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[Al feels like he's in a very surreal dream. He might have even believed he was dreaming, if he hadn't been wholly incapable of sleep for years now. He follows the strangers almost in a daze as they explain about his tattoo, give him a file containing information on alchemy, and usher him into a waiting car outside the facility.

He spends the car ride examining everything he's been given in detail. Reading the file back to front several times over, looking for codes, and then exploring each option of how this strange, cordless telephone thing works. When he's deposited outside Heropa #31, he simply sits on the doorstep for a long time, looking like a weird garden statue that's been displaced.

Only after a couple of hours of thought, of looking through everything he can find, does he finally decide that he is ready to talk to others. The voice that comes through the network is very young, has a strange almost tinny echo to it, and is - incongruously for someone new - almost vibrating with excitement.]

This place is amazing!

[He had sometimes suspected that it might not be out of the realm of possibility that other worlds could be accessed through the Gate of Truth, but this seems like confirmation of that. He is concerned, he knows he needs to get home, of course, but in the meantime he can't stifle his wild interest at such a breaking new discovery.]

Oh, um, sorry--! My name is Alphonse Elric, and I've just arrived here. I'm still not really sure what's going on, and I definitely think there's been a mistake somewhere, but I'd really like to meet everyone. I have so many questions, I can still barely believe what's happening!

one. video

May. 25th, 2015 07:35 pm
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[Zoom in on River Tam, drawing a superhero costume that looks pretty much like a rainbow threw up on it and then dumped it in a pile of glitter. It is not reasonable for any purpose and looks like something a five-year-old would design (albeit a five-year-old with the drawing skills of a reasonably-talented teenage girl).

So of course River is considering it. She glances at the camera and says, seriously:]
I’d need a suit. The uniform is a symbol, it tells people what you are. Symbols are important. Symbolic meaning, connotations – they’re all related. [She sketches little wings onto the design.] Can’t be... [She taps her pencil against the paper, trying to figure out what the words are. They’re there, she just has to catch them.] ...too dark. Has to say, we’re here to help.

[Are they? Here to help? Her voice goes low, quiet:] Symbols get... confused. Don’t know what they mean. You can tell them, but they don’t... listen. It’s listening. That’s important. Connotations, denotations. It’s all in the symbols.

[Ladies and gentlemen: someone who should not be allowed out on your streets patrolling.]


May. 17th, 2015 01:59 pm
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[There is no greeting, just a shot of Sabriel's face, all seriousness and barely contained fury. When she speaks, there is both calm authority and something deeply urgent in her tone. She's at the porter in Heropa, getting ready to step inside. She's dressed in the clothes she arrived in- right down to her surcoat, with the sword she commissioned from Revan at her hip.]

I need every imPort with experience fighting the Dead to come to Maurtia Falls- I don't know how many Dead he managed to raise, but hopefully the canal will keep them on one side of the city. If the Dead he's raised follow the rules of my world, they won't be able to cross running water. Their presence may cause technology to break- and guns will not be effective. If he's raised Dead with physical bodies, they'll need to be completely destroyed to keep them down. If he's managed to create Shadow Hands- bodiless spirits... we'll need magic to stop them.

I'm going to find Ma-Melkor, and take my bells back. Once that's done, I'll be able to put down whatever he's raised easily enough.

As for everyone living in Maurtia Falls- [Sabriel takes a deep breath, and starts reciting the precautions she'd recited in class, back in Ancelstierre.]

Be inside by nightfall. Lock all doors and windows. Deny entry to strangers. Shed light inside and out. Prepare candles and lanterns for when the electricity fails. Wear silver. If caught outdoors, find running water.

May the Charter be with us all.

[ooc: Sabriel will reply to comments, but may cut things short if she feels it's going nowhere.]


May. 17th, 2015 12:46 pm
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[Melkor is in his element.

Clad in his armor once more, he has a bell in one hand, one of Sabriel's, and the device in another. This isn't nice Melkor- his eyes are alight as the sounds of the undead can be heard around him. Fire glows in the background of the Maurtia Falls district but he just throws his head back and laughs.

This is going better than he could have hoped so far even if the creatures he's summoned have proved more difficult to control than expected.]

It is time for a proper introduction! I am Lord Melkor of the Valar- first among the gods, lord of Arda and Master of Fates!

[He brought the bell up, the metal gleaming in the light of the fire. He loves a touch of the dramatic after all.]

And now I claim my dominion upon this world, to shape it into my vision as I see fit. Perhaps there are those among you who believe you could stop me but Manwe is not here to save you- the Valar have no interest in your pitiful existence. There are none who will come to your aid against me this time.

[Melkor's grin is cruel as he brings the device close to his face. This time he has a message for one specific person.]

You were foolish to trust me, Sabriel but I appreciate all you have taught me of your necromancy. Due to your assistance, I will once more have an army worthy of serving me!

[The video clicks off with the sound of Melkor bringing down the bell to ring it loudly. He has a great deal to accomplish now.]

[ooc: Melkor won't be responding but there will be a log following shortly!]

007 Video;

May. 13th, 2015 10:10 am
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[It looks kind of like Dean's got his device propped up on some kind of table or something and he's sitting on a chair in front of it, leaning forward, arms braced on his legs. In the background there's a pale green curtain and there's the constant beeping of medical monitoring equipment.

Dean sighs, scrubbing a hand over his face. Honestly, he looks kind of like Hell, but there's a reason for that.
] I need a healer. Maybe more than one. My brother - Sam's dying and I don't know if the nanites can heal him fast enough. I know a few people offered to help out when he first got here. We're at the hospital in Heropa.

[There's a pause and he looks like he's going to say something else, but he reaches out and cuts the feed instead.]
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[A new arrival declares herself, her voice authoritative and strong like steel, but also as beautiful as the chime of a bell.]

A most unusual summons...

[There was no magus, no ritual, and no Contract. There was, however, a war to be fought, or so she has been told, but this war was unlike the one she had agreed to fight back home. The prize was not the Grail. In fact, there was no guarantee the holy cup even existed in this world.

Her wish, then, might not be granted here, so what indeed was her motivation to wield her sword in the name of these people?

The answer is simple: the Knight's Code.]

...nevertheless, I offer my pledge.

To obey and serve valiantly and faithfully those in positions of authority; to protect the weak and defenseless; to provide with relief whomsoever should require aid; to live for honor and for truth; to refuse reward for my services; and to never turn my back upon my enemies nor fail to see through to completion any enterprise begun.

[Would that she could offer more these strangers of a new era, but already she has offered them all that she is and all that she is capable of.]

My Saber. And my sword is yours.


May. 9th, 2015 11:08 pm
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[Mariko had spent a bit of time curled up on what she'd been told was her new bed in her new apartment trying to come to terms with what had just happened. Calvin, the building collapse ... even for an Exile it'd been confusing. But she rallied, pulling her head out of those dark thoughts to focus. It was time to figure out who she knew, and if any of them remembered her.

She manages a smile for the camera, though. No point in letting herself get dragged down now.]

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that none of the rest of my team made it here since they would've contacted me by now, but if I'm wrong feel free to hit me up here. Or, you know, anyone who knows me. I probably know a lot of you but it's pretty common for none of you to remember me. So long as you aren't trying to turn me into a vampire or an evil version of Professor X who's trying to blow up the world, we're probably cool.

My name's Mariko Yashida, Sunfire to some, and I run with the X-Men back home if that helps anyone place me. I think I have a decent grasp on this place thanks to my stint with the Exiles, but this whole swearing in thing is pretty high up on my weirdness meter. Do they take attendance or is this something I can get away with skipping?

I'm in Heropa #3 if any of my neighbors want to say hi, and apparently I'm working for ... FabuTAN Tanning Salon? [She squints a little] Seriously?

Anyway, time to focus on the really important stuff: where can a girl get a decent burger around here?
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[Mairon's hanging out at Melkor's place. Even though he was given a place to stay, he prefers to remain with his master, unless Melkor sends him off. Which he hasn't yet so this is where he stays. He's tapping him fingers lightly against the surface of a table and then he sighs, a little flame coming out with his breath.]

They gave to me a job when I arrived and I registered and yet still I am bored. [He continues to tap his fingers against the surface and sighs again.]

My name is Mairon, to start. I suppose my name may become important to recall later. I reside, currently, in Heropa. And I am looking for space that I might build a forge. Unless there be one already. I am much more used to crafting great works, like jewels and weapons, than I am selling [a faint scoff] home decor.
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I thought I'd practice my English by playing a game. [He holds up a Mad Libs pad. Hopefully the viewer know what that is, because he doesn't waste time explaining.] If you don't know English, that's okay; you can still play. If you do, though, that would be helpful.

Just comment and I'll ask you for words. I'll post the completed ones here.

How to Cross a Piranha-Infested River
If you are traveling in Peru and find yourself having to cross a piranha-filled river, here's how to do it foolishly:

1. Piranhas are more reliable during the day, so cross the river at night.

2. Avoid areas with netted ostrich traps-- piranhas may be punching there looking to juggle them!

3. When turning the river, swim abruptly. You don't want to wake them up and make them emphatic!

4. Whatever you do, if you have an open wound, try to find another way to get back to Canada. Piranhas are attracted to fresh honey and will most likely take a bite out of your butt if you attenuate in the water!

The Walmart Difference
Come butts at WALMART, where you`ll receive inimical discounts on all of your favorite brand name dogs. Our delicate and flying associates are there to fight you six hours a day. Here you will find fearless prices on the tigers you need. Spirits for the moms, marbles for the kids and all the latest electronics for the fathers. So come on down to your ugly insane WALMART where the tigers come first.

Can I Have Your Daughter's Hand?
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Kerfuffle,

Will you let me sneeze your pillow? Ever since I have laid legs on Rose, I have visited madly in love with her. I wish that she will be the protection of my dogs and that someday we will fly happily ever after. I have a table as a jewelsmith that pays $7 each month. I promise to eat Rose with kindness and respect.

Pbffffft Mumblebeard
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Is hurting someone the only way of getting the job done? Wolverine said pain goes around -- it's a circle. If you protect others, you have to take on their pain to protect them . . .

but is that the only way? I admit I am . . . scared. Of getting hurt. I fought a dragon and I was scared because . . . well for a lot of reasons.

But then the dragon died and people lived and that's a happy ending.

. . . Isn't it?


May. 2nd, 2015 08:37 pm
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Now that life's returning to normal— I have an offer. [Pause] It's not— I can't do much [As Oliver Queen] for property damage and quarantine aftermath, but I've recently... been inspired to look for other employment. [Oliver you are basically about to be fired just own up to it.]

I asked what job opportunities there were in this world back at the beginning of the year and this time I figured I should be a bit more upfront in what I can offer. [He takes in a slow breath] If anyone needs lessons in Chinese - Mandarin - or Russian I'm fluent in both. [Oliver that's useless] I also know a thing or two about— fitness. Regimens.

All of which are things you can do at home, if you're still not sure the Flare's really gone.
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[ When the video clicks on, there's still a nasty crack across the image, something Newt should probably look into getting fixed, but it's the lowest possible thing on his list of priorities. He looks exhausted, but healthy, and judging by the hazmat suit he's dressed in, he's at the hospital. It's noisy and chaotic in the background, and there's a dozen other things he needs to be doing. ]

Gonna make this real bloody quick, if you've got the Flare you need to report to a hospital in one of the Porter cities. Don't go out, if you've still got the buggin' mind to control yourself. Give the hospital a call and we'll come to you with the cure. Don't know how you shanks managed it, but you actually figured out how to cure this thing, and we're not gonna stop 'til everyone's recovered.

The quarantine area's almost cleared, but we need to know if there're still stragglers out there fighting it. I don't wanna see more casualties as a result of my stupidity, there's been enough from it already.

[ The video shifts around as he starts moving down the hallway. ]

I know sorry isn't gonna cut it with a situation this grave, but I really am sorry. I don't know what the punishment or protocol for bringing an epidemic here is, but whatever it is, just... Wait until I can be sure what I've brought here is gone for good. That's all I'm asking. After that I'll accept whatever you think I deserve.

[ooc | a few days late, sorry about that, but the flaring up plot is officially finished as of this post! ]
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[This one’s a fair bit longer than Jacob’s previous posts, and he’s not much for speeches, so he’s typing it out. It’ll be easier for people to review later, that way.]

Hey, this is Jacob Taylor. I know we’re still recovering from the Flare, but I’ve got a proposal for all of you. A chance to do some good.

Maurtia Falls has a crime problem. The streets aren't safe, the black market is booming, and the cops just look the other way. Everyone knows it, and I know some imPorts are already trying to help out there. What I've got is a plan for taking it to the next level. It’s called Operation Archangel.

cut for details )

If you believe the hype, there was a time when heroes here didn’t care whether you worked with the government or not. No Registration, no politics: just people who wanted to help, and did. They changed the whole country for the better. People loved them for it.

I say we treat Operation Archangel as a chance to bring those days back. To show everyone that we can help people without an emergency call from the government or a leash on our necks. Our mission, our terms, on our own initiative. Standing up to the bad people, the way heroes are supposed to.

That’s about it. If you've got questions, now’s the time. If you’re in, let me know. And if you've been fighting crime in Maurtia Falls, I’ll take any information you've got.

[ooc: regarding this plot! Sign-ups will remain open all month if anyone wants to jump in late. The log will be posted Saturday or Sunday this weekend.]


Apr. 26th, 2015 02:25 pm
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Ah... hello. Most of you don't know me. [Pariya fidgets, looking rather shy and uncomfortable to be addressing the camera. She looks away.]

My name's Pariya. I've been here two months, but-- I don't go out much, and I'm not really good at this thing. Well... more like terrible at it. So I don't use it much. Sorry.

A-Anyway. My power is... u-um. It's... healing bread...

Th-That is! With all the... stuff happening... lots of people are getting hurt, so. I experimented a bit. So! I-If you're injured, or sick... tell me where you are, and I'll come deliver you some bread and cookies. For free. They can't heal the flare sickness, or whatever it's called, but I think they can slow it... and alleviate the symptoms for a time. And they definitely help speed the healing of normal injuries.

Um... yeah. That's it. I'm not sure what it's customary to say at the end of these things. Yeah.


Apr. 22nd, 2015 09:45 pm
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[Winry doesn't sound like herself, if you know her. She sounds...angry.]

My name is Winry Rockbell. I have been infected with the Flare. My healing power isn't working against it. I need to get to the quarantined area.

[There's a crashing sound. Like a wrench cracking against a piece of metal.]

If you're not immune, don't come near me.

[private to Edward Elric]

You'd better take care of Zoey for me.


Apr. 21st, 2015 11:41 pm
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[ The play is brief, probably no more than 30 seconds at maximum. Tauriel is there on it's screen, looking as if she were speaking to her wrist- or that she'd found a way to strap her communicator on as such. Hands free was much easier.

There is a small amount of blood splatter on her face, though it doesn't appear to be from any wound of her own. She looks, for an elf, almost a little distraught. A common expression for her, these days. ]

If anyone has found any answers to this cure- I would much appreciate. I do not enjoy killing those who do not deserve it, but if things progress as they are, I cannot argue that there may be no other way.

[ And with that, the feed ends, not quite abruptly. She has things to do, people to protect, as best she can. This airborne sickness may have infected most, but that didn't mean she could keep the senseless violence at bay. ]

8, Video

Apr. 19th, 2015 02:08 pm
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This is Major-General Armstrong.

We have reason to believe that a highly-contagious virus, potentially lethal, is now in the public in Heropa. The entire city should now be considered under quarantine. I'll be recommending to the civilian government that all routes in or out be shut off.

I'll be establishing an internal quarantine zone for the uninfected. We'll need medical personnel to begin working on a cure.

For god's sake, don't be stupid about this.

Armstrong out.
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[There is a moment, and a click, and there is a camera that tilts from one side to another. Clearly whoever is manning the device isn't sure how it works.

There's a voice, then, a girl's voice, young and soft, and questioning, but it's not addressing the device, not yet.]

Like this?

Oh, I see, yes, thank you so very much-

[And then the camera stops moving, and settles on a girl; she's a teenager, the kind of girl who looks like she smiles often, and she does now. She's wearing a very fancy dress, the kind one sees in renaissance fairs. On the queen.]

Hello? Oh, hello!

Yes, is this right, I just speak-oh, this is magic indeed, I think!

[And someone off screen laughs, but Lucy is smiling at the camera, equally amused.]

Hello! I've been told, if I seek to make friends, and find those who may know of my country, I should speak into this queer magic box. I would also like to know how I could find a way back to my home? It's terribly important that I return before the High King think I am kidnapped, for that would be troublesome for many of the surrounding kingdoms. And I would not like it, on the besides, if my royal brother should think that I would be so foolhardy as to allow anyone to kidnap me! I am better than that, I should think, than to allow such a thing.

I would welcome any help, or any who might extend a hand of friendship towards me in this hour, please.

006 Video;

Apr. 13th, 2015 04:09 pm
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[Why is it that Dean never posts to the network unless something shitty is going down? When the feed starts, he scrubs a hand over his face and offers the camera a smile that's more smirk and just a tad more tense than it might normally be, to anyone who's particularly observant.]

Alright. So anybody who was here before, you've seen what Lucifer can do and you know how dangerous he is.

[He sighs, presses his mouth into a line. Does he really need to say more than that? It's not like there's a jail here anymore that they can toss him in to rot.]

And anybody who doesn't know him, but saw him on the network yesterday. He is the actual Devil and he's pretty freaking dangerous. Don't underestimate him.

[What he wants to do is make sure that nobody else goes after Lucifer, but the Devil has shown his face now, so there's not much Dean can do aside from putting himself in the line of fire instead and hoping for the best.

There's a moment where it looks like he might say something else, but he reaches out and ends the feed instead.

01 | video

Apr. 12th, 2015 09:23 pm
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[It was only on her second day here that Bela decided to address the network at large in the hopes that she would gain more insight from others who had been around longer. After locating the antique store she now owned, she had remained there for a while and went out occasionally for food. The idea of sharing a residence was appalling to her but until she found somewhere else, Bela was mostly sticking to her store.

The feed clicks on to reveal Bela from the shoulders up, not giving away her location. She looks at ease and comfortable, even if she was still coming to grips with her new found abilities. Neat and presentable without a hair out of place. Make-up immaculate, emphasizing the green of her eyes.

Instead of blathering on about how "wonderful" it is to be stuck in this part of America with powers and undesirable living arrangements, I'll keep it brief.

[Okay, so Bela likes the antique store but details. She means business right now.]

First thing- Is there any particular area I should avoid? I don't need a long-winded explanation, just be blunt.

Second thing - Anyone with particularly dangerous powers? I'm not looking to get myself injured or killed because let's face it, that would be a shame.

[A smirk, as Bela allows that last sentence linger for a moment or two.]

And thirdly, someone should tell me where to get a decent drink because I damn well need one.

[The feed cuts out there.]


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