. Maybe someone would be nice enough to fill the new guy in on the popular vote?

Appreciate the help, thanks.
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[The video feed cuts in Major, sitting in a park of some kind. The lightning indicates that it's sometime in the mid to late afternoon. Ambient noise of birds,
wind, insects buzzing, and people chattering can be overheard. The man in the video glances around and then shifts, holding the communicator out at arm's length at about face height.

He offers a friendly sort of smiled - more a lopsided tug of the lips and uses his other hand to give a right-to-left wave of his hand before letting it fall somewhere out of frame.

Uh, hey. [He pauses to think.] So, I've been here a couple days now. The place isn't so bad, overall, though - I mean, aside from the fact that I'm in some .. alternative universe from what I'm used to? - I have to wonder why all of the cities these teleporter things can go to are on the East Coast. What happened to the West Coast? I'm .. sort of curious what Parallel Dimension Seattle looks like. I wonder if it's still full of Starbucks and hipsters.

[He opens his mouth like he's going to start saying something, thinks better of it, then decides to go for it, anyway.] I don't suppose anyone's seen a British guy of Indian descent walking around? Beard? [He makes a "C" with his hand that he holds near his chin, in case .. anyone doesn't know what a beard is or where it goes.] Sarcastic? Funny? Or if not him, then - maybe a short white girl with really, really pale skin and white hair that comes down to here? [He points to his chin.] I haven't been able to find them anywhere, so I'm beginning to think they .. didn't end up here. For whatever reason. If anyone's seen either of them, I'd appreciate the help.
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[The video turns on to a scrawny guy with reddish-brown hair, black sunglasses pushed up into it. He's frowning at the device, though it may be more accurate to say pouting, but as soon as he notices it's recording, the pout breaks away into a cocky grin. Most noticeable in this video is the moving, furry orange-and-blonde shape behind him, which once the camera is rolling produces a canine face attached to it, blinking into the feed. A loudly barking one.]

--ARK ARK! ARK! Okay, okay, calm down boy. Sheesh.

Hey there, shmuks! The name's Blue- Blue Oak. Yeah, that Blue Oak. Looks like I'm sticking around this new backwater region for a little while, and I got a real important question for you all:

Where are all the Pokémon!? Since I've gotten here I haven't seen so much as a Pidgey or a Pikipek flyin' around, and these chumps that dropped me off at my digs looked at Arcanine like he was gonna eat them! Like my Pokémon aren't trained better than that, peh.

[...Of course, that was only the start of the questions he had about this place, but he's still in denial about the 'got transported to a new world' talk they gave him. Give him some time.]

...Anyway, anyone seen a quiet guy called Red wandering around? Probably has a Pikachu crawling on him. He'll probably get lost without me babysitting him... So if you see him, tell him to stay put and call Blue's Pokégear, will ya?

[He gives the feed a little two-fingered salute as he reaches to shut it off.] Alright, that's it! Smell ya later, losers!


Jul. 8th, 2017 01:08 am
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{It matters not where he travels; Thranduil stands out. Every inch of him screams Elven and King if one has some experience with such descriptors. His expression is grim and his voice is heavy, measured:}

There are dead to bury and rifts to mend. I cannot tarry long or I will add to their suffering.

{The Greenwood should never be without a King.}

I am Thranduil, son of Oropher, and King of the Greenwood. {More commonly called Mirkwood now, sadly.} Show me the path I must take and I shall set my feet upon it before the sun sets on this day.

And I do not wish to hear that I am in "another world". There is only one Arda and though I have never seen structures of this sort decorating her lands, I have not traveled the full length and breadth of her. {Yes, it must be nonsense. He scowls to put off those who might give him said explanation, but deep down he is frightened it is true.}

<1> video;

Jul. 8th, 2017 01:28 am
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[The video clicks on, displaying an older man in a deep blue skintight suit, the red edging of a cape draping over his shoulders. A slightly raised sinuous 'S', shaped not too much unlike a deformed pentagon is visible on his chest, the color glinting yellow in the light. With the backdrop of a modern American living room- one of the houses in De Chima, for those familiar with their style and the street outside- he doesn't look so much ill at ease as he does thoroughly out of place, and somewhat distracted for a moment, before giving his full attention to the camera.]

It came to my understanding that the majority of us are from some version or another of this planet. [The words are spoken almost wryly, given his attempt to find out where he was when he first arrived. 'Florida' as an answer isn't particularly useful when you don't know what a 'Florida' is.]

For the ones who aren't, did you know anything about 'Earth' before you did? Or was everything here new to you?

As for those of you who are, how does this world differ from your own 'Earth'?

[He isn't particularly dying to know— once was already unpleasant enough— but he's still curious and is interested in learning what others have to say to these questions. He needs to be.]

X01 | Text

Jul. 7th, 2017 11:05 pm
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[Since arriving here, D33 has found himself with no shortage of questions. But, there is one in particular that he needs to get out of the way first.

[So, he'll make this short and sweet.]

Does the military have access to our interactions on this network?
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[The communicator comes to life with a crackle, the video showing the clean inner brick wall of a Nonah townhouse, with a man sitting in front of it, staring down at his wrist with a frown. Though no longer wearing his bright orange flight suit, Poe Dameron does, at least have eternal sexy bedhead from which he cannot escape. Given that he's posting this up after sunset on a warm summer evening?

Totally not intentional.

No seriously, it's not.]

Alright. I think I got this. Yeah, thanks for the advice, buddy. Okay. [He smiles, widely, to the camera.]

So. Imports, huh? Might be obvious I'm new here, but I have a couple favours to ask. One, can someone here tell me where to get a decent laser razor? Because I'm getting a bit grown in, if you know what I mean.

Two, I'm looking for someone. Well, someones. Finn, Rey, if you're out there, I know you can find me. But I might need the rest of you to help me find the other.

[He moves, briefly off screen for a second, and then appears again, holding up a poorly drawn crayon drawing of a little round droid.]

This is my friend, BB-8. Last thing I knew, we were together, and I need my little buddy as much as he needs me. So if any of you have seen him, let me know. He uh - apparently he might look human, now, but - well. Just keep an eye out for him, will you? I've seen some lost posters around, so I uh - made up some for BB-8. If anyone wants one, let me know. I don't want to miss him.

Thanks. [The feed cuts out, but not before Poe offers a winning smile. Just in case the sexy bedhead didn't do it for you already.]
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Unless you want the clueless public to decide who's the best dress, I suggest you message me. I'd rather have imPort submitted content about imPorts than being forced to read anything that might come from the same fingertips as that pile of bear poop disguised as a script.

[ Filtered to Woden. ]

Is what we talked about ready?

[ Filtered to Littlefinger. ]

I have something I've been working on. When are you available?

[ Filtered to Yusuke. ]

Are you still alive? I haven't heard from you in a while, and I'm running out of things to wear on TV that I like. [ ooc: mai's job is a talk show host, so if you have any ideas for a news segment (or want something your character did to have a morning segment for the possibility of that viral marketing tho) hit me up!!! ]


Jul. 7th, 2017 11:08 pm
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[ This time Charles has learned not to raise his voice when talking to the camera. Instead he smiles pleasantly, crossing his fingers on his lap. He's not sitting on his wheelchair either, but on a sofa. He also has a fresh haircut, gone is the mullet and back is the floppy 60's do that is a lot shorter and appropriate for summer in any case. ]

Good day everyone, ladies, gentlemen. I hope you've had a good start of a summer.

[ Charles sure looks like he's had one. He no longer is red as a lobster like he did after the Swear-in. ]

I have two matters I'd like to address. Firstly I'd like to ask those of you who have been ported here earlier if you would be willing to share a bit of your history with me? I'd love to interview you for some details about the time you've spent here.

If you would be willing, please contact me.

Secondly, I'd like to offer again, any help someone might need with newfound powers and how to control them. If you find yourself in need of guidance on that field, I can help you.

I'm professor Charles Xavier, thank you for your attention.
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[ Yuuri's had a lot of time to think about this, and even then, it's still confusing enough that he knows he's going to lose sleep over it later. Maybe run or skate until his legs are numb, but that is neither here nor there. Right now, he's managed to find a quiet place to sit so he can write this out—deleting it all at least three times before finally settling on something he thinks is decent enough to share with the world. If only he had a character limit. ]

Hello! I don't know if this has been asked before. I honestly couldn't find anything in any of the posts before this one, but I might have overlooked it... [ He has no idea why he just doesn't delete that and start out with the question, but here he is. ]

It really is possible to be here before and not remember anything, right? Does it come back later? What if you did something you think you wouldn't do but you've done it anyway and now you wonder if you should just keep doing it or not. Has this happened to anyone else?

Also, some of these powers seem dangerous. Don't you think?
[ He's sort of talking about his own. Or, at least, the one he'd read about in that file. ]
Can we trade them in or never use them? I think I'd be okay being a normal person again...

I'm sorry if this is something I could have read about somewhere. I don't want to inconvenience anyone!
[ And now he's going to try to forget all this madness for a while before he gets too depressed to think about it. ]
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[In a complete and utter surprise, Futaba is posting to the network off anon. Mostly because she'd give away too many details to maintain her alias otherwise. The post starts out with two pictures of seemingly identical cats, both black and missing an eye. They are adorable though. And then comes the text.

Everyone needs to meet Caroline and Justine. Respectively. Caroline is coming home with me, so you have been warned Heropa #10. We have a cat now. No arguments.

If anyone knows or lives with one Goro Akechi...he's the one that has Justine. Good luck with that, because Caroline is the best of the pair. I mean look at that face.

[And another, somewhat terrifying, picture of "Caroline" is attached.]

All that being said. Pet stores. Name em and give me opinions. Cat needs to nom.
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Hello, darlings! I gather that I should make a statement about my candidacy for ambassador. Between you and me, I like to think that actions speak louder than words, but I don't want to be disrespectful to protocol!

Of course I do think my actions say plenty already. Why, back at home I've done quite a lot for the community—I organized fundraising event, charity dinners, charity bar hops, you understand. In this particular world I spend more time advising the lovelorn, but then love is very important to us all!

That's why I threw my proverbial hat in the ring! We may not all get along, but we're a community, and that means looking out for one another, and showing love to each other, and buying drinks for each other! If you feel the same way, vote Sadie Doyle!
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[ Sarah and Cosima are seated on a couch at Sarah's place. For those not in the know, the two of them appear to be sisters—twins—but they get right to the point as Sarah leans forward to speak. Her accent is working class London, whereas Cosima's is distinctly American. ]

So with all this clone shite happening lately, we've been hearing a whole load of bullshit rumors and we decided it was time to clear some things up. These are all questions we've gotten since we told everyone we're clones, mostly from natives but some from other imPorts, too.
[ Cosima adds, ] You wouldn't believe some of the stuff we've been asked.

[ Sarah sighs. Overall, she seems less than thrilled to be here and doing this, although she seems to be the one spearheading the Q&A session. ] Let's get going. [ She starts holding up pieces of paper with questions written on them in thick, black marker. ]

Clone Q&A session )

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Jul. 6th, 2017 03:20 pm
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so hey is anyone else super weirded out by like
your home not existing here
your town not existing here
I mean what do you even do with that kind of info
it's enough to give someone an existential crisis
or maybe this is that crisis?


ever noticed how golf is the only sport with a miniature version?
what's up with that???
OMG can you imagine miniature MMA
guys all beating the sweaty crap out of each other inside of like a giant musical clown head
all other sports are officially cancelled forever
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Recent arrival here. I'm looking for information - apart from that which the government has so kindly provided [sarcasm ftw] - about this upcoming Swear-In Ceremony. What does it entail and how much coercion is involved? The unofficial version, in other words.

Also, a decent Indian restaurant.
[If there is such a thing in this backwater.]
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[ the feed flickers on to the image of a young girl, sporting her trademark red bandanna. unlike may's usual chipper attitude, her expression at the moment looks a bit uncertain and serious. ]

So... I have a question for you guys. You know Archie, right? The big buff Pokémon Trainer that wears wetsuits a lot? Talks like a pirate?

[ she'll even hold up a drawing to the feed for a visual - it's a bit of a simple, cartoonish sketch (she's 12, cut her some slack), but the blue bandanna, cross-shaped face shadow and shapely beard should be enough to give the right idea to who she's describing. ]

I kind of wanted to know if he's been... "up to" stuff here - like, crime stuff. I don't think you should be worried - I mean, he's a good guy! He just has a really extreme way of going at things, you know? And sometimes those extremes end up being super illegal.

[ she wants to trust his word that he's reformed, but there's a lingering worry in the back of her mind. some of the people here must have been talking to him since before she showed up, and she wants their honest observations to put her . ]

I just wanna know if he's behaving himself like he promised me back home. You guys HAVE to tell me, okay? I think I'm kind of responsible for him at this point. [ she reaches to click the feed off, but before she does- ] And don't tell him I asked!

[ yes, she's basically his tiny parole officer. please report any and all suspicious activity. ]


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