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[When the comm turns on, the face of a young blonde woman can be seen. She's visibly nervous, but her voice stays firm as she speaks.]

Okay. Uhm. Hello, everyone. I'm Dr. Jennifer Keller, and obviously I just arrived here... I'm glad there's such a comprehensive welcoming package, but I do have one problem. I never had superpowers when I was home. [Her eyes move down and the rustling of papers can be heard as she looks over the file she was given again.] Is there... I don't know... some kind of place I can go to or person I can ask for lessons? Advice? Anything?

[She swallows.] I can become intangible, but I have to say, the prospect of walking through something and getting stuck or falling through the Earth is... pretty terrifying. I'm not exactly eager to go down in history being known for that, you know?

Any help would be appreciated.
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[ when the video starts, you're greeted to a girl! she is swinging two pairs of scissors around her pointer fingers, which is probably in the top ten of things you shouldn't do with scissors, and there's a bright smile on her face. ]

Hello, heroes and baddies, I'm Hajime! I work at the arts and craft store. You should all visit if you have free time. We're currently having a sale on yarn. [ because yarn is exciting. ]

Oh, but actually, I have a question. What do you think makes someone a hero? Or a super one? It's a riddle I need to solve! Thank you for your help, and please buy our yarn.
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[ The camera opens up with a panning shot of a hotel that looks a few decades past its prime. The paint is peeling in places, the roof is in desperate need of maintenance, and weeds are sprouting up through the cracks in the pavement. And this is the good side of the building—the other side features quite a few lovely boarded-up windows.

After a long moment, the camera is turned around, taking a moment to focus on Charles. Emma and Erik are visible in the background.

Welcome to the future home of the Xavier School for ImPorts. That still sounds strange to say. As you can see, it’s been a while since the building has… seen its prime. [ Charles smiles a bit, his expression notably optimistic. ] Although that is where you come in! We would like to prepare the building for a proper opening in September—and I believe that with the help of any and all volunteers, it could be entirely possible.

[ Emma being Emma, the first thing that comes to mind is catty, but she knows enough not to snipe at her nominal boss on camera, at least not right off the bat. She takes a few steps closer so she can address the audience over Charles' shoulder. In her usual heels, she has several inches on him. ]

While Charles is rather more of an optimist than I am, this isn't my first construction project [ Do you have any idea how often mutants have to rebuild things? Do you? ] or first time running a school for super-powered students [ A lot of them are even still alive! ] so I'm confident we'll have everything in order in plenty of time. We're also looking for faculty and staff, and we'll be casting a wider net than a more conventional school, so if you think you have something to offer, please get in touch.

[ Charles turns his attention to Erik as though silently asking him if he has anything to add. After a moment, the communicator is handed off to Erik. ]

There will be dormitories in the school for anyone who desires an alternative to government housing-- registered or otherwise. [ There's an emphasis on "otherwise". He's made his anti-registration stance fairly public by now. ] In light of last month's events in Colorado, security will be an utmost priority.

On a related note, Charles and I were able to question an accomplice in the kidnapping. If anyone else was able to uncover any information on the parties responsible, I would appreciate an opportunity to compare notes.

[[ There will be an open log for renovating the school later this week. Here is the previous OOC plotting post about the school, for those who missed it. The school directory is over here; please comment on the directory post if you are interested in having your character be a student, teacher, and/or resident at the school! ]]
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[ Well it's been a couple of days since the swear-in, and if Clem was sure of one thing, it was this: She should not have walked home in the rain.

There's a stifled sneeze when the audio function turns on, and a few minutes of silence follow. Finally, a sign of resignation. She's not sure what is the best medicine, and she's trying to remember what it looked like when she last was sick. Halp? SHe's a newbie at this stuff. ]

I... have... a question. [ Someone is going to laugh at her, she feels, but she's going to ask anyway. ]

I haven't ever been to FLorida before, but...has anyone ... [ She stops there, decides not to ask. ]

Nevermind, it's stupid.

[ She'll ask something instead. ]

What would you do, if you got someone killed..?

[ Heavy questions from Tiny McTinyTot. But it's guilt that weighs heavily on her head, and she was curious how other people deal with it. ]


[ OR If you rather, Sniffles McGee, aka Clem can be found departing either a pharmacy or a supermarket, with a small bag of goodies, on her way back to the Government apartments. Feel free to run into her either at the pharmacy or the way home if you would rather! ]
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[ A simple text post: the comm ID reads "Robin." ]

This morning, several buses en route from the NCYL Leadership Summer Camp never made it to the airport. Several of our fellow ImPorts were on these buses, as well as a large number of civilian teenagers. I've just gotten word that one of the buses was found down a ravine, filled with luggage and personal items. All the people onboard were missing.

There have been no statements made yet, but I think it's safe to assume that they've been taken.

There are some unusual transmissions coming out of Colorado. Encrypted and weak, but it’s a start. I'm doing my best to locate the source of these signals, but it's slow going.

In the meantime, there are things people can do to help. We need people on the ground out there looking for clues, leads, anything. Those of you interested in search and rescue parties: be cautious. We don’t know what we’re dealing with yet.

If we work together, we can do this.

[ Attached is a set of coordinates corresponding to the site of the bus crash, as well as the names of the missing campers and counselors. ]

(OOC: This is the network kickoff for the Summer Games plot. The corresponding log that will go up later today! I won't be around to tag everything, but please use this for all your IC coordination needs. )
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[ When Charles appears on the screen his expression is twisted into one of confusion, with a layer of thoughtful disapproval dusted on top. He opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it; debating two subjects that seem to be warring for relevance at the front of his mind. Really, that's been the story of his day to day life, here. ]

There are entirely too many strange things going on in this future; there's more culture shock than I'd expected. On the one hand, I suppose I had expected cars to fly—not disappointing. On the other, what on Earth are the ingredients in this? [ Charles displays an energy drink for the camera after a moment with a knit brow. ] I really only wanted tea—which they didn't have—and I was given this in the place of coffee. I don't think it "does the same thing". I think I was lied to.

[ Then, putting it aside, his expression turns more serious. ]

I digress. I can.. save my suspicion for another day. What I would like to know, from anyone who is willing—what is the power you acquired upon your arrival here? They are not unusual where I am from. However, they're acquired through genetic means; I cannot help but wonder if that is true here, as well, in some—retroactive way, if your genes have been... modified.

Thank you.

[ He's right about to shut off the feed before he stops and, as an aside, says: ]

I would also appreciate it if someone younger could tell me whether or not there are drugs in this drink. Thank you.
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[The scene: the interior of the living room of one of the housing units. A few lamps have been brought over to provide better lighting. A teenage girl with brown hair fiddles with her communicator, pursing her lips this way and that as she adjusts the video. Once she's satisfied, she smiles, steps back and replaces a bright blue top hat on her head.

Now she's all razzle-dazzle.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! It's so wonderful to be here tonight! My name is Trucy Wright, professional magician, and it's my pleasure to officially introduce myself and my services!

Though you may think my promises are empty... [Her hat comes off again and she shows off the interior. Empty, of course.] I guarantee you won't be disappointed once you experience the joy and wonder of an authentic Trucy Wright performance!

[Reaching into her hat, she pulls out a long string of colorful flags, and a banner of letters which reads "Ta Dah!" There is also a burst of glittery confetti as she holds out the flags as to be readable.]

I'm a princess of parties! A baroness of birthdays! A queen of corporate events! A wizard of weddings! And tons of fun at funerals! Furthermore, my rates are very reasonable!

And if a magician isn't what you need, I also represent the east coast branch of the Wright Anything Agency. Legal consultation! Defense! Paperwork! You will say WOW.

[With a grin, Trucy takes a bow.]

So remember, if you need magic, and you need it spectacular, you need Trucy Wright!

[... then reaches into her hat and starts to pull out a broom.]

I'll be available for consultation as soon as I sweep up all the confetti.
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[ The video shows Erik seated in front of a desk covered in books, largely focused on the history of the past fifty years, along with the advancements in science and technology that have occurred in that time. There are several notebooks strewn about, and a map pinned to the wall with several marks made on it-- anyone who chose to scrutinize it closely enough may notice that they are the locations that are unique to this world. The room is well-lit, sunlight shining through the open window. ]

I hate to put a damper on this weekend's festivities. [ No he doesn't. ] But since my arrival, I have found myself with more questions than answers. That delightfully informative video that our hosts provided for us was of little help, I am afraid. You see, this is not the first time I have been branded against my will, and I have few reasons to believe that the intentions of this group are any more pure than the last.

So now I turn to you, my fellow imPorts, and I ask this: If you have chosen to register, why? I wish to believe that the majority of you are wise enough that you have not been drawn in by simple propaganda, so I am sure that you all have your reasons.
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[ admittedly, being stuck in a strange alternate universe isn't exactly new to scott. it isn't common, but this isn't his first rodeo. that doesn't make the experience any less jarring, but it at least means he's immediately aware of what his priorities should be.

for a while, he grapples with the idea of transmitting a message, trying to weigh the pros and cons. he's not exactly a popular figure back home, and he's not sure how much of that might have carried over here. it may be an entirely different world, but the presence of other imports means his past mistakes may still haunt him. still, in the end he figures it's a calculated risk he needs to take.

at this point, even a hostile face would be welcome, as long as its familiar. ]

Hello, everyone. My name is Scott Summers... some of you may have heard of me, though most of you probably haven't. I think I understand the situation here well enough, and I'm willing to play ball.

[ a degree. he's never been very comfortable with he idea of hero registration, and being abducted to another world doesn't exactly make him more amenable to the idea. still, no reason to rock the boat just yet. ]

I would appreciate some more information, though. Numbers, resources, assets... what kind of threat we're up against. Anything would be appreciated. If there's anything I hate, it's fighting blind.

And... "Youth Leadership Director"? That's got to be a joke, right?


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