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Deet deet deet, boop boop beep boop. But-tons but-tons...

[The video comes on but it's just a shot of the top half of his helmet and the sky above because he's holding his comm like a walkie-talkie.

He puts on a 'authoritative' voice.]
Hello. Yes. This is Captain General Fourth Class Caboose. I need you to deliver to me at least fourteen new friends, stat. ASAP, and...BYOB. NASDAQ. Over and out and in, amen.

[...the video continues with just a shot of his armored foot on a grubby sidewalk and his voice further off.]

OH MY GOD FRECKLES LOOK! An outside party!

[A grating mechanical voice answers:] Hostiles detected.


Aug. 27th, 2015 11:43 pm
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[ Carl would be lying if he said the gas didn't fucked him up. It gave him nightmares, he couldn't sleep, he felt like he lost something back there with the terrified crowd. Whatever sense of not feeling safe he always had ever since coming here has just amplified, like he's living back in his world now.

The things he used to distract him is not working any more. Job hunting only frustrated Carl, as his aversion with large groups of people has only gotten worse.

So he gotta do something about it. He has gotten some help on the network, some good suggestions. Good start as any. ]

I got some quick questions.

1) What hobbies do you have that's cheap and easy to do? I'm getting bored with origami.

2) What are the kind of jobs that is good for not interacting a lot of people? I don't think being in large crowds is going to work for me anymore.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Aug. 24th, 2015 08:08 pm
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[The man on the screen is wearing a clean white suit with a grey shirt underneath it, the simpleness of this attire outshone by the mask on his face, as it's clearly meant to draw all the attention. The mask is white with two black hearts for eyes (and only tiny holes in those for him to see through) and large pouty red lips made of plaster.

He spreads his arms, greeting his audience.]

Hello, lovebirds of all ages, shapes, and sizes!

I am pleased to announce that the brand new reality show GHOULFRIENDS will be airing on a station near you in the very near future! However, we still need one very important thing - contestants! That's right! You could find love right here on national television!

We're looking for some... unique participants to make this show stand out from any others of its type. (I'm looking at you, heroes!) So call our toll-free number or enter on our website! Heck, sign up your friends! We'll convince them it's worth their time.

As your host, I'll be glad to consider answering any questions you might have.

[Uta isn't using his usual tone of voice today, so he should be fairly hard to recognize. Go ahead and use this post to get an IC reason to have your character sign up for the show. Questions can be asked OOCly there, or ICly here.]
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[ Good evening, Mask or Menacians.

Today, you'll be treated to the chaos that is Nonah 005 on a movie night. On camera are the Pines twins, a tiny wizard, a minotaur, a wannabe Arthur Fonzarelli, and some kid with Troll doll hair. But most prominently shown is one Ken Amada, who you might recognize as "that kid with the dog" or "the forty year old man trapped in a twelve year old's body." Kittens wander in and out of the area, while Koromaru sits comfortably at the cameraman's hip.

Barely audible in the background is the noise of explosions and gunfire -- but don't be concerned. That's probably just the movie. Probably. More troubling is the way the Fonz and the Troll are bickering over the gratuitous violence while everyone patiently ignores the hell out of them. Well, everyone except Ken, who seems to be gritting his teeth.

Quietly, Star-Lord, our illustrious cameraman, murmurs into his device as he zooms in on Ken. ]
Some shit's about to go down. You see that vein popping out on his forehead? That's the vein of someone who's gonna snap.

[ The teens' arguing goes on for another half a minute, during which time Ken seems to become more and more irate. When their squabbling finally reaches a crescendo, the kid rounds on them. ]

Would you two shut the fuck up?!

[ And just like that, the room goes deathly silent -- save for a timely record scratch, courtesy of the film they were trying to watch.

And then, Peter Quill starts cackling. ]

Oh my God, I'm totally posting this.

(( cover your ears, children. expect a whole lot of threadhopping. ))
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[When the video starts, it's another one of those weirdos in armor on screen. Orange and gray, really? Interesting color choice.]

Holy shit, this is surreal. I'm not even talking about the whole "suddenly abducted to a different dimension" thing, though... also that, yeah. Mostly I'm talking about all of... this.

[Felix vaguely gestures around him. It's hard to get a read on someone who's covering his face, but his body language is actually relaxed and the tone of his voice seems pretty genuine, rather than indignant. Which is actually 100% intentional, because he's trying to go for a good first impression here. Or at the very least a non-threatening one.]

I mean, Earth, seriously? Can't even remember the last time I was anywhere near this place! Just seeing so many people walk around without armor on is fucking weird, I'm not used to this many civilians. I'm starting to feel a little bit overdressed here!

And don't even get me started on this little setup right here, this little network, I mean, what is this? Talk about old school, I feel like I'm connecting to a fossil! What next, is someone gonna break out the walkie-talkies? Am I going to have to send someone a telegram?

[But he's digressing.]

Anyway, the name's Felix and I'm a mercenary. Yeah, yeah, jobs back home don't exactly carry over, whatever. I'm just considering this a little vacation. One I really hope doesn't last too long, 'cause I'd rather not miss out on a paycheck I've been working on for years because of this little... situation. [There's actually an edge to his voice for a moment, but then it's gone again, just like that.] But I'm sure that'll all work itself out somehow.

In the meantime, I guess I'll be hanging out in this place with all of you fine people! Well... I'm sure I won't have to worry about getting bored.
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[On comes the video feed, and the man on the other end seems to consider the screen with distaste for a moment; the pause is long enough to wonder if he's simply going to change his mind and turn it off, but then he speaks. It's a low tone, something that almost sounds like it shouldn't belong to a human, but what is more noticeable is the fact that it is practically dripping with the repugnance of... something. His situation? His audience? All of the above? Red eyes flash with visible impatience as he addresses the network.]

I have been viewing this "network" for several days, watching mortal refugees from other worlds exchange words, images, ideas. Some have accepted and assimilated into their new situation, while others remain resistant and opposed to this place and what they expect of us.

[His lips threaten to curl into a mirthless grin.]

Zahdnu. It is pointless. Do you not see how petty it is? Caught in someone else's conflict, whether you fight or remain ambivalent, it all meets the same end; in time, it will be all be forgotten. All of you will be forgotten. Do you think you will be remembered in a hundred years time, do you think this war they want us to fight will be anything more than a footnote in the history of a thousand years? Five thousand? You should be lucky if your civilizations do not crumble to the ground well before then.

Everything here is noise with no meaning. That I should have to suffer through it is an insult. In defeat, I would have preferred a nothingness, and not forced to live with those whose bodies will decay into dust with time. No dovah, no dragon, deserves such humiliation.

[Well, how's that for a first "hello"? That being said, he simply moves on, as if everything he just declared is not up for debate.]

Those here who considers themselves immortal, a god, or anything more than the majority of those who live in this world -- especially those who find themselves weakened -- my name is Alduin, the World Eater, and I would speak with you.

((ooc; if you're interested in opting-in to Alduin's soul sensing abilities, check out his permissions post here please!))


Aug. 9th, 2015 02:24 am
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[ the video comes alive with a shudder, revealing a young man desperately trying to set the device up properly and keep it from falling over again onto pages of notes. his uncovered eye is narrowed in concentration. ]

Um, hello. [ off to a good start already. still, the picture stabilizes and his hands move out of the picture to rest on his lap. ] I'm Mutsuki. I've been reading over the compiled FAQ but I had a few questions—

Back home I was learning how to properly use daggers to fight. Is there somewhere here where I could continue this sort of training? I have my own and several months of practice but it's always nice having someone who knows what they're doing there to help. [ though it's probably for the best that suzuya isn't here anymore if everything he heard was true. ] Any help would be appreciated.

[ after all, there wasn't any point in foregoing training while he was here. there was still one more important question though: ] Ah... and what sort of book genres do you enjoy or your favorite books and authors? I brought a book by Kafka with me from home that I've been slowing reading through. Still, I'm always open to hear about more especially while I'm stuck in a new country and an alternate world at that.


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