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Nov. 1st, 2016 02:28 pm
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On my arrival, I asked myself two questions likely shared by others;

How are our worlds connected?

And whence came the power to steal us outside of time?

You have probably waited patiently for an answer to these questions; or took it upon yourself in desparation to find answers. Do you consider that it is very, very probable the porter has linked hundreds of worlds though they exist leagues and years apart?

Let me conclude. I expect all of our worlds are linked together by some means. Shall there not exist people who believe the same as me?

And I would also like to hear about your systems of magic, if you can graciously spare the time.


Nov. 1st, 2016 08:20 am
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[ It's late at night when Cullen makes the post, the time of night when people would probably text something like this. But typing on the phone is still too much of an unnatural struggle for him to default to it.

He sounds relatively normal. Maybe just a tiny bit tired. ]

What is it you do when you cannot sleep and there is no work to be done to better utilize the hours you spend awake?

[ There's a tiny pause. ]

I am no stranger to sleepless nights, yet in coming here, I've now naught to do with mine.


Oct. 29th, 2016 12:30 am
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( ooc: this is a pretty ridiculous post, but just chucking this behind a cut in case! Sarissa's kind of flippant and terrible sometimes, so I'm also gently linking an opt out post if there's any topics you'd sooner not come up, or would just prefer to opt out of cr with her generally :]b

content warning: discussion of cults, reference to serial killers, and potentially murder/group suicide/any else terrible that could tie into cults that could come up in the comments. I'll update as necessary. )

a survey regarding what would make joining a cult appealing. )


Oct. 22nd, 2016 03:54 pm
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I just found out today that this place has more than one continent. [He's been here for a few months now, so this is kind of sad.] That's kind of weird, isn't it? I wonder what happened to make it break up like that.

Guess I'm curious to know, though, 'cause I've been kinda bored today: anyone else's world different like that? Or anyone else's look like mine? Here. It's like this...

[He takes a moment to scratch out something, yes, you get to watch him doodle in a notebook he found nearby (sorry, Genos), and holds up this masterpiece. He even drew waves on it to help you get the full picture.]

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[This is a really...odd question to ask. And Kaneda knows it. But something's been on his mind as of late, especially with his new job working out the way it is. Boredom begets creativity, and thus the feed opens up to our favourite biker teen sitting at his desk in Neo Tokyo, sliding back and forth on his rolling stool as he plays with a thumbtack.

Poking his skin lightly with the tip. It makes no impression, and it's as if it were going into silly putty rather than actual skin.]

Does...anyone know where to get something that can block my powers? I don't know, like a magic bracelet or something?

[He has his reasons.

He totally has his reasons.]

I want a tattoo.

[They're related, honest.]


Oct. 9th, 2016 02:14 pm
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[The video opens up on a familiar attic, with everyone's favourite nerd waving at the camera. For some reason there's what looks like a dummy with its arms raised and a sheet over it. Spooky?]

Hey, everyone! Dipper Pines again. It's October now, which means a bunch of things. Like... pumpkins! Big piles of leaves! Fake skeletons everywhere! I mean, along with the real ones. That... everyone has. Never mind.

Anyways, I'm here to talk to you about ghost protection. Things can get kind of spooky during October but if you're prepared, you won't have anything to worry about. You can focus on costumes and candy corn and... mid-terms. Maybe? Do any imPorts go to college?

First thing! This is a classic supernatural deterrent that you should already have on hand: salt. Basically you just kind of put in a circle around whatever you want to protect from demons or whatever. I don't think it works for really strong ones, but it'll keep most things out. Plus you can just buy the kind you use for salting your driveway.

If you already have a ghost inside your house, the best thing you can try is to trap it in a silver mirror. That part's pretty you just kind of-- [At this point, Dipper makes a sucking sound.] To get rid of it, there's a ritual and stuff. I'll put uh, a link at the bottom. Don't break the mirror or let the ghost talk its way out. For real. You might get turned into a tree.

Okay and seriously, don't do a seance. Ghosts are really annoying and talking to them doesn't do much, plus you're probably just going to end up with more. Silver mirrors are expensive!

That's pretty much it! Let me know if you have any questions, and avoid cursed doors. They either lead to another plane of existence or it's just instant death. You'll know them when you see them.
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[The video opens to an office. People who have been affiliated with Xavier's School for ImPorts in some capacity or another might recognize it as the Headmaster's office, previously belonging to Robert Callaghan. There's, uh, a mix of organized stacks of paperwork and haphazardly strewn piles. Guess which ones Kotetsu had anything to do with. A copy machine is insistently beeping about its paper jam and he smacks it a couple times in frustration before he just gives up and unplugs it. He gives the network a slightly flustered wave.]

Uh, hi. This is Kotetsu Kaburagi. I'm the powers tutor at the Xavier's School for ImPorts. ...Which, uh, isn't just for imPorts anymore and...[he makes an awkward noise in his throat] Xavier asked to have his name taken off, since he's not affiliated and all, so, uh, if anyone has suggestions for a new one, that'd be great....

[He rubs at his neck, coughs.]

So, a-anyway, that stuff aside. Callaghan Ported out a few months ago, so we don't have a Headmaster anymore. And I'm, not really--[vague gesturing to the general state of the office]

Well, I could use some help. Like, official help. Just contact me here or in private if you're interested?

[Qualifications: just don't be a criminal. Please.]

Also, the people we had working security have Ported out or moved onto other work by now, so I'm looking for more people for that, too.

--Oh, yeah, if anyone wants to enroll at the school, lemme know! It's a regular high school for the most part, but it's a great place to practice your powers in a safe place, if that's something you're interested in.

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[She didn’t exactly read the pamphlet that was given to her, but after hearing the explanation in the car about how to use the communicator she thought she’d try it out while she’s waiting for her food in downtown Heropa. She's still not sure about how the video function works so it's audio for now, but if someone were to actually see her she seems to look like she’s either: a) ruminating about something b) really needs to use the bathroom.]

… So. This creepy blue lady told me I was a hero and that they’re the good guys…

[There wasn't much thought on the latter and she only remembers the blue lighting from the lady, but the former—that’s been on her mind since the car ride.]

If that’s the case, why did they give me powers that aren’t… really super? It’s basically the same abilities I’ve always had!!

[The sound of a fist pounding on the table and the vibrations of some utensils can be heard as her voice slowly escalates.]

It’s so unfair! I wanted to be a magical girl!! Couldn’t they have at least given me transformation powers?!

[A loud slam! is heard as she face plants on the table in front of her. It might seem like she accidentally closed the network early, but after some silence she speaks up much calmer than before though still melancholy.]

Anyway, I’m not even sure who this reaches, but please tell me what kind of powers you got or if there's a chance to have a power re-do. [A pause.] --if that's okay.


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