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[ a pretty blonde woman appears on the video, smiling as she comes into focus, sitting behind a desk in what looks like an empty office with a very dead pot of flowers behind her. rip flowers. it's pretty late at night, but she doesn't seem tired or bothered. ]

Hello again. [ her accent is american, with traces of french if you know what to look for. or have heard her swearing in french, which isn't all that uncommon. pardon my french is literal. ] So I'm back, though I'm not sure if anyone will remember me.

I'm Rosie. Not the Great and Compassionate Asteroid Queen Benezalie. [ her eyes roll like yes i remember that, it was super, but she's back on to introducing herself after a second. ] I've got my old job back so last year's offer still stands: if any school aged person wants a mostly unpaid internship with an electrical engineer, let me know and I can set something up.

Also, if I were looking to get a cat and become a crazy cat lady, where would one find kitties? In any of the Porter cities, I'm not picky. Merci! Thank you.

[ and with that she peaces out. ]
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[ instead of stuck behind her desk, rosie is apparently perched on a bench in a park in de chima. it's not storming so badly at the moment, but the video feed keeps getting a little static interference because of the woman holding it. she smiles serenely at the screen, instead of her usual bouncy cheer.

her voice seems more fluid, the words seeming to come easily. if anyone is using their communicators translation thingy they might notice that it's because she's speaking french. and if they're not, well, then they will realize she's speaking french because they can hear her...

speaking french. ]

Hello, my friends.

The weather here has been... violent as of late, but I wish to assure you that if you feel in danger, you need only come to see me. The lightning does not hurt me. [ to punctuate this point, lighting crackles in her palm, and the video feed has a little seizure like wow can you please not? ] In fact, it is singularly attracted to me. Surely, so I can protect you all.

Au revoir.

[ so that's weird. SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. ]


Jan. 18th, 2015 06:24 pm
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[If there is one thing that Asami had been ill-prepared to leave behind by arriving in this world, it had been her busy schedule. While she has a job, being the CEO of Future Industries had kept her busy in an entirely different way. That's not to mention her hard deadlines with Varrick with the oncoming fights. She had been busy. Even when she had been running around the world with Team Avatar, she had remained busy. The idea that she now has a strict schedule with extra days is ... strange.

It's not that she's restless, though. In a way, she's relieved. With everything she needs to know, the extra time allows her to catch up.

When the video clicks on in Asami's room, it's obvious that she's been doing a fair amount of "catching up"—or starting. Within view of the camera, there are stacks of books: various engineering texts, texts on physics, texts on chemistry, texts on architecture, texts on modern civil engineering practices, and more. None of them are historically bent, and a few of them lay open at the top of the piles. Some of this is refresher for Asami, while other pieces of information are new. What is clear is this: she wants to know it all.

Asami's eyes widen when she notices that the video is already on, as she is still acclimating to this. She smiles pleasantly after a moment.]

Hello, everyone. I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Asami Sato, and ... well, admittedly, I have a bit of a request. [This is where she's partly inspired by Hiro's post from the other day. He had asked for ideas on what to build, and while that's a good direction to go in, she has to go back to basics first.] I was wondering if anyone had any spare appliances or other electronic devices you'd like to let me have a look at. If it's broken, I can even do my best to fix it. I did a fair amount of that at home, but right now, I just want to figure out how things work. Fixing it would help, right? [She brightens at the thought.]

And I don't know that my housemates would like me taking apart the toaster again. We need that! [A beat passes, where she interjects with a brief laugh.]

Aside from that, I'd like to know how long imPorts generally stay here, and ... if it's normal for them to sometimes remember very different things from their friends from home.

Thanks in advance, everyone.


Dec. 15th, 2014 08:37 am
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[ Hey gang, look who's alive and well and not crispy. Dorian's in his room, sitting up against his bed, looking at the camera. He...has very mixed feelings about all of this. Because he died, and they stayed dead and then got revived and none of this should work like that. So normally, he would be making some sort of grandiose "yes, I AM the Dorian Gray, I'm a sinnerrrrrr" blah blah blah kind of post.

But he died. And he really shouldn't have died. And he really shouldn't have died like that. And he shouldn't have come back to life, to proper life, so easily and with seemingly no repercussions. So have an oddly introspective Dorian, nodding at the camera

So, as you can see, I'm, um, alive. [ no shit. ] And I feel like I need to explain things.

[ Why did Lunatic target him for starters. Lunatic killed sinners, Lunatic killed Dorian, therefore Dorian was a sinner. Deduction at it's finest. And he KNOWS that he's just gonna have some Jojos up his ass about Dio (thanks buddy) and possibly some astute people have put together the fact that he is that Dorian Gray, and if not then he'll probably have to confess with regards to the sinners bit and this is way too much talking about the parts of himself that he doesn't want to talk about for Dorian's comfort level. ]

Ask away. If you've got a question about me or about what happened, I'll do my best to answer it. [ pause, and then ] Also, if you know someone who can get scorch marks out of carpets or wood, then please tell me their number. This is unsightly. [ and a reminder that guess what! You died! which Dorian doesn't really want. ]


Dec. 4th, 2014 08:16 pm
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ok so anyone on here have advice on writing college essays?
i'm trying to get a head start before midterms and i'm just kinda
staring at the question blankly

(Edited 12-04-14 9:43 pm)

ok here is the question:

Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

like where do i even start with that
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[ the pretty blonde suddenly on the screen is smiling but it looks forced. after a second and a few muttered curses in a foreign language, she smacks the phone with the heal of her hand and her face brightens into something more genuine. ]

The Fonz was right. [ uh, duh? her soft voice is clearly american, but instead of the dropped r's and bonus h's that normally are indicative of a bostonian, her accent has the faintest trace of french. quelle horreur. but! like a true masshole, she already has an iced coffee in hand because new england runs on dunkin isn't just a catchphrase, it's a genuine fact. ]

Hiya, I'm Rosie. I'm "new" here. [ she throws up little air quotes with the hand still wrapped around her coffee. ] I'll be living at... number 3 in De Chima. And I have a few questions of that's all right with you all. Which I suspect it will be because if not, you can just turn me off, can't you? In which case, nice to meet you and toodles.

On to my questions.

One. [ her free hand holds up her index finger. ] I've woken up in a strange place with a tattoo I don't remember getting before, but is that really what happened with everyone else, too?

Two. [ her middle finger joins the first. peace, bitches. ] Is there nowhere around here I can get a Hoodsie cup?

And three. [ ring finger up, brownie salute. ] While I am used to oppressive humidity, this is out of control and I'm going to need directions to the largest BJ's or Sam's Club equivalent because my poor, delicate part-albino skin is getting a sunburn just thinking about the sun so I'm going to have to buy out the entire stock of SPF 50 overkill sunscreen if I'm meant to be working here.

[ another bright smile and the rest of her fingers release to flutter in a wave. ] Merci!

[ c'est fini. the feed goes blank. ]


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