Nov. 13th, 2015 10:49 am
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It's that time again where all the pretty new faces start showing up. You are all probably confused, but the only thing you have to know is this face, because I am beautiful.

[ Finger frames. He'll give them a second to take it all in. ]

Remember it, because it will be useful for many reasons.

This face belongs to Jinseok Jin--me--and it is important for you to live. Not just because I am very handsome, but I am also one of the imPort Spokespeople, and to everyone who is pretty and lost, I can help you. Together, me and you, one on one. I can make sure you settle well.

Except if you are ugly, then Ana Ramir will help you.


Nov. 4th, 2015 07:52 pm
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[Narcissa is frustrated with this phone thing. She's never seen anything like it- it must be a Muggle thing. But it seems there is nothing for it- it seems this is something she has to do to get any real answers. Her wand is tucked just out of sight- still within reach. She's put a charm around the house, which seems empty at the moment, which would detect and alert her to any intruders. To any walking into De Chima #2, best plug your ears.

She's sitting on the couch, wearing looks like expensive clothes and the expression on her face is not friendly.]

I've been told this-device- is a means to communicate- even if it seems rather primitive.

[Really. Where are the owls? This is all so strange.]

Then I seek answers from any who may hear this. I am Narcissa Malfoy - [That should be enough introduction in her view. Who doesn't recognize the Malfoy name?] -and I want to know what this device is and what I need to know of this world.

I will be expecting answers shortly.

[Now how does one turn this off? This is more difficult than it first looked.]
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[There's a bit of a scruffy individual appearing on your screens today, looking rather small and out of place in what is apparently his new room, from what little is seen of the background. He looks like he really doesn't want to be doing this, but... when in Rome, right?]

Uh... guess it's only polite to introduce yourself on these things, right?

[He fidgets, having trouble looking at the screen.]

Detective Tohru Adachi, formerly Inaba PD. Ah... nice to meet all of you? I guess?

[It's a moment, before he finally lets out a sigh, his face scrunching up at the camera.]

I'm not even really sure why I'm here. It's not like I'm anything special.


But, uh... I'm in Heropa, building thirty. They've assigned me to be a traffic cop, so... be sure you park your cars right! Heh heh...

[He's smiling, but it's obvious he's dying a little on the inside.]

[If anyone in #030 wants to talk to him personally, he's sitting on his bed, looking like he's trying not to take up too much space at once.]


Oct. 3rd, 2015 09:41 am
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[ The first thing you pumpkins. So many pumpkins. This house is full of pumpkins in various stages of being carved. Those who know Hazel can easily recognize this scene of mass chaos as Residence #11. However, the chalk scribbles on the wall are decidedly not hers. To start with, some of them are in a different language that looks kind of circly.

The personless scene lasts only for a moment before the Doctor scurries into frame, looking a mixture of confused and frowny. He's looking kind of magician, wearing a black coat over a black hoodie. Finally, he's holding an owl by the scruff of it's neck (can you do that with an owl? Who knows, the Doctor's doing so). Said owl is Owlfonso, the skateboarding owl that really doesn't want to be here right now and is desperately trying to peck the Doctor's fingers.

I want to clarify first that for once, none of this is my fault. [ except the chalk writing, which is obviously his, but that either a: goes without commenting on or b: the Doctor's forgotten it by now. also wow, that sure is a Scottish accent ] That being said- [ WHAM the camera gets a face full of owl ]

Is this normal? I mean, normal for owls. Is this how I can tell this dimension apart from my dimension? No eyepatches, no goatees, just owls that can suddenly skateboard? [ He backs poor Owlfonso away from the camera, as the Doctor's still got an expression that's pure 'what the hell is this shit' ] Well, skateboarding owls and a postponed perestroika. Spoilers, you're twenty years out of date.

[ pause, frown. The Doctor looks over at poor Owlfonso with a sort of resigned expression. ] The alternate dimension of owls and Communism. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
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[Since her hotel hostage adventure had gone south, Lourdes has been laying low - not out of a desire to look repentant (she isn't, and she sees no reason why she should pretend that she is), but because she's been sulking. Her powers are gone, which is both horrible and a relief, and she's on probation, which she considers a joke.

But what she's most upset about is that it hadn't worked. She's not at all surprised that she'd been caught, and she'd always figured that it would happen eventually - but before that, when she'd been in the hotel with everybody, it hadn't done anything to make her happy, which had been her main goal in the first place. It hadn't been like Hearst Castle, or even the Horizon. It had been meaningless, just like everything else in the world.

She waits a while before turning to the network. She hasn't actually been planning to address this in any way - not to explain herself, and certainly not to apologize. But one evening when she's sitting around in her apartment, angrily glaring at the tattoo on her wrist, she fires it up and says something on a whim.]

It was for their own good.

[She has no idea how far news of the takeover has spread, or if most of the people who hear this will even know what she's talking about. That's okay. She doesn't care.]
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For those of you who don't know me, I'm Miles Edgeworth, and I had the misfortune of meeting with our "esteemed" Doctor Crane before he unleashed his research on the university. Seeing as he's still on the loose, here's what I've observed about some of his abilities. Unfortunately, my knowledge is limited, at best. If anyone can elaborate, it would be most appreciated.

1) He has a connection of some kind to crows, and in the past, has used them to spy on others and collect information. He may simply be able to communicate with them, though others have suggested shapeshifting as a possibility. From what I've observed, though, the former seems more likely.

2) He can affect people's emotions with a single touch. In my experience, he was able to instill an almost supernatural calm in me. I do not know if this is the extent of his control, or if he can influence other emotions, as well. It seems that skin to skin contact is required for this ability to take effect, but I still recommend caution, just in case I happen to be mistaken.

While I shared this information with RISE, I apologize for not sharing it with the general public earlier. I also apologize to everyone who was concerned about me and Kay Faraday. I should have announced my presence, and shared what I found out, much earlier.

Speaking of Ms Faraday, she and Franziska von Karma were sent back home earlier this month, for those who missed it. Her own murder of crows seem to be lingering around, though; if anyone is concerned about the differences between her birds and Crane's, please contact me privately.

[The message is a bit late for Kay and Franziska's friends; the would have noticed their absence by now. However, that last message isn't intended for friends, exactly]
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So -

[ Okay. So this is some found-footage shakycam stuff right here. Kitty Jones is staring into the camera with eyes wide with alarm. Her voice is squeaky and nervous. Her hair is mussed. Her shirt is wet.

Don't ask how her shirt got wet. ]

So, erm, Billy and I were doing a little bit of a spell to make latrines self-regulating and it sort of went a little bit wrong and now toilets are sort of coming to life? So, erm - Oh, no, oh, look out, look out -

[ She swings around. The camera catches one William Kaplan, Center of All Magic In The Universe, with his hands lit up, struggling valiantly against a toilet that's pried itself up from its floorboards and is now clomp-clomp-clomping towards him on its base. With a flash, it's shattered into shards of porcelain; Kitty ducks, shielding her head. ]

Oh, not that one, too...

[ She turns back to the camera. ]

We - think that this magic is going to be radiating outwards. So everyone check your loo, but check really really carefully. I can come and undo it - if I touch them, they'll go quiet - but just be careful. Toilets, port-a-potties, outhouses, all of them, they're all hostile. Stay safe, and oh God make sure that you've flushed before you try to fight them, please make sure you've flushed.

[ ooc: So this is the post regarding the miniplot referenced here! Feel free to have your characters' toilets come to life. Kitty's warning is not completely correct: toilets will treat your character as they themselves have been treated. If your character has been neglectful of their toilet, doesn't clean, flushes cigarettes down it, buys super-cheap toilet paper, etc., then the toilet will be vengeful and wrathful. However, if your character treats their toilet well, keeps it clean and maintains it well, then the commodes will be as loyal and affectionate as golden retrievers.

Alternatively, have your characters' toilets not come to life because this plot is (as they say) very crappy. ]
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[The young man on the video feed gives the communicator a casual, easy smile, only interrupted by a ugly scar running down his face. He's leaning on one elbow and looks for all the world as if this whole situation is really funny.]

So, from what I'm getting we're here to save the world from another part of the world and all that. I'm not gonna knock that; it sounds like a good deal.

It's just, you know, the file left out something really important to the whole do-gooder atmosphere: a superhero name. I know. You're probably as shocked as I am. That's everything with franchise rights. There's action figures at stake here. Card games! [Checks something on another screen, quickly.] And ... donuts, apparently.

Not that I've got any great ideas, but I'll take suggestions if you've got em.
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[The internet has only just started to become a household name on Lourdes's world, and things like Skype and YouTube are still years in the future. Still it doesn't take her too long to figure out how the network works, though it takes her a little longer for her to decide to post something herself. She looks around for a little while - watching, listening, and reading, but not commenting on anything.

But talking to people has given her good information so far, so eventually, she'll post something herself.]

I'm not going to work. If I never show up, how long will it take them to get the hint?

[She goes to hit submit, but then adds something else as an afterthought.]

I'm also going to move, probably to Florida. Which neighborhood is the nicest there?

[She almost submits again.


None of you are actually buying this, are you?


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