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Studying this city and the one called Heropa has led me to conclude this is the actual, physical world, and not at all a digital one. [ Her voice isn't quite monotone, but it's close enough as far as being neutral goes. It doesn't match with the minute pursing of her lips as she ponders what to do next. She's never been cut off from the Atlas Institute's archives before; it's a wholly new and unsettling sensation. ] However, I do not possess the typical access to the Archives compiled by the remaining alchemists. My link to Atlas is...outdated.

[ That's the worst part of it all, really. She could handle being in a strange place with no familiar faces if she'd had her stable connections, but alas. ]

Is there an archive of information regarding this world, for I assume it is not mine, that is more comprehensive than the mere file I have been given? The data here simply does not convey enough of what I must know.
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[The video turns on to reveal Euphemia, now in a significantly more practical outfit than her huge poofy dress, in some kind of... garage? It's concrete and dimly lit by cool fluorescent bulbs, making her pink hair take on a very odd tone.] Oh, hello everyone! I hope you're doing well.

I'm actually speaking to you all today because I could use a little, ah... assistance? When I first came here, I was told that in addition to my healing powers, I had an item from my home world as well. And that item was-- this: [She takes the camera, turning it to reveal... a humanoid robot, roughly 14-15 feet tall] The experimental Knightmare Frame, 'Lancelot.' It was being developed by my brother's research facility, and the pilot was a... very, very dear friend of mine.

But I don't know much about using it, myself. Is there anyone here who considers themselves experienced in this kind of thing?

It feels a little wasteful just to leave Lancelot gathering dust in a garage like this.
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[Surprisingly, the first thing to notice about the audio is probably how -clear- it is. There's very little (if any) background noise, almost as if it's from someone with built-in communication. Of course, it kind of is.

The second is that is -definitely- some weird prepubescent voice.

Haha, maybe I should have access this board... earlier. I got here, and then there was that whole big ceremony, and it just kind of slipped by me...though, to be honest, this flows more like a chatroom. Are we using some sort of ICU-variant? Do I need to ask for people's UINs?

Oh, maybe I got off to the wrong start.

Hi! I'm Rock. I'm the son of Dr. Light - well, one of them, anyway, and... well, he built me and my brother and sister and all my other brothers! I guess I'm kind of on my own right now, though. Which leads me to my first question.

How many people have experience with robots and robotics? I mean, it's okay if you don't. I was just wondering. Knowing someone to come to for the occasional repair might be handy, given my reputation back home.

Anyway! I might not necessarily have wanted to be here, but if anyone needs my help, I'll do my best!

01: Voice

May. 12th, 2015 05:58 pm
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[Tired of the new people on the network yet? Too bad, there's an annoyed guy with a lot on his mind and if he doesn't get it out he might explode. Or punch out a wall. Either way talking is the better alternative.]

It's a pretty nice racket going on here, I've got to admit. Bring people in, tell them they can't be sent back, then politely ask for their cooperation in exchange for a cozy life and no effort job. Or is that last one unique in my case? It'd be surprising if it was, seems they'd want to keep everyone as happy as possible to get them to sign on as glorified weapons.

[There's a pause, though it's far from silent. The frantic clacking of a keyboard fills the space of speech for a moment before he goes on.]

How do they even decide on these things anyway? Feels like a bad joke, or an insult, maybe both. I can only write about the Illuminati sanctioned marriage of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster so many times before it gets old.

[Maybe he should stop rambling and actually say something constructive like normal people would. This is a glorified social network for the misplaced super-powered, might as well be social. Or try to, at least.]

Right, right, Alex Mercer, stuck in De Chima, nice city, quieter than what I'm used to. Do things ever getting exciting around here?

[010] VIDEO

May. 1st, 2015 08:15 pm
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[The sky is blue, the birds are singing- till they suddenly fly the hell off and out of the frame of the video once someone starts to yell. Gamagori is on screen, you're welcome. You might be familiar with him by now, either from various public announcements or events, or from his monthly patrols in all the ImPorts cities, usually ranging from 2 to 5 stories high.]

[Today he's showing up with someone else though, a looming smaller figure on the left, arms crossed. Blue hair, a white Goku Uniform in contrast to the gold and black one Gamagori always wears. They match, sort of? Inumuta remains quiet though as he stands beside him, for now, letting Gamagori speak.]

Gamagora Ira, Registered, Nonah ImPort Ambassador, and Inumuta Houka, Registered ImPort, both here now with a few announcements! Your attention please, Registered and unRegistered alike! This concerns all of you!

[Despite the volume, Inumuta seems completely unphased by it, standing at attention with his collar covering his mouth.]

[Gamagori takes a breath, moving to fold his arms behind him, chest out.]

First! Let me personally thank all those who assisted with last month's unfortunate events. Everyone that took part in assisting not only their peers but the civilians entangled in it deserve acknowledgement! Not everyone was prepared for something so intense but let it show all those new to this world or those dismissing the possibilities that there will always be a conflict ready to strain our backs and wrack our minds! We must always be ready! Concerning this- I will continue within this announcement, I urge all of you to keep your attention here until then!!

But first, I will allow my team mate a word considering another finished project.

[Gamagori will then step aside, though of course still managing to take up a lot of the screen. At least he better opens it up for Inumuta to step forward and speak. With nothing near the same ostentation that Gamagori presents himself with, Inumuta rather plainly steps forward and adjusts his glasses with the tip of his middle finger.]

Hello. As Gamagori had announced a short while ago, I have been working on an A.I. program, which I've since dubbed the Automated imPort Response System. It's job will be that if anyone, Registered or not, has a question related to imPort events, past or present, it will be able to answer them to the best of it's abilities. However, as an always learning artificial intelligence, there are still a few things it doesn't understand yet, and so please report to me any strange responses it gives. Thank you.

[And with that, he steps back to where he had been before taking his turn to speak.]

Thank you, Inumuta. [Said with a small nod as Gamagori steps back up, clears his throat, and raises his head.] And with that, I will continue concerning our preparation as imPorts here.

As many of you are aware, I, Gamagori Ira, as well as both Ambassadors of Maurtia Falls and De Chima, was given the responsibility of writing a bill to be passed in my city! Only recently has this been passed. I have been given permission to oversee the planning and creation of an ImPort Training Facility!

For those of you looking to sharpen your skills and learn to better discipline your powers and abilities! Or those merely wishing to handle their every day life with what the Porter has granted them and have no interest in pursuing the goals of a hero, this facility is open to you, Registered and Unsettled alike!

The creation of this facility is completely funded but will be accepting further funding to support the grande array of powers it should contain. Anyone with the interest and ability in planning, constructing, and managing this facility, make yourselves known! This is to be a structure able to withstand shifts in mass, elemental properties, changes in speed and exceptional feats of strength, among the many other abilities we've been given. Rooms designed to train in various situations for individuals or groups alike, a medical wing for those in need of such attention and those with the desire to learn it for themselves! Complete with a training program for all imPorts wanting to teach or to learn from others with abilities like their own!

Finally we will have a place to spar and train away from the possibility of harming others!

[He's really getting worked up about this... Gamagori just loves discipline though, gosh, and a facility for training? All aboouut discipline. But he'll take a breath, closing his eyes for a moment before continuing.]

A project like this will take time and effort, and we have been given allowance to not only create it as we see fit, but to control it ourselves. This Training Facility will be optional to imPorts, so if you have no interest in taking part or even using it in the future, dont. But to anyone able to assist in it's creation, or wishing to help manage it when it has been finished, I, as well as Inumuta Houka are open to questions.

Concerning the Tutoring Program, there will be an Application Process, if you have an interest in taking part as a tutor or will be looking for a tutor once the Facility is opened, please see to filling one out. I will begin going over them in the future, so if you don't get a response soon after, wait.

On a final note- LOCATION. [A breath, frowning a bit as he raises his head.]

Due to the SIZE this building may be once finished, it's location will not be in Nonah! So I ask you for your ideas on the best place to raise this project! Considering how far it may be, there will also be need for a group of individuals willing to work on a fast transit system, like the Porters even, that will assist imPorts in going to and from what location we choose.

Thank you for listening. [Not that you really have a choice since that power of his makes you listen...] We will now open our time up to questions, comments, and ideas, should you have anything else that may be a good addition to this project.
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Can anyone here tell me about dreams? The kind you have when you sleep.

I know it's a strange question, but I've been thinking about it a lot recently. Dreaming isn't really something I'm used to. Sleeping I can understand, but dreaming is just. Weird, I guess. Is there a point to them, or do they just happen? Can you make yourself dream about certain things? Can you make yourself not dream something?

Sorry. Just wondering.

[Yeah, guess who's recently discovered nightmares.]
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[ ID: Dominique Destine

There is a soft female voice. If she didn’t sound so amused, it’d be easy to tell she is incredibly pissed due to the current circumstances ]

Do tell me, are you actually helping this world and its war? I am sure all of you are dying [ she loves to use this word when addressing to humans ] to show everyone and yourself how heroic you can be, but let's be practical, shall we? You owe this place nothing. To fight for them, without even listening to the opponent's side, seems awful narrow-minded, doesn't it? [ no surprise, humans love an excuse for war ]

Regardless, we are here and there isn't much we can do, according to the military. I'm afraid I'm not so inclined to trust them blindly though, neither willing to offer my skills to them.

I much more interested in helping fellow imPorts, as long they are not directly related to the military. Said this, I'm a scientist and my focus is bioengineering. [ sort... of ] And few other things. [ like weaponry. Using it, at least. ANYWAY. ] If anyone would be interested, I'm very willing to give you a hand.

001 | Video

Apr. 9th, 2015 09:37 pm
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[ As soon as the video feed begins, there is a face that is, perhaps, just a bit too close to the screen. ]

Ooh-! It's working!

[ And then she backs up, eyes brightened and a broad smile stretching from ear to ear. ]

Oh, my gosh! I can't believe that this is actually happening! Superpowers! An alternate universe!! Can you [ you being directed towards nobody in particular ] imagine the possibilities?

[ She spreads one of her arms out and upwards (quite dramatically), the motion causing her glasses to slide down the bridge of her nose. She pauses for a moment, and, afterwards, promptly straightens herself, her forefinger pushing her glasses right back up.

Maybe she got a little too excited for a second there. ]

Anyways, I should probably introduce myself! My friends call me Honey Lemon, and I look forward to spending some time here with everyone!

002. Video

Apr. 3rd, 2015 06:16 am
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[Hey all, it's Chrollo - currently sporting a nice green cloth across his forehead and some pretty plain civilian clothes - jeans, a light jacket, a nice button down shirt. He looks pretty down to earth and not at all like a goth or a dramatic editorial model.]

Ah, it's been a long time since I did one of these.... I hope this doesn't come off as overly awkward. [He smiles a little.] But, all right... I have a few questions and a few people to contact, so I figured... why not get it all done at once?

[He sets the camera down on... probably a table of some kind. And now, you can see that he's currently sitting in a large but really... cluttered room. There are boxes everywhere - moving boxes, taped up and untaped, and the room itself is dimly lit but it's fairly easy to see that the only thing he's bothered to unpack is books. Stacks of books. Stacks and stacks of books.]

[So many books.]

[But hey, he doesn't mind. He looks pretty comfortable, really.]

First of all, I was wondering what kinds of things people for for excitement around here. Suggestions? I don't mean things like going to clubs - although if you have a club to suggest, I guess that's fine, too. But recently I've been going on... I guess they're adrenaline junkie excursions. [He laughs a little, sheepish.] A few weeks ago, I went swimming with sharks without a cage. I... don't think they're going to let me do that again, so that's out. And sometime this month, I'm going skydiving, but what else is there to do? I guess I could bungee jump or climb a mountain? I'm not sure. Neither I nor the friend I'm going with are particularly worried about physical peril - no one's going to die, so don't worry about that.

Second, this might be a little boring after that first part, but I'm looking to learn a little about computers. At home, I had a friend who handled that kind of thing for me, so honestly I have a hard time doing much more than looking at websites. If someone's willing to point me at a tutor or some kind of course... that'd be great. ...I know there are college courses I could sign up for but I'm not sure how well they'd take to my wandering in and asking how to turn the machine on.

Finally... I used to do a lot of charity work at home, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for which ones here are involved in worthwhile work. I have a list of potential organizations I could get involved with but I don't want to choose one that's going to use donations to line their own pockets. I don't have patience for that kind of nonsense - I'm looking for an honest charity that donates the majority of its incoming funds to the cause. I'm especially interested in organizations that feed the hungry or provide housing and opportunities for the homeless. But I'm willing to consider other causes, as well.

[he reaches over to shut down the video, and then... pauses.]

Sorry, one more thing. Jesse Pinkman? I'd like to talk to you about the outcome of that auction. Arrangements, details, that kind of thing.

Anyway, thank you for listening, and for your patience!

[And the feed goes off!]
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[Tempo is in full robot form when she takes to the network today, though she's only keeping her head in frame.]

Hello, everyone! My name is Tempo, alias Quake Woman, if we haven't already met. Residents of Nonah have heard Mr. Gamagōri's announcement about the artificial crater that recently appeared near the city. As I was built for geological surveillance, I felt qualified to investigate the crater myself. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything more substantive than what Mr. Gamagōri's preliminary investigation turned up. It was a man-made crater, and obviously the parties responsible are capable of a great deal of destructive force. I was unable to detect any blast residue, so I wouldn't worry about explosives specifically, but it is still troubling.

On what is I suppose a lighter note, despite being made of technology, I am disappointingly unfamiliar with video games. I've been told there are several genres, but I'm only aware of two—racing games and role-playing games. I am looking for other possible recommendations that you may think I'd enjoy, or that you enjoy personally. If there is a genre where cheating is impossible, I would be especially interested in that for personal reasons.

Thank you for your time.
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[He clicks onto video in the usual fashion. All pomp and circumstance. Usual uniform and posture, chest out, shoulders back, arms crossed infront of him. His customary uh, frown? Actually not as customary as usual, it looks more- severe. Pulled at his face, more wrinkled, maybe even a vein slightly beating in his forehead. He's over all more tense that usual and as he opens his mouth and pulls in a deep breath you might expect the usual as well but-]

Greetings ImPorts. Those of you who are new, those of you I have yet to speak to- I am Gamagori Ira, Cape Canaveral Bootcamp Instructor and Nonah ImPort Ambassador. Hello.

First allow me to thank all those who took part in and enjoyed the Swear-In Ceremony and Event in Nonah, as well as the other two in both De Chima and Maurtia Falls. Much planning and work had went into all three events and while I know the other Ambassador's will see to thanking you themselves, I speak for all of us- thank you for your participation. Those of you who Registered, those interested in it but have yet to decide, if you have any question I am available, yet with that- allow me to go to my next announcement.

There will be an Automated ImPort Response System created not long from now, programmed by ImPort Inumuta Houka. While there are many FAQs and directories created for ImPorts should they have questions, this System will allow for a quick and more personal approach to having your questions answered should the usual individuals to ask be busy. This System will answer any ImPort related questions and will be available to all Imports. As soon as it has been finished I will make sure to update you all via the ImPort Network. If you have any questions concerning this System, please direct them to Mr. Inumuta or myself.

[And then

A pause.]

[Gamagori seems to bristle, clenching his teeth and tucking his chin down next to his gradually expanding chest muscles, flexed and yes- PISSED. His Porter granted ability to draw attention to him with his voice always in affect but now he'll simply gain attention from pure rage and volume alone. His eyes close for a moment.

Then pop open.

Glaring lasers into the camera as he raises his chin high.]

And now- I will get to my FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT. [Snarls, his nostrils flaring, his upper lip curled.]

It has COME TO MY ATTENTION, that SOMEONE has found it appropriate to QUAKE THE EARTH AND SCAR IT'S CRUST NEAR THE CITY OF NONAH. Earlier today as many of you might have felt, the ground shook under us. This was no mere natural tremor but A BLATANT DISPLAY OF UNNECESSARY FRIVOLITY! Upon inspecting the area I found there to be a COLOSSAL DISAPPOINT in the form of a pit. This sort of gratuitous melodrama will NOT BE TOLERATED!!

While I understand the need to hone one's skills and practice should the future thrust upon you the unexpected, you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO DO SO WITH SUCH LACKING RESPONSIBILITY!

[A deep breath again. His puffs out a heavy breath, might as well be steam coming from him by now. Gamagori bristles again, whipping his arms down and clenching his fists at his sides.]

While I am willing to accept an apology and offer of retribution should the culprit come forth, the punishment shall be far more severe should YOU HIDE FROM ME!

So I suggest you make yourself known, now.

Thank you.
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[ it's been a while since kanaya has been on video, and a while since she's felt presentable enough to be. but here, in whatever office she's working in, she seems to have taken all the necessary effort, pink lipstick and earrings to match her ever-inexplicable reading glasses. visible signs of guilt have never been her style, too much a ploy for attention. too pitiful. she's stable enough now to not make that mistake again.

never one to waste time not multitasking, even while she speaks, she's shuffling and organizing a stack of papers. desk work may be a little dull, but at least it's legal and safe.

I suppose recent events demand an accounting of the truth, some settling of where exactly it lies. And that file that was leaked about me, of course, is all true. The bit about Hobgoblin is no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention, but the multiple murders? Yes, that also was me.

And I stand by each of them, bereft of context as they are. I'm not the sort who'd only talk about the morals behind it, after all. I'm not here to defend myself, either. That the information was publicized is one matter, but I think the why of it is more important to discuss.

[ she doesn't stop shuffling papers, but she moves her main focus to the camera, only glancing down every now and then to what she's doing, to make sure it's being sorted correctly. ]

It's easy to point the finger at the Hornets. They were the instigating factor, of course, spreading whatever mental infection they'd concocted to act through us as their agents. It's what they did that had me railing against us, both through physical action and the propagation of an agenda to establish the danger imPort powers presents. [ conveniently, or perhaps loyally, leaving out inumuta's name. if people know, they know, but she doesn't have to drag his name through the mud alongside her. ] Not something I'd have chosen to do, an yet, it happened. But, here on the other side, left to my own thoughts without anyone else's encroaching them, I have to wonder. Didn't they have something of a point?

As imPorts, we are a gun that is not only loaded, but recently found smoking. Certainly, the government can advocate as they like, say that we were victims just the same as anyone on the other end of that gun, but I think that insults those endangered by our proximity. We are dangerous, and simply because we hesitate to pull that trigger ourselves, that doesn't mean it isn't possible for another to pull it for us. Something must be done for that.

[ she puts a halt to her paper pushing, knitting her fingers under her chin. this part is important, and she wants them to know it. she isn't here to argue, not today, so if she can reduce the arguments with a few words, she can hopefully avoid them. ]

Now, in order to properly address what I am saying, let's first get out of the way what I'm not. The Hornets weren't right, there is a difference between being right and having a point. They were just as dangerous to this world and its people as we are, and perhaps more so, for their willingness to fire the weapon regardless of the damage. They lacked the self awareness to recognize their own toxicity, which is where we must be better than them.

[ she spreads her hands, braking their clasp. ] I'm also not saying that mandatory nullification should be initiated across the board. Not now that I'm speaking clearly and singularly, at least. Nick Alford felt otherwise, but...extremities of that sort are hardly the first place to leap to. But I do believe some oversight is necessary, and I no more trust the government's capability nor willingness than I did when I first registered. Less so, if anything, with their response to recent matters.

We have to be better. We have to find true, solid solutions to promise we will be better. This is something we should be considering and discussing. Even if the blame isn't necessarily ours, the responsibility for addressing the aftermath is. We're meant to be populated with a number of brilliant minds, why not put them to use?

[ resting her chin in one hand, she props an elbow up on the desk, staring off thoughtfully. ] Maybe some kind of defense against mental compromise, [ she taps a finger against her temple. ] that would be a good first step. Just don't make it ugly.

[ she takes a moment to reexamine her papers, then reaches over to shut off the recording before continuing. ]


Mar. 12th, 2015 02:06 pm
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[The woman staring into the camera is (quite literally) well-built, and it's hard not to take note of her purple hair and red eyes. She's wearing a leather jacket over a low-cut gray bodysuit. Keen observers familiar with lifelike robots or prosthetics might notice something subtly artificial about her appearance, but she otherwise appears perfectly normal. Besides the hair, eyes, and questionable fashion choices, of course.]

I've been researching the history of this place on the net and there seem to be two major diversions from my own world's history: the Soviet Union's continued existence and Japan's relative unimportance on the world stage. The former is interesting because back home, I'd be standing in the Russo-American Alliance right now. And I guess we have the latter to thank for this monstrosity. [She holds up a cell phone that looks more like a brick than a high-tech communication device.] America always thinks that bigger is better.

I also seem to be the only person with a cyber-brain that I've encountered. There are hovering cars and nanotechnology, but true cyberization still hasn't taken place. I suppose that means I don't have to worry about being hacked.


Mar. 3rd, 2015 11:22 am
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[When the video clicks on today, Asami is sitting at a desk at what appears to be her work. It's clear that she doesn't usually use a desk, however, as it's clearly not set up to be an office job. But she's grabbing a few things, and she thought it would be best to do this while she has a moment of downtime.]

Hello again, everyone. [She considers saying something about how busy everything was last month, but others have shared that sentiment. Besides, running around with Team Avatar means she's used to it.] I've already ... mentioned something like this before, but I wanted to say that there was a group like the Hornets back in my world. They felt that changes needed to occur, and they went about it in the most violent manner possible. Seeing it again, hearing their rationales, was ... hard for me. [Though the reason why isn't entirely clear, she's not going to go into it. Not here, not publicly like this.]

But what I've learned from extremist groups like that is that we have to look at their pain and their fears and see what we can do. It doesn't mean that what they think is correct. They went about it in the worst way possible. But I do think that we have a responsibility to help make this world better and safer. I'm no hero, and I'm not really interested in that, but I've decided to dedicate myself to bettering this world either through infrastructure or supplying some of the best hovercars available. Admittedly ... I haven't decided yet. [She gives a sheepish smile here.]

Until I do, I'm going to help out with Heropa. The city doesn't look so good right now, and I'm going to be helping out on weekends to try to help set things right. That's something I can start with, anyway. I'd love some help with it, too. Just contact the native citizens who're involved with clean up, and they're willing to put you to work. [Of course, she knows some people will do things independently, which is fine, too. But this is how she's chosen to go about it.]

Other than that, here's to hoping things are better in the future. [It's an empty hope, most likely. The world moves and changes all the time, after all.]

[ooc: I have put up a log for some of the clean up activities!]
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[ Getting shanked by the Tooth Fairy? Kind of a downer. It's been a sucky month in general and Hiro is just absolutely tired of it. So instead of wallowing in his feelings, he's been working out his issues by building armor and taking apart Hornet tech. He's still kind of idly doing that, but the video doesn't focus much on the tech in the room - he's still trying to keep from being completely obvious about his superhero antics, after all. There's still pieces of armor visible around the corners of the screen, though, and he's still got all his tools out. The 3-D printer in the back of the garage he's in also continues to hum loudly as it churns out more pieces.

But that'll take a while, so: time for a break. His left arm is covered in ... small insects? No, on closer look, they're blobs of metal that move and shift seemingly without any input from HIro. They move in a cross between insect-like and geometric patterns, shifting to help him pick up anything from a tiny screwdriver to the larger (and presumably heavier) pieces of metal strewn about. Good thing too, because the arm under those tiny bots is encased in a plaster cast.

Hiro uses them to fiddle with something on his desk as the video broadcasts. ]

There's been a lot of stuff going on lately here. Honestly it kind of sucks except for the tech involved. And I've got, like, an hour to kill until this next piece finishes printing, so anybody else who got tech out of this whole thing? Spill. I'll show you mine in exchange. Especially if you got power nullifiers - I heard I'm not the only one working on that.

[ A pause. ]

And ... did anyone else almost get stabbed by the Tooth Fairy? Juuuust, uh. Asking.
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[Oh look, a new post on the imPort communicator! Although this time, there seems to be no ID attached to the post, it's entirely anonymous. It's pretty late at night on the 25th, surely some people will be up.]


How safe do you really think you are?

Warning: Picture heavy under the cut )

[OOC: Aaaand Inumuta is currently infected with the Hornet's Mind Clone of Miguel Rodriguez right now! So he's not exactly himself at the moment. Right now, Inumuta's doing the whole anonymous schtick, but if any hackers/people capable of tracking him down do any digging whatsoever, they'll find him. He's intentionally not covering his tracks as well as he could have because as a Hornet, he isn't shying away from any jabs he can get at Imports.

So, action is possible, but please try to coordinate with other players in this! Feel free to threadjack, whatever!

Side note: Please forgive my typos, and I'm sorry for the poor choice in pictures for some characters, if I used a picture you don't like and want a new one, send me a link. Also also, I will update this post with a few more characters once I hear back from a few people to get their final approval from my plotting post.

001 | Voice

Feb. 9th, 2015 09:57 pm
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[Hey there, everyone, got another new imPort hitting the network for the first time. Another child imPort too, if the voice is anything to go by.

The commuicator ID reads "Megaman.EXE." It also reads"Hub Hikari," a fact that he is blissfully unaware of. Feel free to enlighten him.]


[There's a relieved sigh and a quiet thunk on the other end of the line. Getting the communicator to do what he wanted took him a lot longer than he would have liked. Being on this side of a GUI is so awkward, how do humans even manage it? It's part of why he went for voice instead of video or text - not having to stare at the screen the whole time hurts his eyes less.

His voice is a bit muffled when he continues, and he sounds very, very tired.]

So, um. This is probably a silly question, it normal to have headaches all the time?

I mean, I know it's not normal-normal. It's just...they said the thing that brought me here didn't know how to handle me, that there were "leftovers" from my real body. But I don't really know what that means, or what being human is supposed to feel like, so I don't know if what I've been feeling is normal or if I should be concerned or what. I don't think they'd just let me go if there was something wrong with me, but...I don't know. I'm kind of new to this.

[It's not really a lie. He was only human for about a year, and he's been a Netnavi for over a decade now. This is so far off his concept of "normal" that it's not even funny. Especially since he has a very good reason to be paranoid about his health.]

--oh, almost forgot. My name's Megaman. Nice to meet everyone.

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Feb. 7th, 2015 06:01 pm
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[The video opens up to absolutely no one on the screen at first; it's just filming some activity in the background, people walking around, kids playing...

It stays that way for a few seconds before a face suddenly swings in from above, upside down, with an accompanying, screechy, very, VERY loud voice.


[It's practically a scream, and will probably catch anyone monitoring the network by surprise. The colourful individual laughs and drops down from whatever he's hanging from to face the screen properly, right-side up.]

Guess what? I'm a human~! [Yes, that much is obvious from the video feed, but he talks as if he hadn't been one previously.] I've got elbows and knees and five fingers. [He shoves a hand into the screen and wiggles his fingers, cackling gleefully.]

So what are fun things humans like to do here that don't involve the net? Tell me!!

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Feb. 6th, 2015 02:26 pm
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First question: Is there a library easily accessible here? Or some form of physical resource hub. Anything will do.

Second question: The machine that brought us here. Does it have a sense of humor?

[ Yes, those are two completely different questions. What is small talk. Or context. When your brain feels like it's been hammered before it's been placed in your new and slightly horrible human skull it's kind of difficult to manage coherent thought.

He'd do some internet searching, like he's used to, but he's not feeling well right now; he's already tried at least one of his new powers. It had worked well enough, right until he converted back into human form.

Intense pain would be putting it lightly, especially for someone who's new to being human.


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